Robert B. Marks [better known as Garwulf, of Garwulf’s Corner fame] has reacted with an ireful-vibe in his blog after he found out that Diablo: Demonsbane, the first Diablo eBook (2000) was uploaded into a pirate bay website.

    I totally understand and support his comments toward those who use this means to read Diablo or any other Blizzard novels. The novels are affordable in comparison to what you pay for to go to the movies, a concert or Theater ticket. I bet a few hours reading one of these awesome books will be even more worthwhile and enjoying than the other entertainment alternatives. Bigger bang for your buck.

    I remember when I was a volunteer staff over at Diablofans, there was this guy who posted a link in that forum to a zip file that contained screenshots of entire Diablo books, and some PDF conversions. I have to admit I had the temptation and downloaded them. Probably read a few pages of one of the stories, but you know — I didn’t feel better about having all of these books. And I don’t think I even finished reading that book among the other files.

    I am not really into piracy, and don’t support it. Sounds a bit like hypocrisy, having downloaded it. Maybe many of you don’t support piracy and you are right. Maybe many of you do download piracy stuff, but you don’t need to keep doing so. All it takes is willpower.

    I am not rich, I am like any other person out there in the streets who doesn’t reach 20,000 a year, sometimes barely half of that. Around last year, I purchased a legit copy of the Adobe Suite worth $1,200+. It was a goal I set, and took me a while to earn it. I use the Photoshop software often for the fansites, or Adobe Premiere Pro for personal stuff like my sister’s wedding, or for World of Warcraft gameplay video editing.

    I feel like I did the right thing. It’s my legit copy. I sweat it. I feel fulfilled, and satisfied. I can say the same with Blizzard novels. I love to read every single piece of Blizzard writings [i.e. Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft] published by Pocket Books, Tokyopop or Wildstorm. Whether it is shipped to me by them as review copies, or purchased by me.

    I support both the writer and the publisher, and Blizzard when I review or post news about these novels, manga or comic books. I get them free. However, even when they are sent free to me physically, I have spent out of my pocket to purchase the eBook versions too for easy search of keywords. I have all the Starcraft novels in legit eBook format. I purchased most of the StarCraft: Frontline manga from a nearby Barnes & Noble. The StarCraft: I, Mengsk.

    Remember those Diablo books I downloaded from that forum? I rectified. Didn’t read them. I went ahead and purchased the Diablo Archive and read the legit thing. I am not a millionaire, but reading Blizzard games-based literature is a passion of mine. It’s worth to pay for that joy and entertainment. When you watch free movies on the TV, they aren’t really free. It’s costing you money. You are paying for the electric bill. Do yourself a favor. Go online and purchase some Diablo eBooks or paperback. The Diablo Archive is a good start. It contains the printed version of Diablo: Demonsbane and several older Diablo novels. You won’t just enjoy the reading. You will feel you have done the right thing supporting these writers, publishers and Blizzard’s Creative Team to motivate them to expand the lore and to create new adventures.

    Diablo III contains a lot of lore taken straight from these novels. Once you read the books, and step into Sanctuary you will recognize a lot of that lore you read. You will recognize characters that didn’t exist in previous Diablo games, only in the books. That’s very satisfying to see continuity from the novels flow into the game, and out of the game into the novels.

    That cinematic scene of the Ruins of Ureh are from the pages of Richard A. Knaak’s Diablo: The Kingdom of Shadow. Only those who read that book, screamed outloud in joy when they recognized what it was when Blizzard unveiled the cinematic at the 2008 Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals in Paris. Reading is exciting. However, seeing those stories come to life in-game is exciting, and immersing. Support the eBooks and Books. Pay the cover price.

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