Season 4 Greater Rift Videos

With this season in full swing it’s time for a few videos showing group and solo play and from SC to HC. Below we have videos by Drahque, Desolacer, wudijo, and Alkaizer all showing really late greater rift levels.

Desolacer: [Diablo 3] S4 HC – GR63 Solo – Crusader – Rank #1

Check below for the other videos.

wudijo: [S4] Rank 1 EU DH – Tier 70 solo (14:09) [Lightning RoV]

AlkaizerSenpai: GR 74 Rank 1 Barbarian

Drahque: EU Rank 1 Season 4 (Greater Rift Tier 82, 4-man player)

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  1. lol, I can barely solo grift 50 :S

  2. i love to fish endlessly for hours. Unfortunately, the only thing I ever catch is a buzz.

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