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Gametrailers has added a short non-interview with Rob Pardo. It’s just him talking; the questions are not included until the very end when the interviewer asks about Project Titan… and gets nothing.

Pardo talks about the DiabloWikibanner system for, better party system for, the shared DiabloWikistash, the DiabloWikiAuction House, and the RMT aspect — about which Pardo says, “I think is gonna be really really fun for players, since they’re already doing it anyway.” Um… okay. (Imagine if that logic had worked our parents when we were children caught with our hands in the cookie jar?)

He also talks about how they want the Auction House to be player-driven, without any set prices or other controls, though he stresses that the developers will be watching very closely to stop hacking or cheating.

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    53 thoughts on “Rob Pardo @

    1. ooh, more RMAH analogies.

      it’s like handing out condoms in high school. kids will be doing it anyways.

      • I think that analogy is actually in RMAH’s favor since that seems to work quite well for the rest of the industrialized world.
        Uh-oh, I responded to a political comment…

      • Yea like neinball said that’s actually a positive thing so I guess by your comment you are in favour of the RMAH?

        • lol, well the idea of handing out condoms in schools as opposed to teaching your kids to wait until they are older is ludicrous. ok bad analogy.

          • Ludicrous is teaching teenagers not to be sexually active until marriage. They’ll be in college soon enough anyway and they need to know safe practices by then for sure. I went to an abstinence-only school and let me tell you: it didn’t work! Besides my anecdotal experience, schools that do abstinence only education have statistically higher rates of STDs and unwanted pregnancies. There is also nothing inherently wrong or evil about having sex if it is safe.
            Sorry, I can’t resist commenting on social issues.

            • lol. yes, safe sex = good. you are getting too concerned with specifics.
              i didn’t say till marriage. i didn’t say abstinence. i just said it’s WEIRD that they’re sort of encouraging sex period, safe or otherwise. imagine the school handing a condom to your young 13 year old daughter. are you going to think, well at least she’s having SAFE sex. she can have sex with 20 other 8th graders, but as long as it’s safe it’s A-OK. think about it. i’m no prude, it’s just weird. anyway this is a weird tangent.

            • ANYWAY, whatever you want to do with your private parts is your business. I was simply agreeing with Flux.

    2. haha.  like he and all blizzard employees had to watch a program that brainwashed them with a base and non effective defense of a poopy system. ‘it’s just good, AND EVERYONE’S DOING IT!!’

    3. GJ on amphasing on the one thing he said who will piss off everyone flux and forgot about what he said right after about the fact it will be more secure way for something who was really present in D2. I remember when we were able to get around 150 hellfire torches on ebay a couple of weeks after the patch for it came live. Don’t put your head in the sand, even if they remove the RMAH, rm transactions will be present in D3 so imo it’s time to discuss about something else.

    4. Pardo is starting to annoy me.
      “They are already doing it”. Who are they? How many are they? Show us some statistics then.
      I hope he isn’t getting his numbers from Diablo 2, because obviously most players who havent given up on Diablo 2 multiplayer probably have accepted and embraced the RM trading in that game by now.

      Numbers would have to be from a modern game, WoW or similar to be worth anything.

      I’m pretty sure ‘they’ are still a rather low number to be honest.
      The people who buy stuff in MMOs are probably a decent % of the playerbase (still FAR below 50%, and if I had to guess, also below 25%), but the people who sell things for money in MMOs, I would bet is far below 5% (the goldseller companies have the whole market more or less).

      The whole argument reminds me of an argument a few politicians use in my country; “People break the speed limit all the time, so we might as well raise it”. A logic that could potentially be used for pretty much anything that is illegal today.

    5. Don’t get me wrong on this cause i was trading a lot in D2 to get the stuff i wanted but i was also putting overstock on ebay and was getting around 50$-100$ a week from it.
      WoW gold is still 30$ for 10k gold based on today’s ige price. Considering offer and demand, if they can still sell it that much considering wow economy atm, maybe the market is still very active.

      • I think this will be the key of how popular the RMAH is after launch.  If people can sell and make money it’ll be great, if no one can sell anything then it will have been a giant waste of time and development resources.  It’s interesting to me because AH’s in other games have always had far more buyers then sellers but with real money on the line I think this has a very good chance of flipping.  If there ends up being more sellers than buyers then we have a problem.

