Some of the general gaming sites are finally catching onto the news we told you guys about last week; that there’s going to be a “Fansite Summit” event at Blizzard Irvine in late July, at which D3’s B.net components will be shown, along with the beta build. This morning Mtv’s MP Blog and The Escapist have posted vague, rumor-y sounding, un-sourced, versions of the news we’ve known about since last week. A quote.

    How do I know this? It’s simple, really. Seems that Blizzard is holding a July press event dedicated to the “Diablo 3” beta at their campus in California. Information and assets from that event are embargoed until August 1, which means the beta won’t be out before then…unless Blizzard really wants to screw over those in attendance of the event, which seems unlikely.

    It does, however, bode well for the progress of the beta, which will likely launch in a relatively short span of time after the August 1 date. Granted, that’s a big assumption to make, given that this is Blizzard, but we’re an optimistic bunch and there’s no point in promoting a beta that’s still months away. (Then again, there’s no point in promoting a game that’s three years away, but hey, what do I know?)

    Just five weeks from now, and we’ll really be getting close to the start of the juicy stuff!

    If you could, would you put yourself into a coma until August 1st, so the next thing you knew there would be a ton of news and the D3 beta would be (apparently) imminent? Or do you enjoy the wait and the building anticipation, even with the certainty likelihood or zero news or activity from any Blue source for days and weeks at a stretch, between now and then?

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