Runestones & Tinker Video

Risingred has been shooting more videos and we’ve got five of them here for you today.

As well as demonstration of some runed skills, there’s also a comparison video, a video in the Wandering Tinker’s Hovel and one where a bunch of runes are assigned to a skill to demonstrate the randomness. One is post on this page, and the rest after the break, as before. Previous video post are here and here in case you missed those.

This one shows the Wizard using DiabloWikiSpectral Blade with an Alabaster rune making it into Healing Blades which heals when Critical Damage is caused

Here is the Monk using DiabloWikiSeven Sided Strike with an Alabaster rune making it into Fulminating Onslaught which deals Holy Damage around the target. A bunch of DiabloWikiGoatmen are the ones feeling the back of his hand on this occasion.

This compares runed and unruned DiabloWikiSpectral Blade. Adding an Indigo rune changes it into Thrown Blade which extends the blades’ reach dealing extra weapon damage. There looks to be around twice as many slashes in the runed version too.

A Wizard visits a Wandering Tinker in her Tinker’s Hovel. Apart from having the odd dead villager rotting on her floor, (it’s all the rage in Sanctuary), there’s a large glowing chest in the corner of the room. Easy to miss as the Wizard approaches the outside of the hovel but just outside the door lays Swickard’s Corpse and close by her the Tinker’s possessions. Was Swickard a theif, struck down by the Tinker and he dropped her possessions when he died?

And lastly a video showing why the randomness of unattuned DiabloWikiRunestones could be frustrating.

These and more can all be found in the Diablo: IncGamers YouTube channel.

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    9 thoughts on “Runestones & Tinker Video

      • I should mention that SSS will probably never be properly emulated. The monk is supposed to disappear “into the rune” during the animation and be stationary (but impervious to attack). The complexity of such code is rather staggering, so this is what you get.
        I didn’t code this, I should also mention. I just made some minor tweaks.

    1. Glad they decided to take out that randomly unattuned system. I think it would have been so sh*tty.

    2. I enjoy the tinker’s cottage. Clickable rotting corpses… but a nice hot bath right by the front door, for maximum privacy.

    3. Wow… was not expecting that sss to turn monsters into skeletons/blow them to pieces…

      Also, 15 rank 7 runes and only 1 alabaster compared to 6 goldens, 4 indigos, 2 crimsons, and 2 obsidians… yeah that really sucks for going after something specific… I hope they remove the blank unattuned runes altogether…

    4. Man this looks so sweet, I had no previous interest in the monk but that SSS I like a lot! Makes me think evolved zeal-attack 🙂 I also like how the wizard wield and swings the 2-hander, like its just slightly too heavy for the wizards puny muscles! I woulnd’t mind if Lord Risingred made more of these kind of videos, it does help ease the pain of waiting for The Damn Game™ to be released.

      • The cooldown is harsh, even with the rune to reduce it. I took out the cooldown for the videos.
        The vanilla skill, you only get a few hits, and they only do x% of weapon damage so it ends up being pretty underwhelming, even though it looks neat.

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