Runic Games posted a nice update today congratulating Blizzard on announcing the release date of Diablo 3. Runic are still working away on Torchlight 2 at the moment and they also issued a statement to their fans to reassure them things are progressing well with the game.

    Congratulations to the Diablo III team for announcing a release date! That’s got to be a such a feeling of relief to be on the home stretch. We’re excited to hear the news, and we can’t wait to play.

    It will be really interesting to see what the guys at Runic and DiabloWikiMax Schaefer think of the game when it’s released on seeing how their creation has evolved since the first two Diablo titles.

    Also regarding the Diablo 3 release, Runic’s Travis Baldtree responded to TL2 fans on the announcement by adding:

    There’s room enough in the world for more than one Action-RPG. Skyrim came out and it was amazing, GOTY, yadda yadda loved it. Kingdoms of Amalur came out shortly thereafter and did just fine. Hell, if it had sold for twenty bucks, I bet it would have sold even more copies! I am relieved to live in a world where more than one game in a genre can exist at the same time, and that the quality of one product doesn’t invalidate the quality of another.

    We don’t think we’re Blizzard. We don’t have their resources or track record. We just want to make a good game that you will like and feel like you got your money’s worth from, and that we can be happy we made.

    Thanks RPGReporter.

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