news-QOL-requests1We talk about Quality of Life changes all the time (and even get them, sometimes) and speculate about DLC features (and never get them), so today in clan chat the topic turned to what sort of QoL you’d pay for. Obviously the usual choices are more stash space and character slots, and a lot of you guys have previously approved paying “plat” for those options. (Hypothetically, of course, as we’re not playing in China.)

    But what else might be worth some coin to improve your gameplay experience? We’re debating this semi-humorously, so ruling out obvious Pay to Win options like “permanent quintuple my legendary drops/exp” buffs that players probably would pay for, but which would completely corrupt the community play experience.

    Which Quality of Life buffs would you pay real money for? (Vote all you wish.)

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    All that for 61%

    All that for 61%

    I had the thought this morning after suffering through another interminable, slow, low-monster-density ordeal in my least favorite Rift tileset (Act Five bone repository) and exiting it into my second least favorite tileset (Act Five burning city surface area). Muttering to myself, I said, “I’d pay to never see either of these maps again.” and then thought… wait, am I serious?

    I think I was.

    So I asked in clan chat and other suggestions came in, such as removing one particularly annoying monster type. I’m less sold on that one as a real player option, as those annoying ones are usually dangerous, and that would change the competitive balance. Then again, removing the slowest/least-dense Rift maps would also provide a competitive advantage, as every minute wasted in those terrible maps is a minute gaining more exp/items in a better map.

    Obviously this isn’t a real serious thing, but I’m curious to see what you guys most want added, or most want removed, from the game, to the point that you’d agree to hypothetical pay fake real money for it.

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