Diablo 3 Season 5As planned, Season Five kicked off Friday night in all regions, and the usual new season rush to 70 (and beyond) was a gogogo ptl plz! If you returned to play after some time away, you weren’t alone. Hordes of players tried to get in, and there were numerous reports of “can’t create character” problems right after the season went live… apparently all due to server (over) load.

    Those issues resolved themselves once everyone wasn’t trying to make a new character at once, and aside from an issue with the big Achievement pop up displays not always working, Blizzard hasn’t blue posted anything of note in the technical forum.

    There is currently an issue impacting what we call Achievement Toasts – the large, flashy pop-ups that alert you that an achievement has been earned during gameplay. Under some circumstances, these Achievement Toasts will not appear for players as they complete the requirements for achievements.

    This issue affects only the Achievement Toast itself. The achievement will still be earned and can be viewed elsewhere in the game.

    We are currently investigating a fix and hope to have it ready soon.

    Other issues in the new patch (not just Season 5) worth knowing about:

  • The giant new generic pointer/cursor is a “more visible” feature, not bug.
  • The “Plague of Burrowers” bounty is annoying and time-consuming if your damage isn’t high enough to get instant kills, since all the Scavengers heal completely when they burrow.
  • A Stranger in Need bounty is bugged. Be sure you let Merhan complete his dialogue before you kill the elite.
  • The Carnevil WD helm is bugged for many players, and a hotfix is in the works.
  • There were a bunch of minor hotfixes Thursday, but none added since Season Five started.
  • Are you playing Season Five? Does the fresh economy and clean ladders give you a warm happy feeling?

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