Good things have a way of repeating themselves. Star Wars came back, new and improved (according to some) after several years. Various seventies and eighties era bands make absolute-final-last-ever-never-ever-coming-back-ever goodbye world tour after goodbye tour. Great songs never go away, they just get dressed up and sung by new artists.

    And so it is with great games, or, I should say, should be. I am not talking about sequels here, but rereleases. Take a good older game, say, Tetris. Now, rewrite it to perform well on modern systems with newer technology, improve the audio and visuals to take advantage of new capabilities, and release it all over again. Not as Tetris 2, but Tetris. Same game, different era. So far, this kind of thing has not happened too much. And that is unfortunate.

    There are a number of great games that very few people play anymore simply because they cannot get the silly thing to run well on new computers. For example, anyone who runs Apple

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