SC2 CE Avatar: Diablo 3-themed Space Marine

A few days ago we posted some Diablo-themed icons from SC2, and now fans have dug up a big block of Starcraft 2 avatars, and one of them seems to be a Diablo III-themed Space Marine. The red color scheme and the III lines on the chest are obvious touches, as is the crazy grin, which mimics Diablo’s from the D3 logo.

You can see the image to the right; click here to see the full display of all the avatars so far uncovered, which include lots of Starcraft characters and a bunch of Warcraft ones as well, but only this one Easter Egg Diablo goodie.

Apparently these pics are special avatars available to fans who purchase the SC2 Collector’s Edition. They might also be unlockable by completing various achievements. Information on this issue from people who know/care about SC2 may be seen here. Thanks again to RisingRed for the tip.

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