        • It will probably be a problem at launch but with people stacking up their e-balance, learning how it works and the hardcore gamers spending some cash in it, it will probably stabilize itself after a couple of months.

          • That’s a good point, but the one thing I still see as a problem is I’ve seen a lot of people for the RMAH in terms of selling but very few people interested in buying.

            • like i’ve said in my first comment, i was selling around 5-20 items a week in d2 in the most active time. Considering the fact that people weren’t even sure when, how and in which state(duped of such things) the item was to be shipped, i have no worries of how much it will be used.

    6. Pardo has really lost his luster since WC3. I think it’s time to replace him with fresh blood. How about Wyatt Cheng?!

    7. They can dress it up however they like but the RMT AH is a money grab for blizzard and activision.   They looked at D2 and saw that after a few years they weren’t making money hand over fist like they were with WOW and decided to add a system to allow them to reap profits for the entire game.   Nothing more nothing less.   At least for us Hardcore players this will be a non issue and to be honest the HC community in D2 was a community with the D2 that seemed to circumvent all the BS the others had to deal with.  I hope it stays that way within d3 and not having access to an RMT AH is a big step in that direction already.

      • Obviously to keep a game running, keep servers in good shape, hiring developers to works on updates, hiring GMs for live assistances and everything else i forget it need some cash. No one is working for free these days.

          • Yeap, the SC2 map store will be something along the same lines.  Community driven RMT where Blizzard will take a cut of the proceeds and the rest given to the map creators.  Blizzard will most likely be adding maps to the map store for purchase as well, mini-missions, campaign addons, etc.

            • I would argue that the SC2 marketplace is drastically different.
              And who’s working for free? Am I not paying $60 for the game? :p

            • But WoW has a very different social context from what Diablo 3 will have. I’ve probably used those words way to often in the last 2 days.

              You can’t buy succes in WoW.


          The amount of money set to be made from this is not for maintenance.  It is the initial investment that takes up the lion share of money while maintenance is a significantly smaller amount.  They seem to be doing just fine with the money they have made from their RTS games (warcraft1-3 and Starcraft1-2) as well as Diablo2 without having the need to inject money.   

          Like was said before this is a money grab they are not doing it for anyone’s benefit but their own.  That is what is meant by dressing it up.  They love to say we are doing it for the players when in actuality they are doing nothing of the sort.  They saw a market that was exploitable and decided to exploit it themselves.   

          My hope is that the market becomes saturated shortly after launch by farmers of all sorts and it degrades the market to the point where there is no longer profitable to post things there.  Although as I have said before I plan on playing HC characters so this will be a non issue for me.


          • Being games played in official leagues you can’t compare SC to Diablo. They make plenty of money with advertising and derived products from hardware makers and leagues events. But we are totally out of the subject here anyway so it don’t matter.

    8. Perhaps you should send Rob Pardo an angry email over doing a Diablo III interview, that will eventually be posted on a Diablo III site.

    9. I swear you guys are overblowing the RMAH too much. I have seen this before in another game YEARS before even Diablo exsisted and that game is still going strong : Magic the gathering.

      That game was the one of the original reasons that “Pay to win” Phrase came up and you know what? It VERY rarely happend that paying for your cards/items equaled wins/victories. Yes the power of the items would help you beat the newer players or the stupider players. But once they ran into somone who knows how to actually play they lost almost every time.

      Look if someone wants to pay for their stuff…More power to them. Heck I may pay for MAYBE one or two things during my time with D3((Which will proably be 4 to 5 years minium.)), but proably not. In the end if you don’t understand how to use the power you gain from buying the items, all you have is a nice Pinata that will get popped by monsters/other players. I say let them buy the stuff, makes it easier to take out the chaff who didnt learn.

      • You are assuming that the sole concern is crappy players who need to resort to outright cheating in order to get anything done in the game.

        Personally, my concern is that this is going to hyperinflate gold value, thus ruining legit players who will only use the gold AH, amongst many other concerns about this as a viable economic strategy. Of course, it isn’t like I can state any of this as a fact. Yet. Just my opinion.

