“Rune Stuff” will be in the v13 Beta Patch

The new skills system, which will apparently incorporate runestones in some as of yet unknown fashion, will be in the new patch, according to a tweet from Bashiok:

Rune stuff today or tomorrow? –EmperorDoomwolf
Whenever the patch goes live. 🙂 —Bashiok

This seems yet more evidence that the skills and runes have been somehow merged, and that runes are no longer socketable items, but are somehow incorporated into skills, whether as a sort of training/attunment system over time (unlocked at higher levels, to ease the 30-60 “dead zone?), or with some consumable aspect of “using items” to them. Past speculation about that system change can be seen here and here, with credit to Azzure for first theorizing it, some weeks ago. A post on reddit today makes much the same allegations.

We’ve been promised a full, Jay Wilson-penned explanation of the new system before it goes live. Which could be as soon as tonight, but will more likely be Saturday (at the soonest) the way most beta patches have been delayed.

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  1. I sense incoming nerd rage. 😉

    • The nerds will be too busy number-crunching to rage. I’m an optimist today so I sense incoming awesomesauce.

      • OMGOMGOMG….. I’m actually excited….. xD
        Well, hopefully they don’t change the base function of the runestone system…
        Which I doubt… Lets see how this all works out… hehehe can’t wait! 😀

    • Eh. As long as the functionality is still in the game (ie, we can alter our skills) then I think it’ll be just fine and dandy. I don’t care if they’re an item or what.

      But keep in mind that the only thing giving runestones trade value was rune dust, which is now out of the game.

  2. stop fucking around with the system already .. geezus … u guys can nitpick all u want … its done when its done .. but seriously u keep chopping changing revamping … to a system that was pretty much finished alrdy? the truth of the matter is this game will never be perfectly polished and bug free .. its a game .. there will always be problems always be bugs hacks n cheaters.. always be balancing issues … its a game …

    i dnt understand how much polishing needs to be done?  it seems like ur taking the game and redesigning from scratch?!?

  3. Good to know that the rune changes will be in the patch which will arrive before an as-of-yet identified weekend.

    Q2 weekend FTW.  Azzure, don’t let those reddit bastards steal your thunder!

  4. Sounds like I was right, we will see soon.

  5. Reading comprehension lacking here.
    To me this says that the rune info will be revealed when the patch goes live. That does not mean we will be getting runes in the beta. We might, but this doesn’t confirm or deny that.
    And runestones have always been part of the skill system. Of course they’ll announce the rune changes at the same time as the skill changes, they are and always have been intrinsically linked. Personally I think the non-item runes are very likely but let’s not pretend there’s evidence for it where there is none.
    Still, we’ll find out soon… TM.

    • The article is not saying runes will be in the beta. Everyone know  they won’t be.

      The article is referring to 

      twitter dot com/#!/Bashiok/status/165591373087641600
      twitter dot com/#!/Bashiok/status/166774617921437697

      • That’s not what the headline says, nor does the tweet provide the slightest evidence for skill/rune merging unless you assume the runes will appear in the beta.
        I suppose you could argue that runes will probably be accessible to dataminers/emulators, but that’s true now with runes as items, so…

        • read the 2nd tweet 
          “Skill and rune systems are intrinsically linked.”

          so even though runes don’t appear, something about the skills will change, maybe its just a UI change.

          and if you follow the entire twitter conversation

          Bryan Griffiths
          @Bashiok Any word when news about runes will be released?
          We’re planning that out. Its in and working. Not too much longer.
          Bryan Bargowski
          Does this include the skill system?
          Skill and rune systems are intrinsically linked.

  6. I still don’t see how  Azzure’s theory can be correct. 
    Doesn’t it take away the ability to put runes in the RMAH ?
    I agree runes and skills are tied together somehow, but I think they MUST remain socketable or be scrolls or something. 
    But there is NO WAY they’re going to get rid of trading/selling runes.

    • This might be actually true! Seems very reasonable for removing the level 30-60 deadzone. Since now the gear has +rune effects i guess it comes down to the same thing in terms of tradibility. Making + Runes an affix is going to make obtaining that perfect rare item even more rare. The + Rune affix will be probably essential for any serious character making rare items very character specific and that will promote trade…

    • Maybe, just maybe, not everything revolves around RMAH.
      But that’s heresy.

      • Im not one of those who think that everything revloves around RMAH. However, it is an important feature and i really hope Blizzard makes it work because they deserve every dollar they make from this game. I would really like to see the amount of work Blizzard put in to the game rewarded. Furthermore removing runes as tradable items would not affect RMAH that much since only the highest level of runes (6&7) would probably sell there. Adding a + runes affix adds a whole bunch of highly desired player specific items which is great for trade.

  7. I hope this isn’t a true as it would make the item finding game a whole lot more boring compared to D2+Exp where there was equipment/rune/charm drops.

  8. I think I just had The Big Epiphany.
    I will get to play D3.
    It is going to happen.
    I have never allowed myself to believe this before.
    It suffices to say: “I am excite”.

  9. “This seems yet more evidence that the skills and runes have been somehow merged, and that runes are no longer socketable items, but are somehow incorporated into skills”

    Don’t see how you got that out of it… the “rune stuff” the guy asks about is probably meaning and taken to mean the write up about the rune and skill changes. Has nothing to do with runes themselves being in the beta…

  10. Some rumor of shifting some rune affixes to gear. That doesn’t make sense to me in terms of storage since wouldn’t people be storing more sets of armor? So instead of storing diff types of runes, people will now tend to store diff types of armor based on what rune enhancements they have? Seems like that will take even more space!

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