Activision/Blizzard held a conference call to discuss the company’s second quarter earnings (which were flat, but simply the fact that they didn’t decline in the bad economy led to a substantial jump in the stock price). Included amongst the executives was Blizzard President and CEO Mike Morhaime, who commented on the SC2 delay, assured investors that this delay (purportedly due to Battle.net makeover, not SC2 itself) will not affect the progress of any other Blizzard titles, and stated that Blizzard might release 2 titles in 2010, though he would not comment on what the 2nd title might be. (D3? Another WoW expansion? SC2 expansion?)  Every gaming site on the internet has posted a short item about the chat, but I’ll link to the transcript and pull some quotes directly from it.

    Mike Morhaime:Our vision for Battlenet is ambitious. As I have said before, we intend to make Battlenet the premiere online gaming destination. We view the next generation of Battlenet as strategically important to the future of our company. It

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