RPGReporter.com Opens & Torchlight 2 Interview

Some network news for you, I have kicked open the doors on RPGReporter.com this evening which is a new side project I am working on and covers RPG and MMO news from around the Intertubes. To get things started I have posted the full Torchlight 2 interview with Travis Baldree that Flux carried out a couple of weeks ago. The interview comes in audio format as well as a transcript.

I am also looking for a few folk to come help out on the site so if you are an avid follower of RPGs and want to get involved then check out this page. Drop over and give the site some love!


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  1. Links/article don’t work 🙁

  2. A Diablo Fansite that posts news from the game TL2.

    Can this stop?

    • why ?
      some of the people working on TL2 also worked on Diablo 1 and Diablo 2
      so its interesting to see what they’re doing now

      besides, this site has reported on Path of Exile, Grim Dawn and even that upcoming mmo, lineage eternal, or whatever it is, the one where you can draw the path of your skills on the screen 

      people here are interested in more than just one game
      especially when we have no idea when that one game will come out

      there are some days that if this site didn’t report on other games then there would be nothing to report at all

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