Scavenger Hunt for Blizzcon Tickets

IIntel and Blizzard are sponsoring a scavenger hunt trivia contest thing that can win you tickets to Blizzcon. I tried it twice and (apparently) got WoW clues both times, which meant random guessing for me, but you can get a Diablo question and see some nice artwork from the game.

If you can’t be arsed with the contest clicking and just want to see the artwork, we’ve got that covered thanks to KuangTu, who grabbed all the images and posted them in a forum thread. The jungle concept art below is new, and might be an indication we’ll actually get some jungle areas in the game? Or maybe not until one of the expansions? We’ve seen other jungle concept art before, so clearly the devs have given it some thought.

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  1. Europe never gets cool contests like that.

  2. It’s the same order of clues every time… 4 from each game universe with the same options to choose from on each page… only the shapes you have to find change each time you do it…

    For some reason everytime I’m on the 11th one it get’s stuck and won’t let me choose the correct option…

  3. I’d rather debate the idea of a pause button in Diablo games than find shapes in concept art.

  4. I got to all 12 clues since they aren’t too bad once you realize who is speaking. The shapes are in strange hard to see places, but i got them. Naturally I didnt get any prize.
    Is mah life. No beta, no tickets.

  5. One of the scenes during the latest B-roll footage from the beta press includes a jungle map…

  6. This just reminds me again that the snake men are much cooler in D3 than they ever were in D2.

  7. please let me know if anyone wins.  we played it 3 times but the chance of winning anything is probably thousands and thousands to one.

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