Rumor: Blizzard Permitting Duping in Diablo 2

That’s the allegation made in a lengthy post on Reddit, and echoed Jesse Powell, a guy who runs some Diablo 2 item sales sites. (And if you can’t trust anonymous guys on Reddit and gold farmers, who can you trust?)

Follow the links for the whole story, but the allegation is that Diablo 2 duping methods have been reported to Blizzard and then not fixed for months or years, while item sales sites continue to deal out thousands of identical items. Furthermore, it’s alleged that a new duping method appeared in the last patch, and it’s a method that only works on the closed realms; not in SP or on open The accusation in the posts is that some Blizzard employee(s), working in Blizzard anti-hack dept and/or on the Diablo 2 patch team, has intentionally allowed duping to continue, and perhaps even added new duping techniques to the game, thus to enrich himself and his associates at some item sales sites.

It’s a hell of an accusation, especially to offer with virtually no corroborating evidence whatsoever. I know nothing about it personally, and have no real opinion to offer — just presenting the info for you guys to take it or leave it, since numerous people have mailed us about it today and it’s obviously become a topic of debate.

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52 thoughts on “Rumor: Blizzard Permitting Duping in Diablo 2

  1. Better bring back the SOJs since that is the currency the Diablo Community already knows! Or push the game back another month and find the hole in BNet that permits duping… That jerk…

  2. When i played D2, i couldnt a damn about hack or dup or anything else. Coz even if the whole world cheats on it, it wont affect me, is called single player. pity it wont be the case on D3 anymore……..

    • +1
      I didn’t even know there was duping method on Diablo 2 (but in Diablo 1, yes). Playing solo 99% of the time does no good… or quite the opposite (depend of your view point).

      Tought, it’s a little sad that there won’t be (I do really believe) anymore “hacking” stories to tell on D3. But, oh well, I think we will found something else and big enough to fill the gap =P

      Clodololo, the Noob King.

    • -1 for you.

      You can still play alone and ignore all other players and the AH so you are just talking rubbish.

      • He can, if his Willpower is high enough. But what happens to all of those who specced into Rage, or Posting Speed?  😀

  3. People have been saying this crap for ages.
    Here’s an obvious and slightly more sane explanation: Blizz does not care enough to spend the time and money to fix the issue.

    • This is my take. This **** is so rampant on B.Net that you’d have to be blind not to see it. Bot spam in every goddamn game, online “retailers”, duping everywhere, etc.

      Only reason it’s not fixed is because there’s too much to fix. The hackers/black market dealers won their place on B.Net, and now we have to live with it. Hopefully D3 will have a permanent solution to the problem (which, by all accounts, it should).

      • D3 won’t be as open, the spammers n bots will be frequent in D2 because it’s a 15 year old system. I hope they’ve learned how to deal with scum on bnet 2.0…

    • yes you’re right, they’re not gonna spend time/money for something that would actually lose them money

  4. Maybe there is somebody (or a few) working for Blizzard who is profiting from duping and gold seller sites. With all of the corruption that goes on in the world, I don’t know why people think this is an outlandish idea. People have done worse and Blizzard employees aren’t angels; they’re people just like everyone else.

    At the very least, it can be said that it’s a bit strange that there have been duping methods in Diablo 2 that have gone “unnoticed” for years, despite players reporting them to Blizzard ad nauseum; and despite these duping methods causing undue stress to But then again, TPPKing was going on since the beginning of Diablo 2–and it wasn’t until recently that Blizzard fixed that. So maybe Diablo 2 was/is just low on the priority list.

    I think one also has the factor in the idea that maybe Blizzard isn’t properly maintaining Diablo 2 so that people will be even more inclined to move over to Diablo 3 once it is released.

    • Diablo2 has had more content patches than any other game I’ve played, so saying that Blizzard is ignoring the game is just ignorant.
      They probably haven’t fixed duping for the same reason they didn’t in Diablo1: it would require far too much re-coding of the game and isn’t feasible. No employee is going to risk their job just to sell some items on the side.

