Season 4 Greater Rift Videos #3

Greetings all and welcome back for another set of Season 4 Greater Rift Videos. This time Quin69 solos with his monk for a grift 78. Then from there with a little gummy bears in the background qwodge‘s group of 4 finish grift 85 from the EU. Then at the end of it all a Desolacer solos with his Demon Hunter for a Solo HC greater rift 64.

Quin69: S4: Monk GR78 Solo (rank 1)

Check below for the other videos.

qwodge: GR85 4-Man S4 EU Rank 1 – dZR

Desolacer: S4 HC – GR64 Solo – Demon Hunter – Rank #1

With that we’ll see you next time for another batch of great greater rift videos.

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