The Sage Kings Part 1 Diablo 3 Stop Motion Film Released

A very well done community created stop motion movie inspired by Diablo 3 called The Sage Kings has been released. This is the first part of the story and it has take its creator “countless hours of writing, drawing, filming and above all: editing” to get the first part out the door.

According to its creator Danion, over 750 unique PNG files were created in Photoshop using a Intuos4 Drawing board which were then altered to create the animations. All the voice acting was done by Danion too.

The Sage Kings is a short film done in multiple parts. It tells an in depth lore story about the Monks from Diablo 3 and their believes in order to destroy evil in all forms. However I decided to twist our already known lore and add a new dimension to it. With a new and interesting concept I give the Monks a more in depth story in line with a unique drawing style and in game footage.

Watch out for the second part some time in future.

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  1. Haha — that was a strange experience. The production quality is good. It's a stop-motion story told over game footage. I wonder what happens in Part II?

  2. ‘out of the door’ for fuck’s sake.

  3. great stuff Danion! really looking forward to part II.

  4. I like the look of the slow motion black and white combat, and the dialogue before/during combat has a feel of anime, or else old school RPGs or Pokemon. Nice work on the whole, but get someone to proofread before you go to press on the next installment; needless typos and grammatical errors stuck in my teeth.

  5. I think of typos when I think of manga =)

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