Scheduled Maintenance Tuesday Night: Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.8?

Blizzard has posted their usual announcement of the 8 hour Tuesday evening maintenance. We had speculation that Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.8 might go live last week during that downtime, but it did not come to pass. Perhaps if we all rabble rabble rabble about it now, maybe it’ll come true this week!

We will be performing scheduled game maintenance for Diablo 3 on Tuesday, May 7th. Maintenance will begin at 3:00 AM PDT and is expected to last for 8 hours. During this time Diablo 3 will not be available for play. In addition, many web services may be unavailable.

I sincerely hope the patch does go up tomorrow night, and not just because I’m so ready to farm somewhere other than Act 3, and want some proper rewards to encourage me to bulk up to higher MP levels instead of just speed farming MP0/1. In addition to the patch features, next week brings us Diablo 3’s One Year Anniversary, and we are going to be posting a bunch of anniversary stuff all week. (And so is Blizzard, I think.) Would launching a major game content patch the day before the May 15th Anniversary be a celebration, or a distraction?

Anyone got a bet/feeling for v1.08 coming now? There hasn’t been many changes of consequence to the PTR version for the past week+ (just various tweaks to monster exp values), so it seems like it might be ready to go public now…

Update: As pointed out in comments, datamining of the v1.08 patch on the PTR has found some hidden bonuses that are not yet operable, but seem to be themed to the upcoming Diablo 3 Anniversary.

Game Code:Description:
Anniversary_Buff_EXPMF_0_descYour Magic Find and Experience gain are increased.
Anniversary_Buff_EXPMF_0Happy Anniversary, Diablo III
IGR_Buff_EXPMF_0_descYour Magic Find and Experience gain are increased.

Numerical values for these bonuses are not present in the game code, so we don’t know how much of a boost players will (apparently) receive, or if this bonus will only be on May 15th or for longer than that… but there’s definitely a plan for a bonus. That seems to indicate the patch will be live by May 15th, which means this Tuesday’s maintenance or perhaps next week’s, at the latest.

(IGR – Internet Game Rooms, which are a major player location on the Asian Realms. Presumably the bonus will be different, in some fashion, for players from gaming cafes.)

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27 thoughts on “Scheduled Maintenance Tuesday Night: Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.8?

  1. There is yet to be any Act 4 changes and I think they are still working on it and yet to put it into ptr form. Ontop of this the buff they are adding into the game for the anniversary leads me to think the patch isn’t until next week.

  2. It has to launch this Tuesday or the next. The ptr patches were datamined and there’s a magic find buff coded in. This buff is for the anniversary. Basically playing on the 15th will net you extra mf, (and xp gain) for the duration of the day…

    My point is that they have to get the patch out before the 15th, otherwise this coded buff will be pointless.

  3. This patch is ready to go. Yes, Act IV still sucks, but it needs a lot of work that’s beyond the scope of a tweak patch. We’re talking overhauling the maps, adding more side dungeons, bigger side dungeons, and fixing the order of the bosses (killing Rak w/ one stack is Khazra dung). This is good enough to go, the bugged Reflects graphics are gone, the broken Tombs are fixed, and the new elite flags work very well. Git er done.

    • Act IV needs a lot of work but I wonder if they’ll bother with it or just move on to let the issue ‘fix itself’ in the expansion.

    • I do hope they’re reading this, they listen and acquiesce and get on with the changes you put forward. Otherwise, it’s still well boring. Sigh…

    • the solution to act4 is actually really simple – everyone knows that it is harder than pretty much every other act and monster combination – that being said i don’t mind that the experience of farming act 4 is different from act1-3 –

      imo they should simply increase the general loot-quantity to account for the fact that most of these “trashmobs” can do stuff which is otherwise only reserved for Elites.

  4. My finals are coming so, so bring on the new patch, so instead of studying I can make hundreds of zombies die in Weeping hollow.

  5. My finals are coming soon as well, so i am excited to go nuts, but i think they will implement it on anniversary 🙁 to get everyone crazy

  6. My guess is for the 14th because they’ll want to have something going on around the one year anniversary and what better way to show that they are still committed to supporting D3 after release than a brand new, shiny patch?

    I’ll be happy to be pleasantly surprised tomorrow though.

  7. Better be this week. I finally want to play D3 with other people again and not feel robbed of my speed/items.

  8. The Act 4 improvements will be added later in patch 1.0.8b for sure. No way can this be done in 1 or 2 weeks.

        • there is definitely something to be said for that, however, you are just one person. they are a multi-billion dollar game producing giant. i’d definitely say they are clowns with how slow the ‘obvious’ changes come. and at how (still so) out of touch they are with the player base.

  9. It should also be noted that the Diablo 2 ladder reset is May 14, 2013, and they likely want the Diablo 3 patch 1.0.8 out before that week.

  10. Just get the damn thing out already. I want a good Act 1 and Act 2 run so I can alternate nights between them and Act3. If the other acts are real good, I can skip Act 3 for awhile. I am also looking forward to some Act 4 action, as the monsters are harder, and there are debuffs not found anywhere else in the game. I got my Wiz up to near 5,000 armor and 820 AR, so her EHP is looking pretty good for it. She can handle MP10 in VoTA and Act 3 very well, but I usually run MP 8 or 9 cause 212k DPS is not enough to take them down as fast as I want in MP10.

    A big MF and Exp buff on the 15th will be really cool. Hopefully I can find something good. I have played since launch and have yet to find anything really good. The only good roll I have ever had was a +395 dmg Grief phase blade awhile back in D2. The NV becoming multiplicative is gonna kick ass and make the last 4 levels to 100 go by much quicker. Then I can pick another class or work on HC self found some. I still can’t believe it’s taking this long for the patch though.

  11. Remember this patch 1.08 have they work with sence patch 1.07, its like 6 month, i think we will something big, its not just monster density we will see, they will put in something for 1 years release trust me, i know blizzard!!

  12. Maintenance is scheduled to start early, 3AM Pacific time for the Americas server. That’s 2 hrs earlier than normal. Every time they’ve implemented a patch in the past they’ve started maintenance early, too.

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