Complete these to earn the pet.

    Complete these to earn the pet.

    We detailed all the pages of the new guided Achievement experience DiabloWikiSeason Journey last week, and players are now noticing that the cosmetic pet ice dog is not that hard to get.

    You need only complete through Page Four to earn him, and the achievements on that page are things like “kill all 4 keywardens at level 70” and “complete GR10”. None of the Season Journey check boxes are exactly Conquests, but there are pages 5 and 6, with higher level feats. So why is the blue dog granted just for finishing Chapter 4?

    Shouldn’t the pet be the end tier reward? Makes more sense to have an epic reward to be at the end.

    …The first 4 chapters are designed to be accessible to everyone, with a bit of work, so everyone can get the basics. The fancy cosmetic portraits on the other hand are going to be a lot more work.
    Tyvalir: Pretty much this.

    We want the cosmetic pet obtained through the Season Journey to be within reach of most players, so we placed it at the end of the Chapters part of this new feature.

    If you love to test your mettle, that’s where Tiers and their exclusive portrait frames come in. These provide a degree of prestige not found elsewhere, meaning other players who see your character portrait will immediately know what you’ve achieved.

    (Also, just as a side note, we’ll be detailing more of the philosophy behind the Season Journey in an upcoming blog post, so keep an eye out for it!)

    Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

    Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

    The whole Season Journey thing is basically an achievement-based walk through/tutorial for 1-70. Bliz must have evidence that a lot of players start out anew in seasons but don’t make it to 70, or else they skip important character-building steps, which is why virtually everything you should do earns a *ding* via the Season Journey. It’s very casual-friendly and casual-encouraging, and so is making the pet reward pretty easy to get.

    Besides, it’s just a blue dog that runs along beside your character. Purely cosmetic. It doesn’t fight or tank or draw enemy attention. No one has any reason to feel bitter that it’s not exactly Conquest-challenging to obtain.

    Now if there was a pet that actually did something, ala the Torchlight 2 dogs and cats that can tank and act as extra inventory, that would be worth grinding the Season Journey to earn. Want?

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