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news-QOL-requests1We talk about Quality of Life changes all the time (and even get them, sometimes) and speculate about DLC features (and never get them), so today in clan chat the topic turned to what sort of QoL you’d pay for. Obviously the usual choices are more stash space and character slots, and a lot of you guys have previously approved paying “plat” for those options. (Hypothetically, of course, as we’re not playing in China.)

But what else might be worth some coin to improve your gameplay experience? We’re debating this semi-humorously, so ruling out obvious Pay to Win options like “permanent quintuple my legendary drops/exp” buffs that players probably would pay for, but which would completely corrupt the community play experience.

Which Quality of Life buffs would you pay real money for? (Vote all you wish.)

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All that for 61%

All that for 61%

I had the thought this morning after suffering through another interminable, slow, low-monster-density ordeal in my least favorite Rift tileset (Act Five bone repository) and exiting it into my second least favorite tileset (Act Five burning city surface area). Muttering to myself, I said, “I’d pay to never see either of these maps again.” and then thought… wait, am I serious?

I think I was.

So I asked in clan chat and other suggestions came in, such as removing one particularly annoying monster type. I’m less sold on that one as a real player option, as those annoying ones are usually dangerous, and that would change the competitive balance. Then again, removing the slowest/least-dense Rift maps would also provide a competitive advantage, as every minute wasted in those terrible maps is a minute gaining more exp/items in a better map.

Obviously this isn’t a real serious thing, but I’m curious to see what you guys most want added, or most want removed, from the game, to the point that you’d agree to hypothetical pay fake real money for it.


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  1. I’d pay for an expansion. Replace shared stash with a per char private stash and give me a convenient way to transfer items between chars. Keep mats outside of stash. Option to never show grift popup. Alternative to blood shard gambling, like trade shards for treasure map/laundry list of monsters to kill. Upon completion you get specific item (like hellfire items but generalized).

    • I almost put "block the Grift popup" as an option, but thought that would be cruel (but funny!) with it such a new and obviously still in development feature.

      I hate it though. I've been telling people in clan chat I'm doing to kick Wyatt squa' in the nuts at Blizzcon if it's still unclosable and useless and annoying like now.

  2. Only cosmetic stuff. Everything else should come free.

  3. I certainly love stats. And who wouldn't want more stash?

    But I'd love bigger individual tabs; or just ONE gigantic tab, but with the ability to fluidly search it. Hell, while I'm at it, let's get crazy. Let me tag items, so I can find my "Thorns Crusader Set" when I feel like it.

    Also, might be nice to be able to view items by how long they've been untouched. Oh – I put this level 61 ring in here while I was leveling, and it's sat there for 2 months, I probably don't need that.

    Let's see… what else… I mean, I'm paying theoretical dollars for this…

    Oh, maybe, in addition to that search feature, a sort one as well? Order items by a particular stat, and/or break them into tabs based on slot (I'm picturing wowhead in particular as I think of this).

  4. More stash space.

    This is getting ridiculous.

    I watched the interview with Wyatt, and While I appreciate his 'protectiveness', with regards to not creating a 'pay-to-win' environment, the current stash space is nothing but, but a problem.

    I know, I open myself up to forum 'haters' who will now respond with, their prerequisite, "stop being a hoarder" comment. But, I don't care.

    I think developers are doing such a great job in every other department but, they're blind to how bad the stash situation is; I believe that's because they're not TRULY players in the same sense that everyone else is. In the end, they're a building, they call work, where they can go in a room, press a button, and play with any item.

    I think it's going to be difficult to ever get the message ac across to them, that THE biggest problem in diablo today could be fixed by selling space. And it would resolve in a way that benefits the player base and the franchise simultaneously. Especially if they come up with the 'right' price.

    The price, for new stash tabs, has to cover their costs and then some; they hvae to be able to make some profit here.

    Though it's harder for the HC player base to see this as THE issue(many HC players are just conditioned to letting go of great items) I'm sure many HC players would welcome the additional space.

    And, Wyatt … more stash tabs can't literally be used to kill monsters; or make achievements. (unless another insipid 'achievement' is created to mark the moment someone buys more stash tabs – which, lets face it, will most likely happen – lol)

    • They want you to compulsively destroy stuff that's not best-in-slot now so you'll have to farm it all up again later when it's reintroduced in a buffed form as part of a diluted loot pool.

  5. I might pay to resurrect my hardcore character. Or maybe pay to keep the equipment. Or pay to shift the char to softcore. Whichever works and is not seen as P2win.

    • While this might sound tempting, there are IMO several problems:
      -resurecting hardcore character just breaks the HC contract. With purchasable resurection you just end up with character that looks HC to others but you are playing it SC.
      -a HC character without equipment is just several hours (or less if you taxi) you spent on going to level 70. Letting you keep the equipment means the only penalty you are suffering is the requirement to level your character again, which is much less the leveling up + finding the gear
      -shift to SC looks best of them, though I there might be pathological situations, where you kill a Level 1 HC character to transfer items from HC to SC.

  6. \I’d pay for an expansion. Replace shared stash with a per char private stash and give me a convenient way to transfer items between chars. Keep mats outside of stash. Option to never show grift popup. Alternative to blood shard gambling, like trade shards for treasure map/laundry list of monsters to kill. Upon completion you get specific item (like hellfire items but generalized).\
    – moremoo4me

    OR a Seperate tab in the stash (consoles desperately need more stash, and the following idea) for each independent character that isn’t connected to the shared stash. Problem would be HC and loosing that stash with a HC death. So maybe a stash devoted to the character you’re playing with an option to say \he died in the blah blah blah, so blah\ and grey out the stash until you incorporate into the man stash.

