There have been many videos this past week on players ranking up on the seasonal and non seasonal softcore greater rift leaderboards. This time its for the hardcore players. On reddit, Gunslinger plays a Demon Hunter in a hardcore greater rift of rank 41.

    He nearly gets killed a few seconds inside. But once he goes he lets the sentries fly. Also feels like someone is playing a tower defense game in Diablo 3. Sadly there is no sound so just play some music in the background.

    Gunslinger: “Earned rank #1 in the Americas. Great density, no pylon. Sorry for the lack of sound. I turn it off in game because of performance issues.”

    By the end he beat the rift at 11 minutes and 43 seconds. With that as of me writing this and confirmed, he is Rank #1 in the Hardcore Greater Rifts Americans on the Solo Demon Hunter Leaderboard.

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