      • Blizzard has no excuse in my opinion.  A lot of the bugs and dupe methods reported… the reporters TOLD Blizzard how to fix the issues, even going so far as pointing out the offending lines of code and providing the necessary code changes to fix them.

      • D2 had more content patches than any other game you’ve played?  Really?  That’s sad my friend.  As I recall, it had 2 content patches.  You should stretch your horizons.

    • Yea, but they should change that years ago,and  Diablo 3 was far far away off their road plan at that time. Unless you are tell me that they plan it for the last 10 years.

      I doubt they are going to fix much now, since all the Blizzard North was closed most developer went off to other places, therefore the programmers have to start from ground zero if they want to fix bugs. That said with Blizzard’s resources they can do it, it is just is it worth it or not.

  5. How is there any item that has any value left what-so-ever in diablo2, i was duping sojs and dual leeches like 10 yrs ago

    • I was wondering that too. Who would pay for a D2 item nowadays? And who is still sitting there trying to find new duping mechanisms in D2 nowadays? Is these people’s time worth so little? I guess if there’s still money to be made selling D2 items, but again… who the hell would buy one now?!
      You’d think that anyone still playing the game would be playing for the fun of hunting items themselves, not prestige or really anything to do with other people.

  6. Besides introducing new runewords in some patches [which are now among the best items in the game], Diablo 2 has a ladder now that resets every so often to keep the economy and ‘competition’ fresh.  The ladder players all start at the lowest level when the ladder starts, and cannot trade with non-ladder players.  In this way, players in each ladder season are always willing to pay more for better items so they can get the best gear, impress their friends, have fun, or be the first to 99.  I’m very sure that Diablo 3 will have some kind of ladder/season equivalent because it does drive the economy.  There are also ladder-exclusive items, in that they can only be found by ladder characters during the ladder season.  When a ladder season expires, the ladder characters become normal characters – and that’s the only way for ladder items to be introduced into the normal economy, again driving up prices on those items for normal characters interested in these better items. A system like that could be exploited by any player who uses botting and/or dupes, whoever they are, unfortunately.  There are individual items that regularly go for $40+ dollars apiece.  Check out some of the D3 item sites and you’ll see.  Blizzard employees may be in a better position to more easily cash in on this market, perhaps even moreso in Diablo 3, but I’m betting there are policies in place which prevent employees from doing so.  It’s an interesting conspiracy theory, at least. With real money involved, I’m sure at least that we’ll eventually see lawsuits about people being defrauded or people exploiting the system, if there haven’t been any yet [especially now that the real money auction house is integrated into the game].

    • “I’m very sure that Diablo 3 will have some kind of ladder/season equivalent because it does drive the economy.  There are also ladder-exclusive items, in that they can only be found by ladder characters during the ladder season.  When a ladder season expires, the ladder characters become normal characters”
      except that we have only 1 Account with 10 Characters per copy of diablo 3 – so what does Blizzard suppose we do each “season ” , delete old characters ? buy a new copy of d3 ?

  7. if he wanted some credibility; he would have  just published this “dubious” dupe method, and some “before and after patch codes” i mean he claimed he figured it out. if it was real Blizzard would HAVE to do something about it if they want to save face.
    and the game is ruined by botters and duper anyway –  so IF it was real i wouldnt mind anyway ; anymore
    but its more plausible that he is just trolling – and Blizzard does not give enough of a f*ck to care about d2 anymore.

  8. Lol… I don’t believe Blizzard would intentionally do this as a company. It’s possible that someone inside of it may try to but very unlikely. The allegation that Blizzard is willing to tolerate/not care about duping is plausible though given the state of the game for half of the past decade. They don’t have much reason to throw resources at D2 beyond the bare minimum needed to run servers and even then they don’t have to.

