Rolling restart on Servers.

Blizzard is doing a rolling restart on Diablo III Servers and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what they will be fixing. I bet my left kidney that they will fix the Wizard God Mode exploit.

We will be performing emergency rolling restarts for #D3 now to resolve an issue impacting the game. We apologize for the short notice.

We are currently rolling out a hotfix for a recent bug regarding invulnerable Wizards. We will continue to carefully monitor this issue and welcome anyone with information about bugs or hacks to submit a detailed report to our Hacks Team by emailing [email protected], or by completing the Hacks Report web form. In your correspondence, please include any steps necessary to replicate the issue as well as any additional details you are able to provide.

Update: Guess I will be one kidney short as the Wizard Godmode exploit still works at least in Americas region.

Update 2: Guess I will be keeping my kidney now. The exploit is fixed.

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    56 thoughts on “Rolling restart on Servers.

    1. Just like the gold/ah dupe and other many “exploits” (which should really be called examples of shitty programming), the damage is already done.

      I, like many others during beta, predicted this game would have so many exploits and lack of depth but then all the mouth breathing fanboys (I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them were blizzard hired sock puppets) drowned out the voice of reason. Enjoy your $60 auction house simulator, spam bots and exploit laden game, you all deserve it.

      • I wish i could be intelligent like you good sir when i grow up. Slim chances though because i am mentally disabled fanboy who enjoys the game! All the best to you though!

      • Thanks for your insight Coolhwip.

        I’m still yet to see one of these crying haters actually have a point.

        Whilst you’re here, please explain to the class how Blizzard should prevent such exploits in future?

        Otherwise, go away and play something that is awesome and bug free .. oh wait, there are no games in history that are bug free.. GG!


        • Otherwise, go away and play something that is awesome and bug free .. oh wait, there are no games in history that are bug free.. GG!

          But there are games that are awesome.

          • Very true Risingred, Diablo 3 is one of those :D.
            Plus, Skyrim, buggy as hell upon release, didn’t for 1 second mean it was any less awesome.

            Video games, no matter how tried and tested, can have bugs for different people. Every game that comes out now has bugs, and they simply CANNOT stop each bug. So most people just need to relax me thinks.

        • Seeing as this exploit went undetected for over a month, I’m waiting to see how long it takes them to catch the monk one (hint: similar as the wizard one in effect and technique). Anyone want to start a pool?

          A group of us ex beta testers still keeps in touch and silently watch these series of debacles. At first we were sad and disappointed because our feedback went largely ignored (at least 70% of the bugs we’d report made it to release anyways). Now we just laugh about all of it and take advantage of things before they become public.

    2. You expect the game to be 100% safe and bugg/exploit free? What world do you live in? No game is perfect at launch or even after years of patching. An this idiotic Auction House Simulator b**lsh*t give it up. Real money trading is nothing new for the series even gold for item trading is something that dates back to the first game its all the same as back then exept now we got a system in-game for it as well.

      And if someone god forbid happens to agree with something Blizzard done for the Game you are all of a sudden a fanboy and or payed by them to write it , give me a break.

      • no you are not. you are typing here. or does ‘it’ mean ‘bot’?
        anywho, “will be done aprox 4:30am” which is not yet according to my clock.

    3. bowzer is so cool been abusing this exploit to farm, and u still get shit drops it conrimed my absence from the game.. clearing all act 4 gettin all shit with good mf gear fuck that

        • how do you look into an english class? or do you mean: You should find information about an English course and consider to enroll, since your use of the before mentioned language is not perfect. ?

          • His grammar was fine. It’s obvious you’re not a native speaker, so you shouldn’t insinuate that you have the level of proficiency to understand the nuances of a language.

            Or, in simpler terms, language is more than grammar.

            • 1. did i say anything about grammar?
              2. my sentence is just fine, ‘obvious’ is obviously an exaggeration
              3. how do you know i am not a native speaker?
              4. it’s the internet man. my initial reply was just an (maybe too) elaborate way of saying: let Wizz type how he/she wants. ever heard of freedom of speech? evolution of language? respect? values? fun? if not, come and visit me in Amsterdam, and I’ll teach you some things… or if u want, i can also teach you some french, german or dutch. for a fee ofcourse πŸ™‚ looking into my class is quite expensive πŸ˜‰

              edit: replaced enrolling with looking

            • You “sniped” his grammar. You are the one that began this entire ordeal.
              You are obviously not an native English speaker. It’s like smelling booze on the breath of a bum. There’s nothing wrong with that. There is something wrong with questioning hundreds of years of linguistics baked culturally and socially into a language of which you are not a native speaker.

              /nerd rant

            • You guys are seriously b!tching about grammar when there is an immortal class in D3 that can load up on completely crap gear with huge mf and literally walk through to Act IV where the drop rates for ilvl 63 items are the highest; and farm the living bejesus out of it for hours on end making a mint on the AH that can be stored up and spent after the exploit is patched?

              If the game wasn’t broken before, it is now.

    4. Yeah they are performing restarts of servers to fix the god mode bug haha… I laugh at all you who used it!

      • It’s been around longer than a month.
        I was hoping it’d last until PVP was released, but alas.

    5. doggyfish “I guess you just need to look up how server farm works. Pretty straight forward. What blizzard is doing is equivalent to restarting a cloud service.”

      which is a reply to who/what?

    6. Here is what happened at Blizzard during a business meeting.

      Blizz: We made this fun and awesome game called Diablo 3, lets sell it and make a bunch of money!
      Activision: What about the issues, like black market item selling?
      Blizz: Hmmm.. that is a problem.
      Smartass Financial Analyst: How about we take over the market by having AH, and we can use it as extra revenue stream.
      Blizz: I don’t know, might interfere with gameplay and…
      Activision: Great idea, lets do this!

      I know this is what happened because I am that guy at work. Now you have washed down product that caters to the masses. Don’t get me wrong, I still love this game, but something about it just rub me the wrong way.

      • Ahahaha, fanboy. If you think Blizzard has no finger in this (and no, you’re not at Blizzard) then you need to grow up.

    7. Confirmed – wiz invulnerable bug still active. Friend just boosted several people straight through inferno diablo kill.

    8. Why are the comments on this fansite always occupied by an assortment of nerds bloodthirsty for confrontation?

    9. This god mode is working way too good to be a real bug. I wouldn’t be surprise that some programmer had a nice idea how to make few extra bucks..

    10. If this Wizard God Mode has been available and exploited for a long time, then it’s quite an epic fail from Blizzard.

      • It is also an epic fail for those aware of it. I mean, don’t you find it odd that the first people to finish hardcore inferno were Barbarians less than a month ago?

        • It would be obvious when a poorly dressed wizz finishes hardcore inferno, and why even bother with hardcore, the RMAH is on softcore … $$$cashhhh$$$

        • I reported it. I reported it to the email they give us to report these things, and this was a while back.

          Know what the response is from Blizzard? Nothing. No thank you, just some shitty automated reply, nothing about if they’re aware of, if they’re looking into it, nothing. So why should I?

          Why should I volunteer my time to do their job?

    11. My dog says: on line mode corrects these RARE problems within 24 hours.

      In off line mode you swallow it without any fixes.

      Mmm, I wonder why we live in 2012 with the internet around us …and people still want their cracked versions.


      • My parrot says : When a company starts to consider that his customers are hackers, well, for sure it misses something important.

        And about fixing problems within 24 hours, I still wait for a fix with repetitive cinematics when you redo quests… Oh wait, it is not connected to the wellfare of the RMAH, sorry then.

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