  7. Flux has a talent of never clearly formulating the choice I want to make 😉

  8. I'm not much into DLC. I'd pay for an expansion though. However I don't want QoL things in an xpac. I'd want things like:

    — real build diversity (not just sets)
    — challenging game play in more than just high level GRs
    — revisiting all existing skills/spells for balance/effectiveness

    Yeah I know…don't wait for it.

  9. I'm continually baffled by the lack of an in-town training dummy when such things have been standard issue in other games for so long. They have a bizarre fetish for hiding game numbers behind abstracted BS ("recovery" "toughness") for nor eason. Just let me stab something generic with different gear setups to get a simple baseline, please.

  10. i would pay for an expansion too.
    and I would definitely pay for an anniversary revival edition of Diablo (+ Hellfire) and Diablo II (+ LoD) with the updated D3/RoS design.

    take my money!

  11. I voted for stash space, but I don't think we should pay for it. I would actually love to see IAP, but only for cosmetic stuff (exclusive transmogs, exclusive dyes, etc). I wouldn't mind seeing stash space or other QoL improvements exclusive to an expansion tho.

    Stash space is the worst problem in the game, by far, because Diablo 3 a is a game about loot, but more than that it is a game about experimentation. And Blizzard is sending two completely contradictory messages here. Officially: "Experiment! Show us your cool builds!". Unofficially: "We're going to make it as hard as possible for you to experiment! Especially if want to play more than one class!"

    And of course the problem is compounded by every new leg/set being added to the game. "Look at all this cool stuff!" vs. "What heart breaking decision will you have to make next?!".

    I'm not hating. I'm a 43yo gamer and D3 is by far my favorite game of all times (and I've played a lot of games). Every time I play it though, the feeling of frustration grows a little bit. Blizzard has this gem of a game that they took from ok to great to amazing. But it weirdly refuses to shake itself off those weird legacy gimmicks. Why in the world are we still dealing with tetris style inventory? Sigh.

  12. More character slots is what I'm looking for. I play on the seasons, but also sometimes I play with others. And I would like to keep those characters to play again when they are there, but with the limited number of characters, I need to delete them to make space for a new seasonal…

    Also something that would be a great addition, though I don't think I would pay for it, is to specify for who you're crafting an item. For instance, if I need a sword for Kormac when playing a wizard, deamon hunter or witch doctor myself, I want the primary stat to be strength, not intellegence or dexterity… Now I need to switch to a strength based character, craft the weapon, switch back and put the item on the henchman.

    More stash space should be nice, but for me the stash is still big enough. But I haven't played the item-end-game too much, so I don't have that many set-parts. Also I play a lot of hardcore and loose characters on a regular basis, so I loose legendaries as well. But one tab that isn't shared should solve the stash-space-problem at least for the softcore players. (Or 'mail' the contents of that tab on death of a hardcore character, allowing to recover at least those items.)

  13. cosmetic skill individualizations, only. As this comes from a roleplaying point of view, this would be based on imagined differences to other characters of the same class. (Perhaps even with background roughly layed out.) For example, a Witch Doctor may be out of a secluded region, where they are summoning actual Zombie Wolves instead of the usual Zombie Dogs.

    As this would work best with a extensive preselection made, though would pose too much work and too much player fantasies to just be worked up by Blizz up front. Thus I'd like the player being able to "order" the skill cosmetic variations he wants at a higher price (, e.g. 25€). After Blizz then finished working on the skills cosmetics, it replaces the original skill on the character it was ordered and payed for.

    Additionally, other players can now buy the same skill cosmetics for their respective characters at a low price. (Two to three Euro, for example.) Each time it is bought, though, the player originally ordering his fantasy of a particular skill gets a part of the sale as refund onto his bnet account (, 0,50€-1€, or something like that). Up to zeroing out on his own cost, essentially getting the customization for free for just imagining it. (Unpopular skill customizations would keep being quite pricey, though…)

    Just my 2 cents …


    PS: Sorry 'bout my english at the moment. Am a bit drowsy and therefore rooted in my mother tongue too much.

  14. I’ll would happily pay for pets that pick up crafting mats, gems, and the like. Very cool would be pets that you can tell to pick up for example blue items and bring them to haedric.

  15. Neither. I’d pay only for an Expansion, with enough content of course.

  16. I'd pay to unlock more Enchantress abilities. Like 1) Reset an item to its unenchanted state, or 2) Convert one type of main stat/elemental dmg/skill dmg to another of equal value independent of its enchanted state. That last one would save me a lot of stash space on its own. I'd also pay for an option that let me re-target which class I was getting Smart Drops for. Of course, it would also be awesome to get all that for free 😀

  17. I'd pay to be able to generate whatever item I wanted. I'm getting tired of the grind with being able to have access to new items in seasons. I want to just equip whatever the hell I want, and play that. That's all, let me generate the items and play already, **** this RNG bullshit already

  18. I'd pay for modding support, so PK or whatever they are now would have a better game out next week. Seriously, the instant DLC for convenience comes in the game suddenly starts becoming very inconvenient for obvious reasons. You can get something like 50 terabytes of hard drive space for 1,000 USD without a corporate discount, we aren't buying that data storage is the limiting factor on expanding stash sizes.

  19. probably have been said but …. removing monster type or certain map is sooooo pay to win …i dont want that @@

  20. I would pay for an auction house. oh I would pay a fortune.

  21. Maybe you should receive a stash tab for reaching level 70 with a class? This would basically give you a tab for every class without making the stash to complicated?

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