As Season One wound down, we saw a flurry of forum posts from players anxious that they would never unlock the special Seasonal DiabloWikiTransmogrifications if they didn’t level a 70 during the season. That was the rule, but from a Blue post today it seems like it’s a bit of the Pirate Code, and thus less of a rule than a general guideline. Season One Transmog… Not Too Late?

    Dang, is it too late to get the first couple pieces for this set?
    Tyvalir: While it’s too late to get the first two pieces of the Conqueror’s Set transmogrification options during Season 1 (since it ended recently), our plan is to make these available in a future Season, so you’ll have an opportunity to get them then.

    We’ll likely do the same for other pieces of the set, which are currently scheduled for Season 2 and Season 3. Hope that answers your question, Fallen!

    What do you guys think about this? Obviously players with the desire to change the look of their gear, and who didn’t play in the season, are happy. But what about players who did put in the time/effort to earn those Transmogs… anyone bitter that the rules are being changed? After all, if you don’t have special gear looks that other people lack, how will they know you’re better than them?

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