Since the announcement by Blizzard that players would be forced to reveal their real full name on their forums, the Blizzard community has gone nuts making thousands of posts on the topic and litres of digital ink have been spent on various gaming sites criticising the decision; That includes IncGamers.com’s reply and many others.

    Now a new rumour has appeared that Blizzard employees really are quite pissed off by this decision, and it might even be completely outside of Blizzard’s hands. Details are fuzzy, but this forum post has been sweeping fansites and community blogs like wildfire:

    Nachtj?ger, Suramar, 59 Night Elf Death Knight post 35821 in epic thread wrote:

    Got in touch with my ex-flatmate, whose sister works as a GM for Blizzard, to see what the internal buzz on this was. Apparently, at the moment the employees are largely as pissed as the players, and she stated that despite attempts to keep it hushed, it has become known that the big creative players within Blizzard are pretty much as unhappy about this as we are. Everybody has been told they are not free to comment on this situation outside of specially prepared statements.

    It’s still going ahead, however (and here’s where in-house rumours and hearsay really start coming into play): from what they’ve picked up, the Blizzard leads have been told in no uncertain terms that the non-gameplay-related direction of the game is working to a different blueprint now. GC and company are free to play with shiny new talent trees all they like, for example, but for the first time the decisions regarding Battle.net implementation, Real ID, and plans for the general acquisition of new players for the business are no longer in Blizzard’s own hands, and that’s not going down too well.

    It’s a case of “my sisters, flatmate’s boyfriend’s cousin’s workmate’s friend,” and thus not a reliable source whatsoever, however, it has created some interest: The debate has started to focus on this one post and the underlying idea that hundreds of Blizzard employees (possibly including senior developers) are against the RealID decision, but powerless to do anything about. This is a fascinating concept, and kind of makes sense.

    Another VERY interesting fact is that this re-post of the thread in the Battle.net forums (ironically the first forum that will be subjected to Real ID) has been moderated. Indeed, some Blizzard Community Manager has come to the thread, left the original post and deleted reply number 1 and 4 (original post is no 0). A disgruntled CM that does not care if the world knows, or possibly just happens to be two posters who regretted their post and deleted them?

    We’re trying to get in touch with some of our sources for a confirmation of this rumour, but chances are Blizzard will clamp down very hard on any external contacts right now.

    In case you missed my use of the word rumour repeatedly in the news item, I say it again: This is a rumour and the post could very well be fake. However, it might not. What do you guys think, would this explain the weird decision over pretext troll protection in the forums?

    In either way: “In Soviet Blizzard the forums post you.”

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