Season One Transmog… Not Too Late?

As Season One wound down, we saw a flurry of forum posts from players anxious that they would never unlock the special Seasonal DiabloWikiTransmogrifications if they didn’t level a 70 during the season. That was the rule, but from a Blue post today it seems like it’s a bit of the Pirate Code, and thus less of a rule than a general guideline. Season One Transmog… Not Too Late?

Dang, is it too late to get the first couple pieces for this set?
Tyvalir: While it’s too late to get the first two pieces of the Conqueror’s Set transmogrification options during Season 1 (since it ended recently), our plan is to make these available in a future Season, so you’ll have an opportunity to get them then.

We’ll likely do the same for other pieces of the set, which are currently scheduled for Season 2 and Season 3. Hope that answers your question, Fallen!

What do you guys think about this? Obviously players with the desire to change the look of their gear, and who didn’t play in the season, are happy. But what about players who did put in the time/effort to earn those Transmogs… anyone bitter that the rules are being changed? After all, if you don’t have special gear looks that other people lack, how will they know you’re better than them?


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  1. To be honest, i don’t care. It’s a small bit of visual flair. Nothing else. So they can unlock them later too? I say, great!
    Blizzard should do the same with Hearthstone cardbacks.
    Why get punished just because you weren’t playing back then and missed some really cool transmog options?

    I’m for it obviously.

  2. I don’t really care. As long as the S1 transmogs don’t take precedent over completing the rest of the set first it shouldn’t matter. Go ahead and give the S1 transmogs out for S5 or what have you.

  3. I think that Blizzard – as masters of content-re-re-re-…recycling – made it rather clear over the past years that exclusiveness is not a concept they are aiming to persuade in any way for their original art work, however minor or scarce it may be.

    For years, even WoW as their flagship game had endgame raid set items sharing art with whatever else other loot dropped in whatever else difficulty modes (although currently this seems to be changing – strictly temporarily to boost the franchise, I'm guessing). The maximum degree of exclusive content you will find Blizzard to settle with is temporary exclusiveness, where something is marketed as highly limited and coveteable upon its introduction only to be dispensed automatically to the masses three months later – for non-shop cosmetics at $25 each, that is.

  4. The only thing that concerns me is whether they are planning to make them available again in addition to new rewards, or in place of them.

  5. It's a load of bollox and am fed up of their constant shuffling .

    Just make them available like this .
    season 1 first 2 parts .
    Season 2 , first 2 parts and second 2 parts
    Season 3 First and second parts , 3rd new parts etc etc

    That way , whenever you start seasons even a newcomer many seasons down the road , you can unlock all transmogs, instead of all this pissing around .

    Mind you they said they would never change the Marauder set , just bring other sets in line with this awesome set . Typical crap as usual spouting from them .

  6. I dislike this.

    1. It is a HUGE incentive to play if there are useful season exclusives that are NOT trivial to obtain.
    2. Its much less of an incentive to play if there are transmog season exclusives that ARE trivial to obtain.
    3. There's no incentive in transmogs that are trivial and not season exclusives.

    I'd much prefer #1. What we seem to be getting is #3.

  7. Are these out now for season 1 players? I don’t see any new transmods at the vendor.

  8. I only played till 70 cause of transmog and now this…

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