Runic Games Congratulate Blizzard on Release Announcement

Runic Games posted a nice update today congratulating Blizzard on announcing the release date of Diablo 3. Runic are still working away on Torchlight 2 at the moment and they also issued a statement to their fans to reassure them things are progressing well with the game.

Congratulations to the Diablo III team for announcing a release date! That’s got to be a such a feeling of relief to be on the home stretch. We’re excited to hear the news, and we can’t wait to play.

It will be really interesting to see what the guys at Runic and DiabloWikiMax Schaefer think of the game when it’s released on seeing how their creation has evolved since the first two Diablo titles.

Also regarding the Diablo 3 release, Runic’s Travis Baldtree responded to TL2 fans on the announcement by adding:

There’s room enough in the world for more than one Action-RPG. Skyrim came out and it was amazing, GOTY, yadda yadda loved it. Kingdoms of Amalur came out shortly thereafter and did just fine. Hell, if it had sold for twenty bucks, I bet it would have sold even more copies! I am relieved to live in a world where more than one game in a genre can exist at the same time, and that the quality of one product doesn’t invalidate the quality of another.

We don’t think we’re Blizzard. We don’t have their resources or track record. We just want to make a good game that you will like and feel like you got your money’s worth from, and that we can be happy we made.

Thanks RPGReporter.

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    40 thoughts on “Runic Games Congratulate Blizzard on Release Announcement

      • Very classy indeed. Here I was thinking they would rush the TL2 release because nobody would buy D3 afterward. But I guess, after the initial hype for D3 dies out, say in fall 2012 or something, it would be good strategy to release TL2. Which is what they’re going for, unless that 14-month joke is really true.

    1. It’s nice to see some…congeniality between the two teams. Like the Schaefers’ Hammer item, and all the other nods to Blizzard North. Of course they aren’t likely able to openly discuss this stuff in public with Runic, but hey.

      • I honestly don’t believe there ever was any animosity between the two companies. I know also for a fact that Jay Wilson holds the Blizzard North team who left and are still working at the company in really high regard also. Hence the reference to Schaeffer in the item. Though I don’t know the exact reasons for Blizzard North’s leaving in 2005, I just believe a lot of the “bad blood” people project on it is BS from trollish people who have some motive to dislike Blizzard.
        What Travis said also is how I feel about it also. There is plenty of room for multiple game of the same genre. I still intend to buy both and play them and am looking forward to games like Grim Dawn, Path of Exile and Starbound as well. Again, I’m just thrilled that there are so many good action RPG style games coming out here. 🙂

    2. yh…I just went to TL2’s website…what the heck? They even use the same graphical style as D3? Haven’t they heard about product differentiation? Haven’t they heard all the complaints about D3’s washed-out, cartoony style? It seems like they’d get larger clientelle by making it more different. Currently, when I saw some of the shots it looked like shots from D3 (ok, slightly MORE cartoony but still…)

      I might be wrong, of course…

      • I think they quite different styles.  Torchlight uses crisp clean character textures over faux-watercolor background textures so that characters and monsters pop out at you.  Diablo 3 has less contrast overall.  The reason they look similar is that they are both designed to work on older systems while also prioirtizing framerate.  You don’t have a whole lot of design options when you do this.
        Here is an article by Jason Beck, lead Runic art designer where he described the art decisions they made for Torchlight 1.  It is a good read.

    3. Thats really Big of Runic to actually Congratulate Blizzard. I love these guys at Runic games. They still make games to enjoy and not just for money (*Ahem* Ahem….Blizzard), like D1 and D2.

        • They had to release TL 1 because they were out of money.   They didn’t really have time for a polish pass.   I have played TL 2 and it was so much better than TL 1 it is hard to believe it came from the same group.  That was at the fansite event that Flux was also at in November.  I am sure it is even better now.

    4. Yes it’s nice, but I can’t help but feel that it’s done partially as a way for them to leech off of D3’s popularity and playerbase, because they know this info is gonna go around the web and lots of Diablo fans will read it.

      That could be why it’s written in such a nice almost ass-kissing and humble way. So that you (or Blizzard) can’t possibly have anything against it.

      That’s not to say that what they wrote isn’t how they actually feel, but it just seems very “convenient”.

    5. Is Torchlight 2 and 3 still coming out before Diablo 3 will be released like Schaefer said last year? When Torchlight will be released after Diablo they have to compete with Path of Exile as well. 

      • I really don’t think they are worried about Path of Exile.  They have some kind of name, the guys behind PoE don’t have the same name recognition.  Runic has a brand and notoriety outside of hardcore ARPG players.  If PoE had a big named publisher that was running around talking to every one about PoE (like Kingdoms of Amalur had) then maybe they would have to worry about them. 

        If they can’t get their game out a month before D3 they might as well hold off and get everything perfect and release it a few months down the line.

        Like Humungous said Fall 2012 might be a much better time to release, that is if they can afford (money wise) to hold out that long.

