A few videos with impressive achievements from the early days of Season Four, as people with a *lot* more time to play than the rest of us show how it’s done.

    Here’s a short video showing the first guys to beat a Torment 10 Rift in under two minutes, on the EU server. The party is a Demon Hunter, Monk, and two Barbarians, and they made it pretty handily, in about 1:50. Though of course they needed good density on a wide open level to have any chance, and the Conduit Pylon certainly helped as well. Witness the carnage:

    Click through for a couple of more videos showing very high Grifts: GR62 Hardcore and GR71 Softcore. And the HC vid is from Monday, so people are probably several Grifts higher already. Progress marches on!

    Here’s the GR62 four player party in Hardcore, setting the (at the time) #1 HC 4P clear. It’s three monks and a Barb and as the video notes say, this is just day three of the season, several of them didn’t even have Ancient weapons yet, none of them are above P400, etc. Clearly, much higher clears are within reach.

    The softcore GR71 clear is a power surge, with a time under 10 minutes. The party is a Barb with three Monks, so if you enjoy watching Exploding Palm go off, this is the video for you.

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