Backpacks up and down the land are filling up with less than desirable crafted DiabloWikiHellfire rings and with so much effort going in to getting the ingredients players are asking that something better can be salvaged from them.

    One suggestion, (seconded by many) is that they can salvage into component parts (spine, fang, eye) needed to craft the ring or even keys (that usually drop from the DiabloWikiKeywardens. Not likely but DiabloWikiFiery Brimstones (db) are a distinct possibility as Lylirra explains:

    hellfire ring

    We’ve definitely discussed the possibility of allowing Hellfire Rings to salvage into component pieces, and have debated your feedback quite heavily as a part of that process. While we understand why players would like Hellfire Rings to salvage into demonic organs (or even Keywarden keys), we don’t think that’s the right way to go right now since it would essentially let you skip some encounters completely. It’s something we may revisit in the future, though, once the event has been around for a longer period of time.

    We do agree with you, however, that the rings should be able to salvage into Brimstones, in addition to Magic and Rare crafting materials. The reason we didn’t go with Brimstones originally was that we wanted to avoid the situation where you could always get that particular mat from a single item, over and over. The idea doesn’t really sync up with our design philosophy, and the market is pretty saturated with Brimstones as-is. Even so, we know that it can feel cheap to not have a chance to get a Legendary material from a Legendary item, and we don’t feel like our original reasons continue to hold up in light of the feedback you’ve provided us.

    Since I know this will get brought up: We’re also exploring ways to improve the worth of Brimstones, as well as crafting in general. We feel like the system itself could use some revamping, but we’re not yet at a point where we can discuss what kind of changes we’re considering. We haven’t ruled out the possibility of introducing new recipes at some point in the future, though, or introducing other ways for players to put their crafting materials to good use.

    I have none at the moment but I know people who have half a dozen plus who are holding on to them hoping changes will be made and suddenly they have something worth salvaging. It didn’t sound as if Blizzard were close to rolling a change out though did it.

    So who has lots, anyone filled a stash tab worth yet?

    It’s also interesting news that they are looking at ways of improving the worth of Brimstones. I imagine the price will increase as a result.

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