        • Grim Dawn is pretty much in the same boat that PoE is in.  They have slightly more recognition, but still, ask around outside of the ARPG community and I bet when you say Grim Dawn they say “never heard of it.”  I can also bet you that if you say Titan Quest they will either say “saw it go up on sale on steam but never bought it” or “never heard of it.”

          Besides I don’t even see either PoE or Grim Dawn being released any time soon.  Grim Dawn says alpha in 2012 I would guess that means the game isn’t coming out till 2013. 

          Now that I wrote all this you will probably just say “I was just teasing.”

          PS: I will buy Grim Dawn no matter when it comes out, those guys are working jobs on the side just to fund their game.

          • I hope they have a closed server network base.. Nothing kills a game faster than open network games with hacks.. I loved TQ and TQ:IT, but the online portion unless you had friends sucked horribly

          • why would I say “I was just teasing” ?
            he did forget Grim Dawn     

            and I’ve already paid for Grim Dawn 
            and I much as I was hoping for alpha by now, I think its pretty clear from the video they released 2 days ago and all the dev comments about it that the alpha is still quite a ways off  

    6. I honestly can’t tell if they’re being sarcastic with the congrats or not.

      But either way, they’d probably be wise to delay their release until the fall holiday shopping season.

    7. I’m sure that reply was not sarcastic at all. 
      Runic knows what its like to be under pressure to make a game, and to have fans complain about delays. So I’m sure they can empathize with the pressure and headaches Blizzard has been having.  

      I think Runic really means it when they say 
      “That’s got to be a such a feeling of relief to be on the home stretch.”

      I believe their congratulations are genuine.

      I believe Blizzard sent every employee at Runic a beta invite to D3 quite awhile ago. 
      I don’t think Blizzard was being snarky, bragging, showing off or daring Runic to “make a better game than D3”.  
      I think they were simply being respectful to the Schaefers and to everyone else at Runic.
      And I think Runic is  being respectful too and honest with their congratulations. 

    8. I don’t care about Runic. There are only Schaefer brothers from Blizzard North and they’re not really involved with the game development. Only thing I could care about is music of Torchlights because of Matt Uelmen.

      As for my opinion about Runic, I can tell they are sneaky. That’s all.

    9. Of course these congratulations are  genuine. They don’t all vehemently hate each other because they work for different companies making similar games… No doubt many employees are friends or acquaintances, and there was probably a hell of a load of banter between the two dev teams – and likewise plenty of camararderie, too, because they’re both probably going through the same issues. 
      I think it’s great to see something like this. Runic are probably a bit miffed they didn’t get TL2 out first but you can’t help but feel a lot of kinship for an old employer (if you liked them in the first place!!)

    10. Congratulations to the Diablo III team for announcing a release date! Now it’s time to announce our release date .. ouch!

    11. It has to be sarcastic because who else congratulates other developers on their release announcements ? LOL ..
      Torchlight 2 > Diablo 3. 😀 

    12. Hahaha Max Schaefer its just jealous, he know his game will die fast! And they have no chance to challinges Diablo3 that is fact!!
      TL2 will die fast when players can hacked the game with items from mapeditor…

      • Mods and healthy player base and community prolongs the longevity of a game. DIablo 3 has neither of those.

        • Really? Boy isn’t this site celebrating it’s 15th year of being THE prominent community sight for Diablo?  I would call that a pretty F’N strong community.  As far as the player base, the game isn’t even out yet and you have 440k pre-orders (as of last sunday)  and 1 million WoW annual pass copies already spoken for.  Diablo 3 will sell more on their release day then Tourchlight sold in a year over 3 platforms. 
          I don’t think TL2 will die fast.  But, to say that this community isn’t healthy is a slap to the face to anyone that comes to this site.

          • I love this site and its ppl, but we are in minority here… I could care less about wow and its players who will form the core of D3.

            • Or the D1/D2 players who helped form the original wow community… ?? What’s your point again?

      • That’s truly clever and devious, Cham!

        “hacking” a game that SHIPS WITH AN EDITOR.


    13. I’m definitely not as excited for TL2 as I am for D3, BUT… there is definitely enough room for two successful ARPG’s, especially after basically not having any real competitors since D2. I figure as long as they don’t release within the same six month window, TL2 should be good to go.

      • Releasing a month later is perfect timing.  The free-skill design means players will have about a month before they break down and realize they need to shell out on the rmah.

        Runic only needs a quarter of those people to double their cost of development. 

    14. so basically he is saying let’s ride on D3’s wave and keep us in peoples mind…
      I don’t want to spoil the fun but i won’t buy TL2 basically because of D3 and GW2. Yep the Founders of Arenanet used to work at Blizzard too so lets keep them in mind too hrhr

    15. Yes Classy. I was hoping TL2 would be out before D3 to be honest. Loved TL and played that much more that TQ + xpansion.

      • Yeah, I know right?    Blizzard should be so insulted, that he compared D3 to Skyrim and not Reckoning.   Skyrim was only (most) critic’s game of the year. 
        /end sarcasm

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