Bashiok encourages fans to check out Jace Hall’s webshow on January 29th. I know Jace Hall visited Blizzard about a year ago or less to talk with the World of Warcraft developers and conspired with a developer to use GM powers against Felicia Day’s in-game character. However, Bashiok is making the announcement of Jace Hall’s show. Did Bashiok mean Jace Hall stole something secretive from the Diablo III Team’s office? As in we are gonna see something naughty like you know … the female Monk nude — I mean — gearless model? Hmm …

    Jace Hall Show – feat. DIII Crew

    Bashiok: Jace Hall stopped by our offices recently to see how the Blizzard magic happens, and despite our very stern requests brought cameras with him to film it. We also think he may have stolen something. Anyway, you won’t want to miss the first two episodes of the new season.

    (Jace, please return the calls from our legal council. Thank you.)

    Season 3.0 of the Jace Hall Show kicks off this Friday, January 29.

    Update: The trailer for the upcoming season of the Jace Hall show features the Diablo 3 team @ 0:50 seconds. They have some fun hamming it when they pretend to be surprised/outraged that the camera is filming their joke-covered design board. Notes visible on the whiteboard include:

    • ?Chat Gem Design:?
    • ?-Increase drop %?
    • ?-pgem activate?
    • ?-xp ++?
    • ?our amusement?
    • ?MORE DBZ?
    • ?cow level access?

    Click through for the embedded trailer. Thanks to MrKrinkle, FriskyDingo, and others for pointing these out.

    Update #2: The non-contest “submit your female monk concept art” thing going on @Diablo has a deadline of February 1st. Which makes it seem fairly unlikely that we’ll see the actual FeMonk on the 29th,

    Update #3: MD points out that the Jace Hall show trailer shows Dustin Browder and the Starcraft2 team (@2:16) toasting while in the background a projector displays the Battle.net main page with: “Welcome to Starcraft 2 Beta” displayed. So maybe the show will announce that the long-delayed SC2 beta… is no longer delayed?

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