  9. It’s just speculation, and it would complicate the shared stash mechanic, as well as require different versions of the auction houses… so it may not be there right away.  But, considering that they even introduced ‘seasons’ into Starcraft 2 as well as Diablo 2’s ‘ladder’, I think it’s relatively safe to speculate that Diablo 3 will have a ladder or season of some kind at some point.  I remember reading that they were discussing having more character slots available for unlocking or payment, but I don’t know how exactly they would handle it.  You could have your main characters on normal, then create a few ladder characters per season.  We’ll see *shrugs*

  10. I’ve always suspected this. They know people were duping. All the dupe techniques are very secret. The item stores make millions of dollars. D2legit actually has advertising on youtube videos, for DIABLO 2 items for gods sake.
    Some of the hybrid runewords are priced at over $100 and people buy them. I honestly think there has been something sus going on. It’s been so many years so much ignoring and so much potential for profit that really raises alarms. The worst is when people tell them exactly what the dupe methods are and they do nothing.

    I have always thought they support and take a cut of item websites in some way and for people who don’t know they make millions of dollars from items in D2 (the website d2legit), enough to hire permenant online staff and advertising on youtube. I’m fairly sure they posted their sales figures and it was over 1 million.

    Obviously it’s not a blizzard sanctioned thing. But easily the 1-5 people responsible for Diablo 2 maintenance could be involved in something dodgy. They easily could if they wanted. No questions asked. They could even distribute the dupe methods or selectively ignore known dupes. They could basically take 10% of the item sales of the website and each recieve 100,000USD.

    • Yeah, I had a look at that Lewt site. That guy must be raking in the money – it says they’ve got 30 employees spread around the world and offer 24/7 service, with millions of items in stock (they must have an interesting database system to keep track of what is where). A lot of the items sell for tens of dollars and a few of the ‘perfect’ ones are up into the $100’s range.

  11. Well Blizzard has now realized HOW to make EVEN MORE money nowdays the upcoming Diablo 3 by getting rid of the dupers, third party sites and nonsense like that!

    the new method of cashing on the virtual items its called – REAL MONEY ACTION HOUSE!  👿

  12. Theres is no need for proof tha dupe existed in Diablo 2.

    The number of third party sites and the high number of high level runes they were selling are proof enough for me.

  13. Its too bad humans don’t have a strong enough commitment to ban together and boycott companies like this. Ive always suspected that Blizzard really don’t care in the matter, D2 is just a dyeing horse ready to be shot and what better way to kill a game then not to fix it. If any of this is true about the employee well Ill have to reconsider about purchasing D3. Very Sad.  🙁

    • Have anyone thought what would be more profitable to do this than D2?
      World of Warcraft.
      See how regular they remove hack and bots in WoW, it is simply not logical to say Blizzard runs  gold farming.

  14. All they need to fix bots at least is captcha.

    Their attempt to fix bots really pissed me off, if you join to fast you get kicked, if you make too many games you get kicked (temp banned).  It didn’t fix shit, only made me get angry when MF’ing 🙁

      • The point is that delaying creating a game by a few seconds can easily be automated into bots – just delay creating the game. You’ve imposed an inconvenience on legit players that doesn’t really stop the botters from what they’re doing, only slows down their rate/throughput.

        Solving a captcha cannot be easily automated into bots.

        • Yes, you are right on this one. Although both imposed an inconvenience on legit players, Capthcha should be more effective. I just personally hate Capthcha, due to I’m a slow typist.

  15. A new Battle net only dupe method created in a patch? More likely its an old method that reddit and jesse has just found if its true.

  16. I don’t understand what is so difficult about catching this.  Assign every item generated a unique ID number (like databases do).  When saving games, check to see if that account contains an item with a # that already exists.  If so, it is a dup.  If it slows down saving too much, run the dup detector as a background job that scans everything over the course of a night.

