Just a few short things today, ideas of mine that I could not manage to stretch into a full length article.

    If there are any positive sides of being a gamer, learning patience is one of them. We wait. And we wait. And then when waiting is over, we are usually left waiting some more. For i ]]>

    Another example would be Doom 3. People waited for Doom 3 (myself not among them), for any word or screen shot of Doom 3. Finally, release was said to be just around the corner. Two weeks later, Doom 3 appears on shelves. And now? The Doom 3 community seems to be collectively holding its breath in anticipation of mods and other games using the Doom 3 engine. Just as soon as waiting is over, we find something else to wait on.

    I suspect there might be some sort of mass psychosis going on here. Maybe all of us gamers are just a little insane. Not that this is a bad thing… a little insanity might help the time pass more quickly. After all, Diablo 3 should be out in another half decade or so.

    Speaking of Diablo 3, when is Blizzard North going to announce something? Lord of Destruction has been out for an exceedingly long time now, and there is no word out of Blizzard North as to what our favorite programmers are up to. No doubt Diablo 3 is under way, but that could be mean anything from conceptual drawings to engine development to the final finishing touches before a surprise beta is announced next week. Historically, Blizzard has preferred to make their announcements at times and places where they would not be competing with other major projects for press time. When Blizzard launches something new, they want to make sure it is not lost if the headlines. Perhaps, then, they have been waiting to let two other huge media hogs step out of the spotlight, namely Doom 3 and Half-Life 2. Doom 3 is out. It is halfway through its obligatory two weeks of wall to wall press coverage and should be yielding the front row soon. Half-Life 2 is on its way, and in the meantime has somewhat dropped under the radar. Maybe now would be a good time for Blizzard to take the stage? Maybe grab some center stage time at ECTS this September and announce The Lost Vikings 3D? Maybe return to Tokyo and reveal a Diablo RPG for console? Maybe hire a certain fan site columnist to handle the exclusive write-ups of the Next Big Thing (not that I

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