Rob Pardo Shows Support for Jay Wilson

rob pardoWhen the news that Jay Wilson would be leaving Diablo 3 and moving onto pastures new at Blizzard, some of the community expressed their joy a Jay’s departure from the position. Rob Pardo had been following the community feedback closely and was saddened by some of the comments which has prompted him to come to the defence of Jay.

Rob goes as far as stating the buck should stop with him and he was “ultimately responsible” for the game that shipped.

This thread saddens me greatly. I know that the forums have earned a reputation for rough justice, but I do not believe justice is being served by how people are speaking about Jay’s departure from Diablo III.

I am very proud of the Diablo franchise and what the team was able to accomplish with Diablo III. As a gamer I have enjoyed the game and played for many, many nights with friends and family. I’m not, however, going to use that as an excuse. The Diablo community deserves an even better game from Blizzard and we are committed to improving it. We have a talented team in place and have no intention of stopping work on Diablo III until it is the best game in the franchise.

I’m the only person in this thread who has actually worked with Jay. I hired Jay to head up the Diablo project and had the pleasure of getting to work with him, both in building the team and designing the game. He has great design instincts and has added so much to the franchise with his feel for visceral combat, boss battles, and an unparalleled knack for making it fun to smash bad guys. I’ve worked with many, many designers at Blizzard and Jay is one of the best. He has a great career at Blizzard ahead of him and I guarantee that you will enjoy Jay’s game designs in future Blizzard games.

If you love Diablo as much as we do, then please continue to let us know how you feel we can improve the game. If you still feel the need to dish out blame, then I would prefer you direct it at me. I was the executive producer on the project; I hired Jay and I gave him advice and direction throughout the development process. I was ultimately responsible for the game we released and take full responsibility for the quality of the result.

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104 thoughts on “Rob Pardo Shows Support for Jay Wilson

  1. Well if he wants the blame then I have plenty left to give to him. May 15th is the day the Diablo franchise died. The latest PR with the game shows just how poorly the situation surrounding it is. And I had a huge lol at “let us know how we can improve the game” – people have been in thousands of threads since launch and you just now decide to show up. Not to mention tons of those threads were locked if they didn’t agree with “design philosophy.”

    The trainwreck continues and it looks like we aren’t running out of track anytime soon.

    • @blujays

      ..and then, you have people like you.
      Referring to the game as a train wreck .. and the Diablo franchise died on May 15th .. wtf? How so?
      The game is f**ken brilliant, the bickering about the game is now at ridiculous levels, and completely unjust. It’s just whining with little depth. How many other games get regular patches like we have got so far?
      The game just keeps getting better, and will continue to do so (not solely because of whining) but because they want to improve upon what we already have.

      Let me add to that, fans/players constructively suggesting ideas is great for both the game and the community. Bitching about Jay or referring to the game as broken is not.

      Jay Wilson, a guy who helps oversee a project is seen as the face and then kicked in the balls on a daily basis by you jackasses. He didn’t remove attribute points, he didn’t make RNG the way it is, he didn’t (insert some other stupid complaint).

      An example of constant criticism.. The decision to remove the skill tree as it was in Diablo 2 is easily the best decision the whole team could have made. It opens the doors for more casuals and therefore more sales, which was a brilliant move.

      If they left the same “broken” skill tree from Diablo 2 .. some people would get to level 42, and go wow, my character sucks I can’t even use him and stop playing. Hardcores would relish this idea, but let’s face it, it isn’t practical in 2012/2013. Diablo 3 would have no sales and Diablo 4 wouldn’t be a possibility. As it stands, Diablo 3 was a huge financial success that Diablo 4 and expansion(s) for D3 are a given.

      I have never put so many hours in a videogame over such a short period in my life .. and I’m scared to think of how much more will be put in in the months/years to come. 😀

      • “I have never put so many hours in a videogame over such a short period in my life .. and I’m scared to think of how much more will be put in in the months/years to come. :D”

        You must be young… :p

        There were actually a few games out there where I put more hours in a shorter time into the game than D3 apart from it#s predecessors. But granted, they are mostly old-timers: Secret Of The Silver Blades (on Amiga), Civilization (Amiga), Ambermoon (Amiga), Elite (Amiga), Nethack (Dos), Heroes of Might and Magic 2 (Win95), *cough* Pokemon Blue (Gameboy) *cough*, Albion (Win98), FIFA Football Manager 06 (Win2k), X: Beyond The Frontier (maybe on Win98, maybe on 2k … dunno atm), DeusEx (2k), TitanQuest (2k) … … ok, since I’m using XP it’s the first game with such an amount of time spent in such short a period. On the time spent in it, Dwarf Fortress, The Movies, The Guild 2, X3:Reunion, X3:Terran Conflict, Galactic Civilizations 2 and The Sims 3 could easily hold up with the time sunk into D3, but it took a longer period for each of them. And none of the above are even in a league compared to D2.

        In my opinion, the only thing which is brilliant in D3, is the engine itself. Artwork and Sound effects are great and far above standard. Graphic effects are a bit too overblown and thus diminished to just being good. The rest of the game is plain mediocre and soulless. But that’s just my opinion.

        • Albion, the RPG on an alien planet with Tom Driscoll etc? Man I love that game. Also it’s actually a DOS game, having been released a little before Win95.

        • I’m “old” and agree with him. Because I played Diablo 2 so much I realise there are also tons of flows which are either fixed or improved in D3. Is it perfect? No but its much better imo.

      • amen brother !
        you are so right !

