Salvaging the Hellfire Ring

Backpacks up and down the land are filling up with less than desirable crafted DiabloWikiHellfire rings and with so much effort going in to getting the ingredients players are asking that something better can be salvaged from them.

One suggestion, (seconded by many) is that they can salvage into component parts (spine, fang, eye) needed to craft the ring or even keys (that usually drop from the DiabloWikiKeywardens. Not likely but DiabloWikiFiery Brimstones (db) are a distinct possibility as Lylirra explains:

hellfire ring

We’ve definitely discussed the possibility of allowing Hellfire Rings to salvage into component pieces, and have debated your feedback quite heavily as a part of that process. While we understand why players would like Hellfire Rings to salvage into demonic organs (or even Keywarden keys), we don’t think that’s the right way to go right now since it would essentially let you skip some encounters completely. It’s something we may revisit in the future, though, once the event has been around for a longer period of time.

We do agree with you, however, that the rings should be able to salvage into Brimstones, in addition to Magic and Rare crafting materials. The reason we didn’t go with Brimstones originally was that we wanted to avoid the situation where you could always get that particular mat from a single item, over and over. The idea doesn’t really sync up with our design philosophy, and the market is pretty saturated with Brimstones as-is. Even so, we know that it can feel cheap to not have a chance to get a Legendary material from a Legendary item, and we don’t feel like our original reasons continue to hold up in light of the feedback you’ve provided us.

Since I know this will get brought up: We’re also exploring ways to improve the worth of Brimstones, as well as crafting in general. We feel like the system itself could use some revamping, but we’re not yet at a point where we can discuss what kind of changes we’re considering. We haven’t ruled out the possibility of introducing new recipes at some point in the future, though, or introducing other ways for players to put their crafting materials to good use.

I have none at the moment but I know people who have half a dozen plus who are holding on to them hoping changes will be made and suddenly they have something worth salvaging. It didn’t sound as if Blizzard were close to rolling a change out though did it.

So who has lots, anyone filled a stash tab worth yet?

It’s also interesting news that they are looking at ways of improving the worth of Brimstones. I imagine the price will increase as a result.

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    17 thoughts on “Salvaging the Hellfire Ring

      • Couldnt have said better myself than 1st poster already said it 🙂

        And all those millions of kids who blamed us for being wrong at the launch…

    1. “The idea doesn’t really sync up with our design philosophy” (Lylirra post,) No kidding, maybe that has been the problem since day 1… their design philosophy is garbage, a fact that should have been proven true even to themselves by this point.

      As for crafting, easiest solution ever but of course no one in Blizzard will think of it… Make all crafted items ilvl 60+ have ilvl 63 stats… *facepalm*

      Seriously they just keep going down the same path over and over again, its pathetic beyond belief.

    2. I’d never go farming rings for brimstones, that would be utterly stupid as I nowadays get a few legendaries/h and it takes more than 1 h to get a ring even with a very good team when you have to start with farming the keys.

      Anyway, I guess it will at some point be a good idea to stack up on those brimstones. Think it’ll take some time before those new recipes come out though as it’s apparently incredulously hard to create a new legendary item 🙂

      • Rather than salvaging into brimstones, they should add a new event.

        a rare boss spawn that only has a chance to appear in MP10 Pony level if pony portal is created with a full 4 player game and all 4 players have 5 stack of nephalem valor at time of portal opening.

        the rare boss is designed to be deadly and rare (like 1 in 50 chance). when the boss reaches one health he throws up a shield and a quest marker appears over his head, he offers to take items of demonic power (hellfire rings) to the hellforge with him as he passes back over to hell.

        once a large number of rings have been sacrificed the essence of Diablo appears in all active inferno games and you get to fight a D2 style Diablo clone, complete with diablogeddon and pink lightning hose skills, and killing the essence of Diablo will open up a well of demonic power, the well will remain open for 2 minutes to allow you to re-roll any non equipped legendary/set items in your inventory (only one re-roll, and this can also re-roll legacy to new version) or a rare chance to turn a legendary into some new super awesome rune that can go into sockets but add a gear requirement of paragon level 100.

        food for thought


    3. /

      – icreasing the number of character slots or stash room is more € costly for a company.
      – providing a salvage method would both benefit the player & save them money.

      The Art of Design Philosophy.

    4. at this point, might as well storing all unwanted hellrings on a dummy character and delete it. Salvage, even if it can produce brimstone, rare mats or whatnot, will be useless! Because no one CRAFTS!!

    5. why couldn’t they fucking make all the rings with trifector stats? making it a desirable ring to farm for, you can’t trade the things anyway, if this is there idea of end game where you farm for so called 50% drop organs and paragon levelling for approximately 1200 hours for shite loot, then this game is in a real sad state. Oh with the additional poor itemization and the idiotic idea of having gold as a currency.

    6. Crafting was badly executed and not nearly enough thought has gone into it. Blizz obviously wanted some sort of crafting system in it and they’ve done a good job with it in WoW so I can’t understand why they were so far off the mark with it in D3.

      I don’t use either AH so I was rather hoping crafting would give me access to fabulous items. I don’t mind hunting down the mats or recipes (as long as they’re not stupidly rare) but the affix roll is too random and so often I roll a complete dudd. It must be even worse for those rolling hellfire rings. The challenge is to find the recipe and then the mats, I don’t want to then effectively face a gamble at the end of that.

      I’d like more recipes, more varied mats, and more certainty with the type of affixes rolled.

      • Crafting fixes could be a whole podcast. In fact it probably has been, if you add up the 5m bitches about it from 10 diff shows.

        I’ve lately found 3 recipes to make 6 mod items, and even though I’m mostly Ironborn and this have decent odds to upgrade… they’re like 110k each. And that’s like, real gold, for a totally random blah roll? The highest level crafting recipes needs at least 2 or 3 guaranteed stats. They don’t have to be 9/10 quality, but at least some guaranteed return, so you’d have more than .01% chance of making something worth using. Either that or cut the costs substantially. Or both. Etc.

        • Here’s an idea. Why not include gems in the recipe and each gem would add (or have a good chance to add) a specific mod? The higher the gem lvl, the higher the stat. Add more gems or materials to cover many properties and suddenly crafting becomes better.

          Add in a mysticwith a chance to re-roll properties and crafting becomes golden. Then a few more ideas and we’ve got a platinum system.

    7. Why not add brimstone to the Hellfire Ring recipe, but let us salvage the ring for an at least partial return on the organs? That would add value to brimstone, let players do something with dud Hellfires, and reduce the overhead on organ farming without having a huge impact on the total account of time needed to actually craft the ring (since you’d need to spend some time getting Brimstone.)

        • We voted on Hellfire rings and most fans thought the preset stats were much too weak. I agree with that. I don’t agree that they should salvage into something from the Infernal Machine, though. I’m fine with the challenge being self-contained each time. But it’s lame that the rings are just junk if not good rolls. And I say that as someone who hasn’t even gotten one of any quality. Yet.

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