We hope you haven’t missed that our IncGamers team is currently at E3. Our brave reporters have recorded podcasts from Day 1 , Day 2  and Day 3 for us.

    As an example of all the interesting things shown at the event, a new gaming accessory called the Peregrine Gaming Glove has been announced by a company called TriplePoint. It’s a gaming glove unlike clunky items of the past, with over 30 programmable commands in one hand alone. The glove is also washable (but don’t put it in the dryer, of course), and quite stylish. It has vents to avoid hand sweat. The glove just looks cool.

    Reported by IncGamers:

    “Any gamer who?s serious about RTS or MMO games can tell you about the lengths they?ve gone to in hopes of creating a faster, more efficient control setup ? the Peregrine streamlines and simplifies, bringing the most complex maneuvers to your fingertips,? said Brent Baier, founder and CEO of Iron Will Technologies and inventor of the Peregrine. ?It’s designed to allow you control your game with speed, ease and a comfort that is unlike any other device.?

    IncGamers also posted a fact sheet, revealing the price is between ?60-?80, depending on if you pre-order or not.

    Think of the possibilities!

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