        For me there is nothing broken and the game feels just fine.(maybe a few tweaks here and there)

        If they scrap pvp now the whole raging idiots are gone and all you have left is a great D3 community.Those pvp fagots ruin it all !!!!!!!

      • You’re so wrong. Diablo 3 is a shame of a game. That’s what it is. And being a best-seller doesn’t mean it’s a brilliant game as you put it. Go on, fool yourself. D III will never have the depth or level of addiction D II had. End of.

        • > You’re so wrong. Diablo 3 is a shame of a game. That’s what it is.

          The ignorance in the comments section always astounds me. How is it so hard to understand that different people have different opinions. No, your opinion is not the one and only truth. Some people enjoy Diablo, some don’t, big fucking deal.

          • If you would have posted your comment to somedude I would have understood it and agreed. As it is now, I’m a bit dumbstruck and can just say that I’m in total agreement with indy’s opinion here.

      • Congrats that it is brilliant to you. For the very vocal MAJORITY it is not a good game int he slightest and will always be a massive stain on the franchise. How many games get tons of patches? Lots and much quicker too. PoE for example had a fully functional arena PvP months before Diablo 3, along with having better crafting, better items, and a better skill system, and more randomization in its environment.

        Not to mention the Diablo 3 patches are simply playing catch up to Diablo 2, pretty much every feature they’ve added post-launch should have been there day one. For example PvP, DIABLO ONE had that day one at launch.

        “Whining with little depth.” Actually we are whining about how the game has no depth. It has about as much depth as gauntlet series. And possibly a worse UI.

        And honestly, the game was broken on May 15th and after 8 months of patching is only slightly better. What game on earth hides the items you need to beat act 2 hidden in acts 3/4. How does that make sense to any logical person? And that’s just one example.

        As for the expansions? Oh you mean all the features that were cut from the original game to sell later? Talisman, mystic, followers had more skills/could equip more, enchanting, nephalem cube, the cauldron. Yep can’t wait for those “new” features to be announced for the expansion. Oh and the PvP fiasco, I would bet money on the fact they will suddenly “fix” the arena PvP right before the expansion to try and draw back more players. Because that’s the Blizzard of today, Greedy anti-consumers.

        It’s your opinion so bravo that you enjoy the game and the direction the series took. But that’s the thing about opinions…they can be different. For me and MANY others this game ruined the franchise for good and nothing short of a complete overhaul would bring us back. Ask yourself what other “successful” games have had such incredibly negative PR and have needed the game director, president of the company, and now the creative director of blizzard to come do damage control. Not many.

        Blizz got the sales based off of D2. Knowing what we know now (since they hid everything in the beta after lvl.13/skeleton king to “protect the story” I doubt they would have even got a 1/10th of those sales.

        • “For the very vocal MAJORITY it is not a good game in the slightest and will always be a massive stain on the franchise.”

          This is a perfect example. Just because a few people like to spend their freetime on a forum of a game (that they claim is horrible and not worth their time no-less) and spew non-stop negative commentary; they do not represent a “Majority” of players, nor do their opinions equate to facts. (i.e. this “massive stain”)

          Everyone else is either playing D3 or doing something else in life. How is it so hard to understand this; If you don’t like it, MOVE ON. You should ask a psychologist why you have this compulsion to continue to be here even though you claim to hate it. So you don’t agree with Jay’s work, ok, but enough already. Why is that enough to personally hate someone!? It’s a game! 🙂 Life is too short to waste it being so angry and hateful about something so miniscule.

          • People have moved on, but opinions remain as well as the anger. If diablo3 was ever a good game then it wouldn’t be getting this flood of negative comments. Here’s what wont ever change and will keep d3 absolute shit- cain will always die to a butterfly, the bad guys will always tell us their plans, the gameplay will always have that linear pathing style, the voice actors and storytelling methods will stay the same. The atmosphere will still be a colorful pastel cartoon. Everything aside from the gameplay will stay the same and it’s already done the damage, always online requirement, lag. The list goes on, there is no pulling this game from the ashes. You can go ahead an tell everyone how you enjoy those things, but it’s supposed to be a sequel in the diablo franchise.

        • lol, bad PR? Other than the bad server situation on the launch day and Jay’s departure in recent days, I haven’t heard any real big bad news about this game without going into niche forums like this one. A game, which has garnered mostly positive reviews from the press. Sure, it may lay low 8 months after release and not be at the top of the news lists but that’s hardly a flaw, is it?

          Which leaves a whiny group of people that keep complaining no matter what happens on forums and fan sites – hardly PR.

          Don’t like the game, fine, but don’t make it out to be such a complete disaster, which it totally is not. It’s a great game that had design changes shocking to some people, and that will always be a case with major franchises introducing changes.

          For all your whining, I haven’t seen you make a single suggestion, just like the majority of the complainers.

          How do you even know that the stuff that got cut out was any good? I guess if they gave you the so-desired mystic and stuck the Staff of Herding recipe with her, you’d be praising the fact (roll-eye).

          I find plenty of stuff bad about the game, but taking a broad view, it is a fun game that keeps growing and I sure as hell will support it with many other people.

    • His ownership of the situation is appropriate.

      Despite being presented to the public as “blizzard old-school”, he wasn’t even hired until after Diablo and Starcraft had shipped, and had a minimal role in the early development of WoW. And, of course, like everyone else in Irvine, he was hundreds of miles away and had almost nothing to do with any design or implementation aspect of D2/LoD.

      D3 is a massive monument to the yes-man culture that modern Blizzard has become, and no one personifies that better.

