That’s the allegation made in a lengthy post on Reddit, and echoed Jesse Powell, a guy who runs some Diablo 2 item sales sites. (And if you can’t trust anonymous guys on Reddit and gold farmers, who can you trust?)

    Follow the links for the whole story, but the allegation is that Diablo 2 duping methods have been reported to Blizzard and then not fixed for months or years, while item sales sites continue to deal out thousands of identical items. Furthermore, it’s alleged that a new duping method appeared in the last patch, and it’s a method that only works on the closed Battle.net realms; not in SP or on open B.net. The accusation in the posts is that some Blizzard employee(s), working in Blizzard anti-hack dept and/or on the Diablo 2 patch team, has intentionally allowed duping to continue, and perhaps even added new duping techniques to the game, thus to enrich himself and his associates at some item sales sites.

    It’s a hell of an accusation, especially to offer with virtually no corroborating evidence whatsoever. I know nothing about it personally, and have no real opinion to offer — just presenting the info for you guys to take it or leave it, since numerous people have mailed us about it today and it’s obviously become a topic of debate.

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