With the season still going strong it’s time for another set of greater rift videos from both HC and SC from all over. Also a video by Drahque featuring one of his runs in a level 74 grift that was just fantastic. So… many… Unburied…

    With that below also are videos uploaded/by Tanc C., Avoidlol, Quin69, and Huang Wei.

    Tanc C.: HC Monk S4 GR 71 solo

    Check below for the other videos.

    Avoidlol: Diablo 3: Greater Rift 75 Rank 1 Wizard [S4]

    Quin69: S4: Monk GR76 Solo (rank 1 boyz)

    Huang Wei: Diablo 3 Static Charge Monk 4 man GR 85 in China server season 4

    Drahque: BEST RIFT in History of Diablo 3

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