  2. Why don’t we blame people like you, bluejays, for continuosly filling forums with whining and claims of “wisdom” about the game. This new thinking from gamers annoys me. You think you are so “entitled” to everything. Obviously Diablo 3 isn’t good enough for the “all wise” you, so move on. Find something else. Why is there such a need from you to ramble on and spew constant negativity.

    I, for one, have been around long enough to realize that with most games, you don’t get this type of drive for improvements. But people don’t get that anymore. Oh well. I love this game, even though it is different (Oh no! 😉 ) from D1, D2, and D2 LOD!

    Kudos to Rob for standing up for Jay. Diablo is just a game. People that worked on the game, regardless of personal opinion of game philosophy, are still people; and deserve respect for their efforts.

    • Yep “f that loser” – they had tons of respect for others. “Oh those legendaries are just placeholders” – lying to the fans right before release. The pony level a direct slap in the face to those who questioned the art style/wanted a cow level. The “we know what’s fun” attitude and constantly dismissing fans. Yep they sure respected us lol Sorry I have higher expectations for my $ as a consumer.

      • So go spend your money elsewhere. That’s kinda the point of being a consumer. Making drama about minor things that don’t go your way (yeah. video games are minor) solves nothing, except making you look… silly is a good word. Yes. You are a silly person.

        • You’re right: Video games, in general, are a minor subject. Diablo on the other hand is a part of what made me who i am today and is thus as far from a minor subject as it can be. Even if it would have been for free, the released D3 still felt like a knive cutting right into my soul. And souls take time to heal.

          So don’t take what’s minor to you and assume it’s the same for everyone around (and they’re silly if they don’t see it the same), please.

          • “Diablo on the other hand is a part of what made me who i am today”

            That….that is really sad.

            Please get out more.

          • May it be sad as it is. Although at that time I was working and had a fulfilling social life (P&P-RPG-group, playing in a band, working out in the gym, frequent visits of our local metal clubs drinking hole, frequent visits of discos and/or concerts, politically active, simply hanging around with my friends, …). But I have to admit that I cannot recommend having only 3 to 4 hours of sleep the night over long periods of time…

          • @silverfang I’m sorry- but that comment is so pathetic that you should SERIOUSLY consider psychological help. Also, if that statement is true- than you are so lifeless that you technically DON’T have a soul and therefore there is nothing to heal.

            How can someone who says something so irrational be a person who can even remotely think their opinion is sound enough to be listened to on any serious level?

          • ok? so D2 was my favourite game and I love D3, I think it’s a great game and can’t wait to see what else it brings. No hurt soul here, I guess I lucked out???

          • @ Facepalming: So what are you saying? That I should lie about what was to gain more street cred? From my point of view doing so would discredit any opinion far more. I prefere keeping true to myself – in the good as the bad.

            Also you sound as if people are rational beings. And if you really believe that, than I have to tell you: That’s as far away from the truth as you can get. People are only born with the possibility of gaining rationality. To reach thet you have to know yourself; the parts of your past that formed out the personality that you have. Be it from an action of another, forcing a reaction in oneself that builds out and/or roots a certain viewpoint to become a driving force for actions and reactions later in life. Only then you get to the point of choosing how to react and what you want yourself to be. To know thyself needs reflection upon oneself. And as sad at it may sound: I just hadn’t learned the toolset of reflection at the time D2 came out, as no one cared to teach me how. (As I know now, my mother still doesn’t know how to reflect, neither upon herself or the doings and workings around here.) Learning it came later. And yes, D2 played a big part there, too.

            Again the question of what should I do: Should I deny myself by lying about my past just to sell myself to the eyes of another to gain his respect? That’s not really my style…

          • Overstepped a thought:

            “Be it from an action of another, forcing a reaction in oneself that builds out and/or roots a certain viewpoint to become a driving force for actions and reactions later in life” … , or be it a consequence of one his own decisions.

        • Know what else is silly? Being scammed and taking it with a smile. This product was a huge failure for myself and many others. Sorry we feel like letting our displeasure be known so Blizz & other companies know not to let greed get in the way of gameplay. And for me this isn’t just a video game, it was my favorite franchise and I was passionate about it. And now the current team at Blizz killed it and I won’t let them forget it.

          • Yes, yes, let’s all spread hate!!! :-/

            Comments like these makes wonde about the futur of humanity…

            Oh, and personally, Blizz make D3 a TRUE videogame, fun to the limit, very different from that masochist thing that “hardcore” nostalgic whiners seems to love in D2 for some aspect one cannot fathom…

          • Blizzard employees are banned from reading sites like this. I’m sure some do, but most don’t.

            You aren’t doing anything to “remind them” of anything here. You’re just feeding off of others who waste energy being mad and miserable over a game.

          • That’s not the case Darkmere. They were forbidden from mentioning or acknowledging the site publicly.

    • Nope, we don’t. Anything is possible at Blizzard, apparently.

      Even a plot twist: Jay Wilson no longer on D3 team. Moved to D3 expansion team!

  3. Very noble of Rob Pardo covering for Jay Wilson’s failures. We all make mistakes but Jay Wilson should of never been in charge of directing this franchise forward. I guess the other D3 team members get a free pass or will they be assigned somewhere else too ?

  4. I find it hard to believe that someone who pioneered games of a certain caliber of complexity, and one who matured through games in the 90’s with unforgivable mechanics would believe that this game was in anyway a good idea with its direction. He enjoyed it night after night? The constant cut scenes forced down his throat didn’t get old? The ridiculous watering down and garbage itemization (something that is the core of an RTS)was acceptable? The fucking piece of shit of a story felt okay to him? Rob… shut the fuck up.

