Scheduled Maintenance for 18 September

The next round of scheduled maintenance has been announced for 18 September and it’s a long 8 hour stretch. Hmm wonder why that is?

We will be performing scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, September 18th. Maintenance will begin at 3:00 AM PDT and is expected to last for 8 hours. During this time, all servers and many web services will be unavailable.

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    28 thoughts on “Scheduled Maintenance for 18 September

      • Too bad you’ll have less free time to read and comment on every news post about a game that you hate so much… What do I mean too bad?

        Your clever and witty insight, as well as your invaluable constructive criticism, will be sorely missed. Although I’m sure the community will be able produce at least one more brilliant thinker who possesses the rare intellectual ability to say the same four things over and over again.

          • Yes, that’s it. You’ve figured me out. I am exposed. How shall I ever recover from your blisteringly witty repartee?

            My post could not possibly have been a reaction to reading the same mindlessly predictable post for the 483rd time this week. It certainly could not be true that I, like the majority of players actually capable of forming and expressing their own opinions (as opposed to just hitting the intellectual equivalent of ‘paste’ in order to insert “hate, Hate, HATE, QQ, BLIZZ SUCKS!!!!), have views of the game both positive and negative, and express them all with some regularity on this very site. What sort of mad genius could form such a complex opinion? Surely, such things are impossible, for we all know that there are only haters and fanboys, and nothing can exist between the two. Madness, I say… MADNESS!!

            Surely it is utterly unimaginable that I could actually enjoy reading negative leaning threads and posts due to their tendency to have more interesting points and suggestions than those that just purely praise the game. And, most baffling of all, I could not in any way be suggesting that posts in which people actually have something to say are more interesting than those that exist virtually verbatim in 90% of the threads on each and every Diablo forum like some sort of pestilence. How could anyone wrap their heads around such mind-boggling blasphemy? Viva la repetition! Original thought be damned!

            If you’ll excuse me, It’s just about time to put on my Azmodan Underoos, climb into my special edition Belial bunk bed, and fall fast asleep on my mattress stuffed with Jay Wilson’s hair clippings and crumpled checks from Bobby Kotick, which he issued in order to purchase my eternal devotion. And while I sleep, I shall dream of one day suffering severe head trauma so that I can begin to view the world with the same complexity expressed in your eloquent post above.

            P.S.- I think you may have unwittingly (there’s a surprise!) nominated yourself to fill the gaping void that Michael will leave while playing Borderlands 2 (which does look pretty awesome in all seriousness).

            • OMG u got the azmodan undies too? how could u get them without that bunk bed too.. Ill admit im a diablo fanboy, but why would u want jays hair? It looks nasty, I would just get his autograph

            • LOL you expect people to read all that fanboy butthurt. Just stop dude.

              OP I’ll be joining you on the Borderlands 2 fun. Just got my preorder done on Steam and I’m getting pumped.

            • “…mindlessly predictable post for the 483rd time this week…” You predicted a borderlands 2 post that doesn’t even comment about D3? Wow. I am excited for the possibility for the D3 patch, but I will be playing borderlands 2 also.

              The comments about how “bad” D3 is are annoying, but so are the comments about people telling the op that they will be “missed.”

            • Alright, before everybody starts piling on, and before this thread gets even more OT than I’ve already inadvertently taken it, see my reply to Michael’s post a bit further down on this page.

              Coolhwip- Definitely take a look at that post.

              Aug- Seriously, the fanboy thing again? I sense another wall of text coming 🙂 Actually, no I don’t. The Azmodan Underoos have spoken.

              herfy- Yes on the prediction. Borderlands 2 is the overwhelming favorite in the ” [place un-released game here] is vastly superior to D3″ equation right now. There is a seemingly unending tide of those posts at the moment. I wonder how many people got burned by saying that about D3 pre-release, and spent the time between release and 1.0.4 apologizing, or dodging friends that they convinced to buy the game. By Sept. 19th, that may well be (and is maybe even likely to be) the case, but it’s tiring ATM. As was my post… just see the post below. And yes, I realize that that is not what Michael said. It was, instead, how I misread it.

        • Same here, I will also be playing Borderlands 2. The only reason I come back to this website now is to watch the fanboys whine and give poor excuses why they are still playing this terrible game. It’s entertaining to read the back and forth banter.

          • No, you come here because a long 18-hour day in mom’s basement is getting boring fast and you need to kill time.

    1. Yeah well ill wait for pvp before telling my friends to start playing diablo again.

      I wouldn’t want to get their hopes up just to have them all stop playing cause diablo 3 hasn’t been patched until its good.

      • What? Play two games?! Impossible! You play one game only, and in the mean time you post on competing game fan sites about how much you hate the game!

      • Yeah, in all honesty I may have (read that as “definitely”) jumped the gun a bit on that rant. Sorry about that. In fairness, it is pretty easy to misread your post as one of the endless stream of “I hate D3 and claim to have not played for 3 months, but still haunt the forums relentlessly” posts.

        I usually try to avoid stuff like this, but I’ve been stuck in the ER all day and clearly had some excess rage to vent. Just as clearly, it was a bit misplaced. Coolhwip, this applies to you too. So, yes, I did make a mistake there. But hey… at least I’m owning it.

        Damn. I now really wish I had aimed that in the right direction, some of that stuff wasn’t half bad. I guess it’s Azmodan Underoo time for real. Do yours have the flap in the back that allows to you shoot fiery meteors? One word- AWESOME!

    2. Oh yeah… reminded me of a free voucher for Borderlands 2 that was in a box with my brand-new MSI GTX 660Ti OC

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