SC2:Hots Release Dated + D3 Digital Loot

Blade wings and Banner sigil.
Yesterday Blizzard revealed the release date for the first Starcraft II Expansion; it’s coming March 12, 2013 and the beta test is now underway.

That’s all well and good if you’re into SC2, but I mention it here to point you guys to the D3 digital goodies that come with the more expensive versions of the game. There’s a WoW pet, of course, but if you buy the DD or the CE version you get special blade wings (reminiscent of the Tyrael wings that came with the D3CE) for in-game display, as well as a new Zergy Banner logo.

Blade Wings & Banner Sigil in Diablo® III
Grow zergified wings in honor of the Queen of Blades, and unfurl an exclusive banner sigil to herald your Swarm pride throughout the besieged world of Sanctuary.

If those wings look familiar, you’re not crazy. We saw them back in September when they were datamined out of the v1.05 patch.

SC2 gives you wings.
You guys interested? Eager for more Starcraft 2, with or without Diablo 3 digital goodies?

Update: As their presence in v1.05 datamining showed, the wings are ready and functional and in the game already, and if you spring for the Digital Deluxe version, you can add them to your Diablo 3 account right now. Thanks to Nurman for video showing off his new Kerrigan-style Barbarian — who *really* doesn’t match the wings.

Who would? Female DH? Maybe a WD with some weird tentacle type armor? (Added pic of wings on a WD, looking pretty awesome, courtesy of Nurman.)

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23 thoughts on “SC2:Hots Release Dated + D3 Digital Loot

      • Noones forcing anyone to buy anything, I want the wings and I have a steady good paying job so spending 55ish Euros ( that the CE price in Poland ) for the CE isn’t a big deal. Haters be hatin.

      • My thoughts exactly. Offering Diabloesque things in Starcraft, like a Diablo shaped unit or WoW pets is something, but Diablo gameplay items into other games is just cheap!

    • Question:

      I am not a SC player I do not own the game. Do I need to buy BOTH games in order to get the D3 goodies? Do I need a SC game and upgrade it before I get my wings? 🙁

  1. Is there anything in the DD or CE versions that I might actually want, considering I’m going to play HotS for the single-player campaign a couple of times over a couple of years, and that’s about it?

    • Then you are missing out on a pretty cool and fairly/pretty challenging (on hard/brutal) campaign with cool upgrade options.

      • WoL’s single-player campaign (on Hard) is really enjoyable. Only the WC3/TFT campaigns come close in terms of enjoyable RTS campaigns that aren’t just sets of skirmish against the AI on different maps.

        Dat Blizzard polish, I guess.

        • I guess you haven’t played the Homeworld series, I have yet to see something to come close to it in the singleplayer RTS field.

    • Yeah I’m wondering whether 20 single player missions is going to worth the 3 year wait lol.

      I’m still looking forward to it though.

    • thanks for the shot. I think that’s a pretty good look. Pity you can’t armor dye the wings… maybe some armor color would match the wing color and make them look like part of the costume?

      No idea why I care; I have yet to ever use an armor dye in the game.

  2. You can purchase HotS with account balance. My Zunimassa’s Vision is paying for the standard edition!

  3. You haven’t dyed anything Flux? Some of the gear undyed is just fugly. I always use Black on everything, except my Monk, which is going with the bottled cloud from the CE. I try to keep my Wiz looking good, so I was kinda worried about what the Vile Ward would look like with the Mempo. The combo actually looks pretty good with Blackthorns Surcoat and Depth Diggers, along with Abyssal Black boots and gloves. I still think that legs/sets should be able to be dyed though.

    More on topic, the Wd looks alright with the SC wings, but I am not a big fan otherwise. I ran around a little bit with Tyreals wings, but I only thought they looked OK on the Monk.

  4. Question: If you bought the Deluxe Version right now, will you get an achievement for it in Diablo 3? Like how you get a Feat of Strength for buying Mist of Panaria?

    Because I am kind of a completionist player and wondering if the CE version will only give you FoS, not the regular and deluxe version.

    • I think back when Pandatown was being released a blue said that the only diff between the CE and their new digital deluxes is the physical items. Everyting digital should be the same for both. You should be fine. 🙂

  5. Pretty damn lame… if you get con’d into this, I feel sorry for you. The funny thing is, I own SC2 and was an avid player of it when it released. Then in time, the lack of a true chat system upon release and even the current one now, just made you feel so alone in the game. I got tired of it quickly and it’s been collecting dust. Sad too because I loved it when it came out and had some friends that we used to get on all the time to match up.
    Now that HotS is about to release and I was so looking forward to it, I honestly don’t care much about it at this point. The single player story was, OK, nothing ground breaking, and I can’t remember much about the story to really give a damn to continue it. EVEN after all this and owning D3, I think those wings are so lame, I would not buy the CE HOTS to get them. I really wish Blizzard would actually give us meaningful things in the CE as far as the digital content goes. Wings? That’s all they could come up with? I can’t remember the last time I activated the angel wings…

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