      • I know, it’s sad. Across the board the company is making games that the new and softer generation can. I guess life is punishing enough though when you only get the 8GB iPhone 4, or the 2011 tablet for Christmas, so Blizzard does its best to ensure that nothing in their games is punishing. But hey, talent trees and stat allocation is an “illusion” of choice. Though I do recall a trillion builds with their new system, nevermind the fact that every class only had 1-2 viable on release and maybe 5 now. I guess Jays slide should have said “1,000,000,000,000 builds +/- 999,999,999,996 builds” for his confidence interval. Wait, I’m sorry, I mean Rob should have said that.

        I know Blizzard likes to throw around flashy buzzwords (illusion, awesome etc.) that simply minded folk regurgitate verbatim in every argument that make while stalwartly defending Blizzard’s stance, but it turns out I only saw one illusion while anticipating Diablo 3. That illusion was the death fatality on the original siege breaker that wasn’t even in the game and was simply scripted to drive the hype machine.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      I actually really prefer the time that Blizzard didn’t comment on their games at all. Everything they’ve given us regarding the development of their games the last couple of years, CM’s and devs included, has been completely redundant, obnoxious PR drivel. I’d rather had just seen Jay Wilson telling the D3 community to go fuck itself, since that must be what he really thinks right now. “I will miss the community”, LMAO.

  5. I feel bad for all of the hate that Jay Wilson has received because of Diablo 3. If I recall correctly, it reminds me of what happened to Bill Roper back in the day.

    No one deserves that kind of treatment.

    With that being said, Jay Wilson was the face of the D3 development team. The responsibility of everything in Diablo 3, the good and the bad, are essentially all on him.

    I don’t know how many of the bad design decisions were actually his, so I can’t say “good riddance.” But I also can’t lie about having some glimmers of hope for the future of Diablo 3, after reading this news yesterday.

    This change in Game Directors may not affect the game at all, or it may change it quite a bit. Only time will tell! Here’s to hoping changes DO happen.

  6. “He has a great career at Blizzard ahead of him and I guarantee that you will enjoy Jay’s game designs in future Blizzard games.”

    Oh, sh*t !

    • or rather 90% of the people who played d3 will not even touch his next project with a 20 foot pole.

      • You heard it here first. A black kid is 90% unlikely to touch Jay Wilson with his 20-foot pole. Sounds about right.

  7. just like in politics, covering each other asses, really sad

    i wonder why this site doesnt go PoE full time

    d3 will always be the saddest joke in gaming industry imo

    • POE is a good game, but please STFU already. This is a Diablo* fansite, and I am a Diablo* fan. I dont want POE here, and frankly, I think the game is overhyped and very mediocre. (Yes, I own a beta account)

      • lol, typical “go-for-the-underdog” mentality man. The game is in a great position because now all the haters have somewhere to go and something to praise. Just like Torchlight 2.

        I agree with you, if PoE is deserving, it’ll get it’s own website, no need to post stuff here.

        But Titan Quest was also a great game based around a great world and where has it gone? Too bad, too bad…

  8. I feel for Wilson as a person, it sure must be horrible to know you screwed up so royally, especially for a man with his ego. But this does not lessen the fact that this is, to put it mildly, a subpar Diablo game.

    The thing that bewildered me the most in his announcement is that, “creatively, he is now looking forward to working on something new”. So this is it ? The current state of Diablo III is the zenith of your creativity ? The game that you yourself said you wanted people to play 10 years from now ?
    I cannot possibly put a positive spin on this, hence my previous “Oh, sh*t” comment.

    That he may have poured his life, blood, sweat and tears into this project is commendable, but not an argument in his favor. If after 6 years of thorough dedication, this is what he comes up with, it’s obvious he’s not the man for the job. Giving your all for something is not a guarantee it is enough, this is a fact of life.

  9. I also could not beleive the comments some gave, i loved the game from day one and it is getting better everytime. Everybody thinks d2 was the uber game when it released but it only was so because the efforts of blizzard after release.

    I for sure will keep playing this game for years!

    • Diablo 3 is a hell of a game. :). In fact I don’t even see much flaws anymore after patch 1.05 if you like [email protected] games played on the internet.

      Pardo is right: when one plays it with friends, it is a blast. Never laughed so much and had as much fun since playing WoW BG’s with friends and family.

      The problem is that forum posters are most likely the social unadapted, the old basement dwellers, the guys who think video games are an alternate reality to succeed in and seek refugee for their RL issues.

      The social vomit these psychos put out on the web shows an extreme form of disrespect wihout any forms of self control.

      I think Rob Pardo shows these guys a mirror. If you didn’t get it by now, it is time to look into that mirror.

  10. sometimes bettle net forums are making me sad!
    i wonder how mny people would insult directly JW/RP whit real id displayed.

    sometimes all i see is bunch of angry kids…
    eh dont get me wrong i know blizzard has make many mistakes, but still i played over 1000h in d3 , and regulary coming back to it, it has great potential.

    • Funny how some people keep saying “it has great potential” “d2 wasnt perfect when it came out” “d2 evolved with patches”.. so what are we supposed to do? accept that they go back to relase quality of D2 with every new game and improve it later?

      D3 should have been at better quality than D2LOD last patch quality, and improve upon that.

      Jay Wilson: Good riddance, now there’s hope.

      • Diablo 3 is already miles better than Diablo 2. Not only in the obvious things like engine, graphics and on line protection, but also in the grinding, the faster pace and on line playing sessions.

        But frankly these old D2 grognards don’t accept any reason, so why even bother. ANY guy who even defends the old non changeable skill system of D2 is simply too blind. “Sorry that I pushed the wrong skill button … 30 hours ago, so I find it “fun” to level up from scratch again” is soooooooo out of this world, it is better to simply ignore these guys.

