Robert Bridenbecker Interview on the RMAH

There’s still some BlizzCon stuff appearing and we must have missed this one when it was posted (slaps wrists), although it was posted by Azzure on Diablo3Markets a couple of days ago. So in case you missed it, this is press interview with Robert Bridenbecker, Vice President of Online Technologies at Blizzard, discusses the RMAH.

Thanks Livio for the reminder.

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18 thoughts on “Robert Bridenbecker Interview on the RMAH

  1. Let’s caption the mid-movie still…
    “you put the money on the table and we sliiiiide a small chunk of the pile to us every time…”

  2. And that’s the good part of it FluffyTheFluffer of fluffland! You won’t even have to think about it, it’s all automatically deducted. And then you only have to sell 10-15 tupperware to 4-5 of your friends every month. It’s brilliant! People do heroin anyway– So let’s just make everyone a farmer!

  3. This is very likely the future of gaming, there are plenty of game companies who are watching this, and waiting to see if it succeeds…. like it or not.
    My best advice for people who want to see this die would be to not participate in it, and convince your friends to do the same.
    Other than that, it’s nice to see a logical (and calm) conversation taking place, and I am looking forward to using the auction house to make a dollar here and there.

  4. Yeah Everybody is looking forward to selling items on the RMAH, but does anybody plan on buying? I doubt it.
    Besides this video could use subtitles all the way.

    • Considering the amount I am working these days, if a super weapon of awesomeness is eternally out of reach, and there is one of them selling for 4 – 5 bucks on the AH, then hells yes I will pick one up. Why 4 or 5 dollars is acceptable for me, and 6 isn’t … is just an internal compass I guess, heh.

  5. This system of locking a player to his local RMAH had in it’s conception  a potential ban for non-local farmers but one thing makes me wonder..
    Let’s suppose I play from China, due to this information given I can play on any server I want like EU or US but I’m locked to RMAH in Asia, right? What would stop me to hire someone from EU or US, play&farm on his server, then transfer all the virtual goods to him just for the purpose of selling it by him on EU or US RMAH? This seems easy to perform, actualy there are some companies that already work this way with WOW stuff.. Has this regional system a fault in it’s conception or am I missing something?

    • I think characters will be region locked as well.  While you may be able to play in multiple regions; once started, a character won’t be able to play in any region but the one it was created in.  If you want to play in other regions you’ll need to start new characters in that region.

    • I second wat mblazen said. Since our character info is stored on the server instead of on our own computers, it makes sense that u can only access ur character if u go on that particular server. I doubt u can send item across servers either.

  6. Regional AH seems like a big time hiccup in all this. What’s the purpose of having an AH in the first place? To sell items. What items sell? Good items. Where do you get good items? From insane amount of time spent farming. How do you get huge piles of good items? Having huge piles of players farming. And that’s where the AH crumbles. Dividing it into regions means the bulk of the D3 communities farming isn’t available for purchase, only a % of it. So while 100,000 SoJs might drop in a day for D3s 2 million players, only about 25,000 will be available in any single region. This is compunded by the nature of the regions. Asian regions are more interested in selling than buying, and NA is more interested in buying than selling. (Though everyone says they want to sell, hah hah, the numbers say otherwise you little fibbers.)

    • Yeah I have to side with kaknoos, we don’t have any numbers right now. I would imagine, given blizzard’s track record, that they are going to do their best not to f##k this up.

    • u miss out on the supply and demand side. Sure the availability of an item on any given server is only a portion of what it is if u count all the server, but the community is also only a portion of the total players. I know nothing cant be to ideal, but say if a server has 25% of the population, then SoJ will drop 25% of the total drop across all server, and supplying to 25% of the total players…… so in the end it works out? If asian server has huge community, then the huge community will do more farming and get more SoJ compared to other server, but theres a huge demand for it from the huge community……….. etc.

  7. What about Aus/NZ players, what AH will we end up using? I like how i can play anywhere though, looks like i’ll just buy from blizzard store for US copy & save myself a ton on our ridiculous retail prices.

    • We will be using the SEA servers by default but can play on the US servers if we wish.  You won’t need to have 2 clients like StarCraft.  The AH is which ever region you nominate.  I think it will take the information from your blizzard account.

    • If you buy the US version, then i assume u cant get into SEA, just like i know ppl who buys european SC2 to get into EU server….. I did check out the amazon for the CE version, and the price, after u add in shipping ( i cant seem to find the exact price for shipping unless i really to order one), is not too much of a diff in the end. Also, u would be sitting here waiting for like 2 weeks while everyone around u are clicking away. 😛

  8. what a load of crap he says. Of course they can control the market, and hence their income by i.e adjusting the values or the ramdomness of items, which you as a playerm would never suspect. I am gonna avoid this gambling auction house alltogether, and only trade item for item/quid pro quo in the classical d2 style.

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