As I mentioned last week, I attended a small media event at Runic Games’ Seattle offices this week. The devs have asked that attendees not post any specifics until Friday morning, but I can say that it was a great visit, that everyone at Runic was awesomely friendly and welcoming, and that TL2 is a blast to play. Thus far I’m having trouble quantifying it, since I just want to say things like, “It’s like Torchlight 1, but so much bigger, better, faster, more complex, better looking, etc…”

    While at their offices, I had the chance to record a one-on-one conversation with Max Schaefer, during which I covered most of the issues you guys wanted addressed. We talked about the early days of D2, got into some more details on their earliest plans for D3, covered RPG development in general, and much more. That interview will be presented as an episode of TDP… early next week.

    I also recorded a one-on-one chat with lead developer Travis Baldree in which we focused on TL2 and discussed some of the core features, and their differences from D3. For instance (none of this is new info if you’ve been following TL2’s development), all of the classes in the game have health and mana, they all can (and must) drink red and blue potions, there are skill points, passive and active skills are mixed in the trees, there are manually-assigned stat points, respecs are quite limited, etc. As a result TL2 is actually much more like D2 in game mechanics than D3 is like D2. Which is something of an interesting state of affairs.

    We’ll post that conversation with Travis on Friday, along with much more general info on the game, and we even have a special surprise delight for your listening pleasure.

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