        Sure D2 dude: take a pill.

        • Well fvck us then.Enjoy the game.Go be a bot.Maybe you can earn some money.
          Cause d3 is a job its not an enterteiment.

          • No D2 was a job. A full time annoying and boring job. For the reason stated above: no re-spec with a stupidly fixed skill tree.

            If one think that spending hundreds of hours remaking chars from the ZERO to get to the “perfect build”, by all means, just please go have your “fun”.

    • BAH! Don’t admit you like the game man, it’s frowned up these days! You want to get mobbed? =)

      There’s hope in all this though, hopefully all the haters will move on to other games or just leave D3 for good, leaving a pleasant community around!

  11. This team has displayed entirely too many “butthurt feelings” and not enough good work (or even ev=ffort to fix bad work) to merit any kind of sympathy from me. Sorry to Jay and his merry band of butt buddies but taking a giant dump on one of the best franchises in gaming history is going to have consequences. So I’ll continue to get my lulz off this news and all the fanboy tears to follow the more the better. As Al Pacino in Devil’s Advocate says “Resignation after resignation after resignation! Until the stench of it reaches so high and far into heaven…it chokes the whole fucking lot of them!” Or something like that… Hopefully something will be learned from all the venom these idiots have generated.

  12. Hey Pardo,

    Just to be clear.All the hate and frustration is not only for Jay.
    He was the nasty face that present all that shit.You have to share it as a team and greedy company thinking us for stupid retarded milkable kids.
    Seriosly how can you be soo poor with all that resources you’ve got.
    What’s happen with the real Blizzard company ?

  13. Eight months after a game’s release, there are still people who hate the game spending time on fan sites devoted to it? That is so very sad. There’s a wide world out there! Step out from your mom’s basement and find something you enjoy in life!

    • 8 months? Well Blizzard trolled us for 4 years straight. All the pre-release hype, all the features that got cut from the game, the horrible 2.0 etc. They either failed or lied about almost every aspect of the game.

    • Sound advice bro. I found something I enjoy even more than sitting in my mom’s basement. Knocking on your mom’s backdoor.

      • your comment and the fact that you called him “bro” confirms that you probably fall into the classification he described…bro

        • Oh come on now no need to get upset about it. Those who dish out the generalized insults to other posters should be able to take one on the chin and laugh about it. On a side note when I think of people who use “bro” in their daily conversation I think trust fund babies living on the beach in California/Florida or drunk frat boys… not so much angry basement dwellers. BRO!

    • Yeah, the people still trolling this game have reached epic proportions. The game sold 6million initially. Total it is up to 10million. So apparently those additional 4 million sales were by accident?

      Maybe when the expansion sells 8 million the trolls will go away? Maybe, but a new breed of trolls will take their place, saying the expansion killed their perfect game.

      Fact is, if you hated d3, you never made it to inferno, and should have returned the game for a refund. I don’t understand the idea of doing something for 200 hrs, then suddenly realizing you hate it and demand it change to suit your desires.

      Is there any product you can buy where this idea makes sense?

  14. Rob Pardo: “We have a talented team in place and have no intention of stopping work on Diablo III until it is the best game in the franchise.”

    He just admitted they couldn’t surpass 13-year old Diablo II with all those huge resources and time.

    Also I think Rob’s probably that “production director” in the job posting, upcoming game director has to partner with.

    I always knew he’s the more responsible one in fact, since David Brevik talked to Morhaime and Pardo in E3 about the direction of Diablo 3, not Wilson.

  15. what a jerk off, wanna jerk off oh my god jerk off!

    sell out

    works for the man

    So many inperfections e.g. Stance roles for mercenaries present in d2, absent in d3, INNOVATION RIGHT

    • you used the expression “jerk off” 3 times, expressed hate and praised d2.

      I predict 78 recommendations.

  16. Hopefully then, Mr. Pardo is as saddened about this situation as veteran players are about the sequel they got.

    ‘Director’ is ultimately a non-productive, responsponsible management position (with adequate salary), that envisions a goal, coordinates production and generally ensures everything is on the right track. If the chosen direction doesn’t yield satisfying results, who else but the director should be held accountable then?

    It goes without saying that insults or other personal attacks are an unacceptable response to management failures as these, but – to be fair – if that’s the sound volume required to make one’s voice heard at Blizzard, please don’t pretend to be dismayed. After all, it took them from the earliest years of development until 8 months after release, to finally correct their attitude from ‘incomprehension about lacking euphoric reception’ towards ‘hmm, oops’.

  17. If Jay’s biggest contribution to D3’s design were its “visceral combat” and “an unparalleled knack for making it fun to smash bad guys” then, dare I say it, Jay did a damn great job. D3 has many flaws and disappointments but in terms of the *feel* of combat, D3 is without any doubt the top game in its genre.

  18. There’s 2 things people often fail to realize. One, from my point of view and experience with far smaller creative projectis, I see as a (sad?) truth. The other seems quite logical to me, but D2 harcore fan(boys?) will always reject it.

    The (execute) producers of any major entertainment thing (be it a AAA movie, game or even a super hero comic book or songs from biggest music stars) have MAJOR power over “creative” leads in the project. Producers often are far more involved in decisions than people realize. They say what they want, how they see it, and off you go (game/movie… whatever) director do what the producers think is right/best in their eyes.

    Not saying “poor Jay” (though I quite like D3) but to put all “blame” of the game solely on his shoulders is childlish at best.

