Season 7 Leveling Marathon Results?

We recorded a podcast Sunday night, roughly 48 hours into Season Seven, and as always on the first weekend of a season, talk was of rushing and progress. The podcast is previewing now for PALs now and will go live for everyone Tuesday evening, but I’m wondering how many of you guys were grinding away all weekend, and how far you got?

So here’s a vote/survey. How much progress did you make during the first weekend of Season Seven? You can define “weekend” however you like; I didn’t play past midnight Sunday since I had to get up for work in the morning, but if you stayed up until 5am grinding, more power to you. How far did you level before “Monday,” however/whenever you define that time frame as beginning?

All together now, let’s compare our Season 7 Leveling Marathon Results:

How high did you level during the first weekend of Season Seven?

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  1. I was playing GTA V all week when I decided to just check into my non-season characters when all of a sudden welcome to season seven. I asked a friend online when the season started and he said 5 hours ago. If I didn’t have any plans for the night, I had some now and so I grinded to 70 and went to bed around p20-ish. I was tired and I resented my sleepiness because I wanted to get my toon going. Torment 13? When can I make that my b*atch. When is T13 the old T6/T10?

    I’m running a WD and I’m currently p481. HC. HARDCORE BABY, YEAH !!! no, sorry ^^
    The Helltooth-Haedrig set is effective. I tried to tweak it a bit and I’m currently trying a build that can spam Horrify with 8 second immobilization with very to “infinite” cooldowns, using the 50% armor rune and T13 works well.
    My highest gr last night/morning was 60 with two pull-monks and two wd with a lot of cc.
    Yesterday morning I had around 20 million gold and I was frustrated, because I need it for crafting. Atm I have 845+mil.
    I have the absolute wrong/useless weapon I can have but it’s ancient with good stats.

    There surely is creep out there!
    Already solo leaderboard players are already in the gr80’s and 4players in the 90’s.
    seriously? it’s been friggin 4-5 days of S7. Didn’t Season 6 4players end around gr125?

    I will test the viability of my own theory crafting and my deeds will be remembered!

  2. Season 7 is out? Hm, who knew. Guessing I’m skipping this season. ^^

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