There’s nothing specifically about Diablo 3 in this Industry Gamers interview with Blizzard Senior Vice President of Game Design, DiabloWikiRob Pardo, but if you’re interested in WoW, the MMORPG industry, or Blizzard on the whole, it’s worth a look.

    IG:  Is there any thinking about Blizzard working on some new franchises we’ve never heard of? Right now the focus is on WoW, StarCraft and Diablo. How about some new IP?

    RP:  I think you’ll see us do it, but every time a development team frees up, in large part they decide what they want to make next. And historically, at least in recent years, the dev teams have wanted to work on our existing franchises. After we finished Warcraft 3, that team wanted to make StarCraft 2. It wasn’t that the executives at Blizzard said that we have to make it. If our decisions were driven like that we wouldn’t have made it after StarCraft 1

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