    The other thing is that, personally, I firmly believe that WoW (how dare I speak of this thing here ? :D) DO helped a lot in D3 sales. A whole lot. Nostalgic D2 fans will credit D3 sales only to D2, refusing to see anything outside their fixed and immutable perspective, but WoW helped D3 get “a few” more copies sold. Yeah, I’m sure. Run a poll in ant game site with a non biased (i.e., not here :P) and I do guarantee that many will be surprised by all the folks who played D3 without ever have playing D2, coming on board because of the hype of Blizz trademark.

    Sorry for rambling and any mistake and spelling but I did needed to vent some frustration with the ever present hysterical D3 hate nonsense here (“I hate because it’s bad”” 😀 heh)

    Just one thing: and if anyone think that D3 (or even a possible D4) will ever go back to the “good old” fixed skill tree method, you’re delusional. ;P

    So, bye folks, gonna now spend some time with things I love instead of obsessing with things I hate (just a tip 😉 ).

  19. PoE is ugly, clunky, awful, and boring. And my opinion on it is just as valuable as any flamer trolls who’d claim otherwise. I played about 3 hours worth of the beta, and after reading the PoE forums, etc, it just completely turned me off, so let’s talk about DIII on the DIII site and not that simmering turd of a game. I won’t be buying it. It won’t touch Diablo II, probably won’t touch Diablo III

    • I won’t buy it either, although I absolutely love the game. You must have missed the F2P feature while doing your extensive research on the PoE forums,

  20. I don’t post anymore too often but I just want to say I laugh at all those lemmings who find Diablo 3 a good game. If they enjoy it, fine, but then this is just showing the direction in which mankind’s intelligence sadly is heading. Diablo 3 is a prime example of a colossal production failure where the game content, which should be the highest priority, was the least developed aspect of the project.
    The product selling well is an absolutely unrelated topic. If there would be another Harry Potter book, regardless if it contained only blank pages, it would makes millions via pre-orderings already. Fact is, as some user here put it before, Blizzard burned the Diablo franchise and with it, their reputation. The only two questions which really remain are: – did they do it intentionally for the cheap extra dollar from the RMAH and – will they take the necessary steps to reestablish their reputation by completely relaunching the whole game.

  21. I didn’t throw my stones at Jay because we wasn’t sure about Jay’s guilt, but now that we know who’s responsible and he asked for stones:

    Game is good, yes, imo it is, compared with the current definition of “good” people are using nowadays. I know pride is a subjective (and useless) thing in the end; some real life monks could even agree with that, – But, I deeply suggest – don’t be proud of D3 results (apart from sales, of course).

    Hint: game sold millions of copies, some people played hundreds of hours and D3 is good, in your opinion? Game director abbandoned the project. Or something is really wrong with Jay’s personal life; or the ship is sinking; or there’s something is going very, very wrong…

    Probably, this is the last time time I’ll be giving “feedback”. This game is bad for my (unrealistically high) standards, but it’s way better than other ARPGs (imo), so I’ll just play it and interact with comunity about in-game content, as is.

    Rob, if you’re so proud of what you got, then keep doing it and see how it ends. And keep that server up and running anyway, since we can’t play offline.

    Stone bag is empty now. Good luck with Diablo franchise.

    (Probably Rob won’t read this, don’t know if he would care/change if he does. Thing is, I’m not doing this to help him or something. I’m doing this to free my mind from this backstage stuff I shouldn’t care about.)

  22. The community has just turned into a mob of hateful people who stand by the false assumption that EVERYONE feels just the way they do, so they must be justified in spewing their hatred everywhere. The thing is, they’ve just scared off anyone who wants to put up with anymore, leaving only the mob. Simple mob rule drowning out the opinions of those who carry more reasonable views.

    Even useful criticism is now ignored in favor of “this game is shit, Jay ruined everything, he is fat, F U Blizzard” etc… It’s all we have left now. The less time I spend on the forums the more I enjoy the game. Hell yes, I admit it has it’s problems, but damn, reading this bile, you’d think the world had ended and Jay had murdered an orphanage. Simply toxic. It’s one of the reasons I left this site for so long. I guess it’s time for another break.

    • I think the reason some of these responses are quite extreme is because of the fact that this franchise had such an exceptionally dedicated and loving following. There aren’t that many games that have people playing fanatically over the course of 10 years in such large numbers. When people love an IP this much, it becomes a part of them, they develop a sense of ownership over it. That’s why people react so extremely to the ‘mistreatment’ of ‘their’ franchise.

      Does this psychological mechanism justify some of the behaviour seen here? No. Does it explain why some people express themselves the way they do? I think it does. The boundary between love and hate is often quite thin when it comes to things people are highly emotionally invested in. Maybe you underestimate what a remarkable game D2 was for many people. You can’t just go fucking around with that.

      • No, I don’t accept any manner of attachment to an entertainment medium as a justification to act like petulant, entitled children yelling insults around the playground slide. But that’s pretty much what everything around here has devolved into, and coming back every day makes me more and more depressed to be associated with it. News article “discussions” read like youtube comments, and that’s a real tragedy.

      • This actually may explain everything. If you spent the last TEN years playing d2 obsessively, I think you would sustain some lingering mental illness or brain damage. Your world view would be very different from a nromal human being. It may explain the ‘logic’ behind many comments I read here.

