A thread started off with amazement at the sheer number of runestones options in Diablo III, then quickly got hijacked into a very long debate about respecs in Diablo III. One interesting thing we heard from Jay Wilson at Gamescom was that the addition of respecs to D2 in v1.13 was pushed by the D3 Team.  Jay thought that was a very much needed feature, and besides, it gave them a dry run to test out how players would use respecs in Diablo III.

    Here’s Bashiok discussing the issue on Friday.

    Amount of skills in Diablo III, with all player runestone variants included, is currently topping 700. That’s about 140 rune combo’s per class! neat!

    It’s staggering really, even to me still. Those are all unique in their visuals too, which is important to note. Sure some of them may be simple color shifts but most of them are unique mechanics with completely unique visual effects. It’s crazy. Big up to our effects guys.

    know, I was thinking about that too.. and this is why I cant even fathom how some people think 10 characters will be enough!!! Did they even PLAY diablo2

    Explain please. With respecs and runes being swappable, how does that necessitate a ton of character slots?

    Your own words say that respecing will be very limited.. if I want to make a new character with a different spec Ill eventually need to be deleting characters (Pretty quickly may I add) at a 10 limit.

    Actually, on that note, who ever said there was a 10 character limit? Not to say that’s wrong but, I’m guessing Jay threw out a number somewheres?

    Also you’re quoting me from how long ago? Those seem like very old quotes.

    Have you played Diablo II 1.13? We added a respec system. See how that works and you’ll get an idea of how we think we’d like it to work for Diablo III.

    Yes, I did play that and it contradicts completely everything stated thus far for Diablo3 respecs.

    Nuh uh!

    Complete character wipe

    Ok you got me there, but that was just for implementations-sake. The way the trees work in Diablo II you can’t have pointed resets. But we can with how the skill system is set up in Diablo III.

    very easy to obtain, not rare or valuable at all..

    Well that’s just balance.

    I also do not like that because it essentially cuts the replayability of Diablo2 down sharply..

    It cuts down replayability in the sense that you don’t need to roll a new character when you want to try a different build. And yes, it absolutely does that, and … that’s the point of having respecs… I mean part of it is giving people an out if they screwed up and bought the wrong skill or something, but the main reason is so you can play around with your character and not have to start a completely new one just to try a variant out.

    If respecs happened when Diablo2 came out I doubt anybody would be playing anymore.

    Potentially. But I would argue that it’s about the items, the randomness of the drops, and the character builds are simply a means to roll the dice more effectively, and use them in more effective ways.

    You dont need to make a new character and level it, find new gear for another character or do any of these things.. if youre now saying Diablo3 respecing could be like this.. well.. im pretty worried.

    Why are you worried?

    Well you say it should be rare, then you say how they were put in Diablo2.. Which was my whole point about that. A contradiction of balance

    Oh I was referring to the method of obtaining them. It’s one we like. But yeah people steam rolling bosses in Diablo II means the drop rate was probably set too high.

    Yes, it cuts down on a major part of gameplay which is why I do not like full easily obtained respecs

    We don’t plan to have full resets, they’ll be per-skill (if it goes as currently planned), and we don’t plan to allow them to be easily obtained. Probably similar to the Diablo II 1.13 respecs a couple will be easy, or granted through quest rewards, but the idea is to involve some amount of rarity, cost, something. What that balance will shake out to mean… I don’t know.

    And when you only need one set of gear (Since most characters use the same gear regardless of build on Diablo2) for a character you can respec at a whim you will min/max much quicker and will need too roll said dice of item finding a lot less.

    That’s a lot of assumptions about how things will work. Let’s wait a while and talk about it when these assumptions have defined rebuttals. I could counter your assumptions with our hopes and dreams but that doesn’t mean much, IMO.

    I won’t blame you if you started skimming about halfway through that, since that horse has been to the glue factory and back several times by now. I am curious about something, though. Now that we know there will be around 25 active skills per character, does that make you more or less interested in DiabloWikirespecs? And how will that factor into how many characters you have?

    It seems to me that with so many active skills, and all the DiabloWikirunestone options on top of that, one character of each class isn’t going to be anywhere near enough. With all those DiabloWikiskills and runestones, there could easily be a dozen viable builds for each character type, plus countless minor variants. As a result, anyone who is heavily into Diablo III will probably have multiple versions of their favorite classes.

    Sure, you can just respec your one high level character of a given class, but in addition to changing your skills you’ll have to do a lot more to completely change a character’s focus. 1) Move around equipment (not too hard with a shared DiabloWikistash. 2) Just equipment might not be enough, since you’ll probably want to make some changes to the DiabloWikigems you’ve got DiabloWikisocketed. 3) And when you change skills, you’ll probably want to change around the runestones also, since the ones you had in their old skills may not be useful in the new skills. 4) Plus you may have to rework the DiabloWikicharms (?) in your DiabloWikiTalisman, to change your stat customization around also.

    That’s well on the way to being more work than just making a new character, eh?  Especially if you’re doing the respec just because you want to try out some different skills, rather switching to a new build permanently.

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