A fan posted his love of the StarCraft2:HotS boss battles and wondered why Diablo III boss fights didn’t take the same approach. Quote:

    Just finished a mission called ‘Supreme’. In the game, on Hard mode, I’ve had 5 epic boss fights (no spoilers) against awesome, varied and mechanical bosses that really made me appreciate just how good this sort of stuff could be. And it made me think of Diablo…in a bad way. One of the things that I disliked about the game was just how samey and unoriginal the bosses were mechanically.

    Blizzard – why didn’t you get *these* guys to work on D3?
    Grimiku: We love some of our boss fights (like Belial, Butcher, and Diablo), but agree that some of them could be better. We’re certainly interested in hearing feedback about what you think could make a boss fight more fun, and would like to hear any examples you may have. The more specific, the better. The examples can come from any game, but if you’re referencing HOTS, then please try to avoid sharing any spoilers, if you can.

    It’s worth noting that opinions are probably going to vary quite a bit on this. Some players may like the idea of needing to tether a charging boss to a heavy object to slow him down, (even if the strength of those tethers scaled with a hero’s power) while other players may find the mechanic a frustrating chore after a few times.

    Something else to consider while offering suggestions is that different games are going to have different limitations when it comes to bosses. For example in Diablo III, the encounters have to work with heroes that have different skills and power levels. I bring this up because not every game has to consider this, and designers can tune a boss knowing exactly what a player’s damage output, skill selection, and health pool is going to be.

    Happily, you need not actually buy or play SC2:HotS to see said boss fights, as there are playthroughs galore on YouTube, showing the entire game. All the visual action; 100% less clicking!

    Belial: the best designed boss fight in Diablo 3?

    Belial: the best designed boss fight in Diablo 3?

    I watched a few vids and saw some boss fights and honestly… not that impressed. The bosses do have some abilities that require changes in playing tactics, but the don’t seem exactly chess-like, in terms of the skill and precision required to counter them, and others in the forum thread agree with that observation.

    The “boss battles” in “Supreme” mission are just watered down versions of boss battles in D3. So to say “this is how they should do it in D3” is bizarre.

    One battle consists of a dude who puts red circles on the ground that you don’t want to stand in, and then he lays eggs which spawn adds if they’re not killed quickly. Rinse, repeat. Sometimes he does a diablo-esque beam attack that kills you quickly if you stand in it.

    Next guy has a charge attack that knocks units back/up, and which summons adds. He also spits acid.

    Next guy lumbers around and summons dozens of adds which act like very slow acting, slow moving land mines. Imagine the act 3 banelings, if they moved very slowly and stopped for several seconds before blowing up.

    Last guy is basically a watered down version of belial– giant, stationary, and he makes portions of his platform red, several secords before an AoE attack hits those spots. occasionally he does a very wide, very damaging lightning breath that you need to stay out of.

    For an RTS, these are very well crafted, but they’re primitive even compared to D3. I mean they’re literally watered down versions of already existing encounters like Belial and Skeleton King. More likely than not, these encounters were lifted from D3 and/or World of Warcraft.

    All that said… there are some great and some not so great boss battles in Diablo 3… let’s hope the devs learned from what worked and what didn’t as they create the boss fights in D3X, and beyond.

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