  23. The majority of the Community actually dislike this game as it is currently, I for one still like it, but only because I know it will get better – but it wont be better before the expansion – reason is! and that is what I find as a problem. Blizzard planned the game including the expansion when they first started to make the game! then the scrapped alot of the features for the first release to have some awsome content and features for release on the expansion. (bad move) but in the end, when the expansion comes out this game will be so freaking good! just sad that they planned it out this way..

    d2lod with all the gems and shit, d3; 4 gems that is it…

    It will end up good, Blizzard ofc need to make money and I think they are doing fine, but I guess they want more since they made such a bad planning session with diablo 3 🙁

  24. Of Course he as a producer is proud of what D3 accomplished. He must have felt like a lottery winner only with the difference that he knew that he was winning before the draw.

  25. I think Diablo III is a good game. When I first started playing, I couldn’t let the mouse go. It was insane how addicted I got. New skills/runes almost every level? I was blown away by the apparent complexity. The game was sweet and I was loving it!

    But… it kinda “dragged” a bit before I got to 60. I never felt that before on Diablo I or II, but Diablo III has a “draggy”/empty feel. Once I reached inferno with my wizard, the complexity/depth fell apart. Only one skill set combination (maybe some small variation) worked at all. I found that terrible. Having to run around, kiting like a fool with hydras and blizzards, when I all I wanted to do was shoot some stuff.

    I still play the game – doing repeated Alkaizer Runs… tiringly leveling for no real reason, other than to create another character… and?

    All the bashing on Jay is quite stupid. He might have made some poor decisions(Might? I don’t know of one which I can confirm he did make, good or bad?), but why hate the game so much?

    I do get that the game has lost a LOT of depth, since D2:Lod, and the end-game is quite a terribly boring experience (is there even an end-game?). I am sad to believe that the only hope for Diablo III to rise out of the bull, is to release an expansion which “revamps” the main game mechanics, which is where the game’s faults lie – no one “thing” can be patched to make this game awesome. Its gonna take a LOT of core changes, but I think its totally possible!

    Oh yeah. Rob Pardo seems like an honest/cool dude!

    • I wholeheartly agree with your opinion that D3 is lacking game mechanics (RPG mechanics to be preciser), but i have lost hope on the D3 development team to realize that.

      They will keep on giving you additional numbers to chase after. Like Paragon levels have exactly zero RPG flavor, but is just the next carrot to chase. Now they add more and more BoA items to the game they once called a trading and economy game.

      I mean, there is no doubt they are in super-tryhard mode. They had long-term financial goals which they won’t reach with a too small player base. But imho they still haven’t figured out that the main problem is lacking game mechanics, which causes little itemization choices and doesn’t allow players to get creative.

      They won’t revamp game mechanic systems or item system, i am calling it. They are unable to. If they had only one in their team who had the passion to really do it, this guy would have spoken up during development and it might very well have been OK on release.

      I don’t know, i have just lost faith in Blizzard. They don’t want to please the nerds anymore, they only want to farm the sheeps. I would have never thought the time would come when i would have to read a game review before buying a Blizzard game, but HotS will be the first non-instabuy since WC2 (i have skipped WoW entirely though, to be fair).

  26. Once again, I shall quote the man who was once our illustrious overlord.

    “Fak that loser.”

  27. I think one of the big reasons why people are so angry is because Blizzard claims to be listening to it’s fanbase all the time, yet, they are (or at least were for a long time) very dismissive of fan suggestions. People pointed out all the bad design decisions in conversations with Bashiok and others time and again, before release and after. As a reply, they were met with witty rebuttals about how they were wrong and Blizzard was right. It wasn’t about an honest exchange of ideas at all, it wast just about keeping the fans on a lease and feeding them shit. The fact that Blizzard went 180 on a lot of decisions and went with the fan’s suggestions after all – even though these were supposedly stupid and uninformed a couple of months earlier – proves it. When people talk to Blizzard about the game, they aren’t talking to the devs, they are talking to some PR automaton whose only duty is to defend the game’s design decions.

    That’s why it makes me laugh when Pardo asks for fans to help them with suggestions. I almost never read the board, but you only need one visit to find a plethora of threads pointing out D3’s problems, first and foremost it’s poor itemization. To me, it has become quite clear that it isn’t so much that they don’t know about the main problem D3 has, nor that they can’t fix it, they don’t WANT to because they still think their idea of itemization is the way to go (because it makes them more money via the RMAH).

    Why even ask us when you clearly have no intention of listening?

    • Yeah, all that PR effort we got from Bashiok was – aside from kind of annoying at times – part of the reason so many people are upset now. Bashiok really presented a face of “We Know What We’re Doing So F*ck You” . . . and now look at how things are.

      Who the hell knows how much Jay is to blame, but we can’t be blamed for blaming him.

      Personally, I’m waiting for Torchlight 2 to come out on the Mac.

  28. D3’s biggest problem isn’t the itemization, skills, or gameplay in general. Rather, IMO, it is the atmosphere that they failed at recreating. The gothic art style and music from Uelmen made the Diablo experience what it was. Diablo 3 feels like Diablo: The Skylanders Saga with its playful art and lifeless soundtrack.

    • I recently saw an artwork depicting Caldeum’s Slum area and i was so sad it didn’t make it into the game. I think it would have really embraced the old Diablo atmosphere if you had visited this place, maybe got exiled there, and learned how Beliar, Lord of Lies, has deeply corrupted Caldeum behind its peaceful and wealthy surface.

      However, i personally like D3’s general art style and music, but i can see how it is different from the previous titles and can be a dissapointment.

  29. I’m not sure what most of all of the hateful people posting would have wanted D3 to be. D3 has it faults, no question (IMO these pertain mostly to the itemization and some parts of the plotline). However, it’s actually a lot of fun to play, and there is quite a bit of character customization (in relation to D2).

