Season One, the End is Near

Season One, the End is Near

A fan asked if there was any reason to start a Seasonal character now, with Season One set to end in about a week. (February 3rd remains the estimated date.) Season One, the End is Near:

Should I start seasonal?

Hi, I’m new about a week in. I have a wiz 70 paragon 60. I wanna level on other classes, should I start fresh In seasonal now or wait next season?

if you havent made a seasonal character yet, I would make one and lvl it to 70 just to get the transmogrify skin, just for kicks.
Grimiku: This is the primary reason you might want to play a Seasonal character right now, but you’d need to reach level 70 before Feb 3. That’s certainly possible to do, though. Also, it’s good to know that your Seasonal hero will roll over onto your normal non-Season roster once the Season ends, along with all of your items, Paragon xp, and artisan progression. Good luck!

At this point I’m looking forward to S1 ending. It’ll be nice to get a boost to Paragon Points as all the exp is added together, but mostly I’m interested in all the characters going into the same population. I’m playing seasonal on the US and non-season on EU, and in both cases I have friends or clan mates I’d like to play with… but can’t. Not until S1 ends at least, and we get a couple of weeks of everyone merged, before S2 begins.

Any of you guys join me in anticipating the great merging? Or just dreading the great gear shuffle as you throw away all your old pre-seasona junk to fit 10 full pages of stash into 5 tabs for your permanent collection?

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8 thoughts on “Season One, the End is Near

  1. Will the S1 transmog roll over to non-season? Or will it be lost forever for anybody that did not get a lvl 70 in S1?

    • Its my understanding that the chance to acquire the S1 transmog disappears after S1 is over. If you didn't level a L70 season 1 toon (either hardcore or softcore, it doesn't matter), you won't be able to get those 2 transmogs. Once you have it, though, you'll have it forever. So those who don't, but want… get leveling now! You're almost out of time.

      • I bid 400 quatloos on the newcomer!
        I suspect there still are lots of new people to the game (like the OP to the thread Flux is referring to). Recently, I started a few on their path to personal destruction myself. Bwaahahahaha!!! 😉 ZappaFan of course is not a "new comer" – he's been around since the beginning of time – but I don't think Charons was referring to you (if that's the thought process here). Incidentally, ZF… I have an aunt and uncle that live in Oldsmar. 😉

  2. I'm looking forward to S1 ending. It was a fun experience for a while and I learned the value of only playing one character instead of spreading myself thin. Before I had a character of each class leveled to 60 or 70 and they were all weak. For S1 I just rolled one wizard and nothing else, and he's much stronger than any of my old characters, with far better gear in every slot, running higher difficulties, etc. Aether Walker has spoiled me rotten. That said, I want him to join the team and share the wealth, take stock of my stash, and get the paragon boost, and to be able to play with my non-season friends of course. I may roll a character for S2 just for the transmogs, but I don't see myself getting so invested in a seasonal character again, especially because S1 went on for too long.

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