    • They already have this exact feature and the article explains a bit how it works and the limitations behind it.  Duped items do disappear but if you know the rules you can easily get around many cases.

  17. Have we considered the obvious: that they just don’t care?  It’s a game over a decade old.  It’s a small miracle that the servers for playing it online are even still up, much less that they occasionally release updates.  Hell, the most recent patches were just spreadsheet stuff, done by one guy – I don’t think there’s enough of a team left to even make codebase changes, nor do I think that’s a mark against Blizzard, given the extreme amount of time since release.
    I can find a lot to complain about with the upcoming Blizzard games – RMAH being the biggest – but not bothering to update a game that’s over a decade old and has no subscription fee is not one of them.

  18. thank goodness for dupes. otherwise i’d never have acquired the runes to make my cta, enigma, grief, CoH, BotD. and it’s not like i paid for an already made runeword item.. i ran keys a zillion times, did pandemonium, got my unid torch, traded, repeated. took all the “risks” of possible poofs and scams as well.

    took long enough to do that, who has time to go out and find a Zod.

  19. They do, blizzard is not a clean company like people think they are no company in america is clean so that’s not new info.

    I thought ever one knew that blizz get’s a cut for ever item sold they just cut the middle man out with this RMAH that why there drm always online bull crap is so important to them

  20. The \blizzard runs the gold selling sites\ rumor remains the single dumbest thing I’ve ever heard on the Internet.  The only thing that comes close is the \9/11 was an inside job\ stuff.

    • I agree. Have anyone thought what would be more profitable to do this than D2?
      World of Warcraft.
      See how regular they remove hack and bots in WoW, it is simply not logical to say Blizzard runs  gold farming.

  21. When it comes to hack preventing Blizzard is really REALLY stupid. I mean, lets analise some factors:

    SoJ was being duped like hell, so what was their solution? Lets create Ubber Diablo event to consume all the spare SoJs. But that is completely retarded because it was very predictable that adding annihilus as a reward would only increase the SoJ duping.
    Fullrutstorm (don’t know how to write): Lets completely delete the duped items even if the current item carrier didn’t dupe anything and don’t even know the item is duped. Common, what fault do I have for trading my legit items for an duped item that its impossible to discern? Luckily never happened with me.
    Its easy to tell Blizzard is “corrupt” just by looking at how they ban the players (mass bans). They HAVE the power to ban many of the cheaters (otherwise they wouldn’t have banned 300k and 200k players in the last ban waves, so why don’t we see people getting banned every single day instead of once every year?
    Its simple. By waiting for over a year to mass ban players they make those players feel secure to cheat in the game, and in the end instead of 100k banned players they will ban 200k, and most of those people will just buy new copies of the game, giving their money to Blizzard.
    Now, if you don’t think hard in the problem you will just say “Hmmm but who cares, they deserve to be banned”. True!! But when Blizzard let them hack for more than a year before banning them they allow those people to safely transfer their non legit items to a legit account, and when(if) they are banned they will just loose a few items of their bots. In the mean time legit players cannot play a decent game because Blizzard refuses to ban cheaters just because they want moar money.

    • Delaying ban is a standard thing in the industry, every game company does it from Valve to EA. This is not exclusive to Blizzard. There is many reason for this. From it is easier to manage, to require less man power. Main problem been it is impossible to have enough man power monitoring the player population.

  22. I don’t see how this qualifies for news, Flux. I mean sure, there’s that recent patch issue, but we all have heard these theories for years and years now.

  23. Many opinions like these have been flying around for years and in my opinion some are quite sound. I personally think that hacks and bots are not patched because Blizzard has written deals, permitting third party sites to offer dupped stuff, giving Blizzard in return a share of the profits. The other reasonable explanation would be that they have nor the time and people (the legacy team has been lame ever since the ‘Big Departures’) nor the will to make some amendements. this could be because of the will to ‘force’ people to play the ‘cheatproof’ Diablo 3.

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