Player vs. Player combat has changed enormously since Diablo II was released nine years ago, back in June 2000. The expansion added 2 new classes and countless new items, subsequent patches overhauled the skills and spells, but the biggest changes have come from new items, especially from the super-powerful DiabloWikiRunewords added in recent patches. In addition to allowing for far higher defense, damage, and other stat boosts, the runewords (and some uniques) have added the “oskill” modifiers, giving all characters the ability to use skills that were formerly the exclusive property of one character class. The biggest impact of all such items has come from the Runeword armor Enigma, which grants the teleport skill to any character who wears it.

    Enigma made a big difference in PvM play, chiefly by making magic find runs quicker and easier, but it had an even larger effect on PvP play, totally changing the balance of character interactions. No longer were Sorceresses uniquely gifted with the escapability their low hit points and defense mandated. Now every character can teleport, making the formerly competitive melee battles a thing of the past, and (essentially) forcing anyone who wished to be competitive at PvP to use their own Enigma.

    In this guest article Sepi returns to the subject of PvP (that he discussed in a previous guest article). He’s been at PvP since the days of D2C, and in this article he discusses the evolution of head to head play in D2, and weighs in on the pros and cons of Enigma and other skill-granting items. Enigma changed everything… but was it a good change?

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    Runewords: a Change to PVP

    The Early Days

    If you’re like me, and spent time PvPing during the early days of Diablo 2, you may remember the domination of sorceresses and their teleportation and bowazons spamming Guided Arrow across the screen. The good old days of Thunderstorm tracking you and Frozen Orbs everywhere. And don

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