    1.) Art style – the game’s style for the most part is actually quite dark in thematic terms, but, thank heaven, it actually has some color. I actually find it much more thematic than D2 (which I hated compared to the style of D1). Which part, exactly of D2 were darker? The only spots in D2 that stood out to me were the chaos sanctuary and the durance of hate. Personally, act 1 of D3 had some of the best art direction/styling of any game I’ve played. I do admit that Magda azmodan and belial were not very cool designs IMO, and that Sheablo was not what I would have chosen.

    2.) RPG elements – I won’t disagree that allowing stat allocation would be welcome, but overall, there isn’t much difference in practical terms between D2 and D3 (excepting maybe it’s harder to make bizarre builds like melee sorc, etc.). Sure, you don’t have to make legions of new characters, but personally, I’ve spent > 200 hours with one character just by changing builds occasionally, so it’s not that much different. Otherwise, just play HC and make new chars when one dies.

    3.) Gameplay – Hands down, D3 is more engaging in my opinion, and more varied, however subtly. The game eels good to play, and is again subjectively, viscerally satisfying. D2 is also very good in this aspect, but the modernization and visual update helped immensely. In the end though, again, how much practical difference is there, and what did you do that was so engaging in D2? Everyone just rushed to Baal and did Baal-runs endlessly to L99. There really wasn’t much else to do except HC and making niche builds. D3 suffers from pretty much the same. Both are good games, but I just really can’t see much difference.

    4.) Itemization and AH – This is the one sore point for me, as I miss the + skill items and other things in D2, as well as the higher drop rate. However, D3 has improved and I find now that, playing inferno, I have found a number of uniques(legendaries). As long as they continue to improve the game, it’s okay. I hope that this area is cleaned up more with the expansion.

    5.) At the end, while it’s okay to comment and criticize, it’s still JUST A GAME. If you like it, play it, if not, offer helpful critiques, and if you are just not satisfied…let it go. Regardless of how each of you personally feels it turned out, you can’t argue that a lot of work was not put into the development. Maybe you feel it wasn’t good enough, and it’s okay to be respectful in your discontent with the finished product, but personally bashing the employees or denigrating them is wrong. The people at Bliz. including Mr. Wilson, worked hard and tried to make what they thought would be the best product. Was it good enough? That’s subjective, but maybe think about how you would feel if you embarked on a years-long undertaking, and at the end of it the people you made it for hated you. Was Mr. Wilson wrong for his semi-public ‘F* you’ statement? Sure, but put yourself in his shoes. If someone so openly told me that my product wasn’t as good after I spent so much effort, I would me mad too.

    6.) POE – sorry, played the beta and it’s a decent enough gane I suppose, but to me, it lacks…something. The graphics and artwork seem stiff and muted, with not enough detail, and the gameplay similarly feels stiff. Some of the items are decent, but overall it to me isn’t on the level of D2 or D3. It really feels like a game that would have been much better if it had been developed about 7 years ago (a few years after D2). I rather feel that if there wasn’t so much hate for D3 on a primal level that people feel the need to lash out at it, then I don’t feel it would be as beloved as it currently is.

    Sorry for the long post, but I’ve grown tired of months of posters bashing D3 and more specifically the employees, without clear or reasonable criticism. In fact, most of the clear criticism is actually just subjective taste, rather than true game design faults or gamebreaking errors/poor quality work. Oh, and just for fun, go back and play D1 again, and see how much fun you have with it. I tried, but failed, although the nostalgia factor is awesome.

    • “Was Mr. Wilson wrong for his semi-public ‘F* you’ statement? Sure, but put yourself in his shoes.”

      He sure was! That interview about Diablo III only put up facts, in a respectable fashion, as to what is wrong the game in its current state. Did you read the immature comments on that page?

      “If someone so openly told me that my product wasn’t as good after I spent so much effort, I would me mad too.”

      Criticism is a part of life. Its a form of pointing out mistakes so that one can learn from it. Without criticism, we’d all be getting participation medals and told we can all go to the moon, and live in a mansion with big $$$ and Diablo V… from the future.

      “Sorry for the long post, but I’ve grown tired of months of posters bashing D3 and more specifically the employees, without clear or reasonable criticism.”

      It is by far the minority of Diablo III players (maybe 0.5%? maybe even less). It won’t stop. No need to bother yourself with it. What is reasonable criticism? You might not agree with their form of criticism delivery, but they all have a few good points in common eg. “F#k that loser!”. Immediately you know its some silly kid-troll (or just a guy truly poking fun, with respect…which is quite rare to see though), but you know the message was great disrespect to all who feel dissapointed by the game. David Brevik (I’m speaking under correction – might be someone else) spoke from his heart (from his love of the Diablo series), with complete respect towards the team, and was bashed similary by the game staff in the same way that fans bash Diablo III.

      So, what is the point of my reply? Nothing. I just like to post stuff, and voice my opinion, as all people should do.

  30. I don’t agree with all the hate… I’ve been playing games for more than 20 years, I’ve loved all the diablo games. In fact, I’ve put 200+ hours on D3 whereas only played like 100 on D1 and D2.

    Yes, the game is quite different. I think the new skill system is a work of genius.

    AH is the main source of items, as crafting doesn’t really work. But playing the AH is also a game…. D2 wasn’t that great before the expansions, so it is likely that D3 will keep on getting better. Perhaps some people’s expectations were to high?? I’ve played the hell out of diablo (!) and keep coming back for more

    In terms of Jay…. I can’t imagine the pressure of being a public figure and being in the mouths of so many. -1 for that ‘fuck that loser’ outburst. +2 for the game he helped create.

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