        • I agree with RisingRed.
          I see a couple possibilities coming from the split AHs.  
          First is that the markets become over saturated from non players (read farmers) that items are sold for pennies and the RMT AH is not worth the extra effort to use.
          Farmers or others buy items off the gold AH to re-list them on the RMT AH and killing off the gold AH since it will only be used as an intermediary for the RMT AH.
          The RMT AH becomes so successful that the Gold AH is never used and it forces people to use the RMT AH if they want to trade at all and causes items that would be regularly shared with friends or clan mates to be sold and degrading the experience for those who choose not to use RMT.
          Those are my major concerns.  Before even though it was illegal there was still a very flourishing economy for those who chose not to use ebay or third party sites.  And even though people claim to use them all the time as a long time vetran of D2 who interacted with 100s if not 1000s of people in D2 I can definitely say using Real money was a major miniority issue.  Now it is being thrust into the majority and will have huge experience changing ramifications.

          • [quote]causes items that would be regularly shared with friends or clan mates to be sold and degrading the experience for those who choose not to use RMT.[/quote]
            I think that’s the single thing holding me back from really embracing the RMAH, if it becomes successful there will be reduced sharing.  Money has a way of complicating friendships/relationships.

    10. It is hard to judge how many buys gold in WoW just because the price is high.
      If just 10% of the players buy gold that is still a lot of players (Hell, 1% is a lot), and probably more than enough to meet the supply from the gold sellers (in the end, the gold sellers will adjust their supply to the demand).

      Also we cant forget that it takes time to get items and gold in these games, so price isn’t purely decided by the demand.
      Time is money as people like to say, and while time isn’t worth much to a gold farmer, it still is worth something, so if prices go too far down because of low demand, some gold seller companies will step out of the market => lower supply.

      This will be true for Diablo 3 as well, even when ‘everyone is a goldseller’. Prices can go so low that no one really wants to sell (probably making the price go up again – if the market works anyway, which it might not).
      The limit a gold seller company will go down to is probably less than what most players will accept. If it takes you an average of 100 hours to get X item (getting no other items in that time – which is not a realistic example I know), most wouldn’t then go and sell it for 2 dollars – probably not even the goldseller companies would do that.

      As much as I hate RMAH, there is one positive thing I can think of… As somewhat interested in economics, it will be interesting to follow how the market develops. Just a shame it wasn’t in a game I didnt care about :/

      • “As much as I hate RMAH, there is one positive thing I can think of… As somewhat interested in economics, it will be interesting to follow how the market develops. Just a shame it wasn’t in a game I didnt care about :/”

        A very concise point from a housekeeper. 😉

      • But why would the demand go up again, or stay the same for that matter? When everyone has bought the things they want, why would they buy even more of it? At a certain point the market will be saturated, no? I have a very limited understanding of economics, so I’m curious if you agree or disagree.

        • The issue is there will always be a limited supply of the highest most perfect items and those items will always have a high price associated with them.  If you look at the Zod runes from D2 as an example I played that game for years and only personally saw 2 of them drop for me.   These items will keep people coming back to the AH to acquire. 

          Some things will level off and somethings may drop considerably but  I don’t see a point where everyone will have everything they want.  You might have a complete set for your Monk as example but what about your WD or DH.   And I might have what I want for my WD but not for my monk.  

          Also there will constantly be an influx of new players that will be wanting items and people cycling out of the system that will just stop playing and take their items with them.   Without a higher understanding or information on what items are available it is hard to say when we will reach a saturation point if ever.  Like I said earlier with Zod runes it would take eons for everyone of your characters on every persons accounts to have one legitimately.   8)

          • Ok you make a good point. But why would people who stop playing keep all their items? Why wouldn’t they just sell all of them with the idea that when they start playing again they could buy all of those items for less money?

          • Also Blizzard will add new items from time to time so the market never gets saturated. Especially now that their own income is affected by how much is bought and sold.

            Likewise many goods will have nearly unlimited demand, because the game got ‘sinks’ for those, constantly removing them from the economy.

            – Second tier legendary items can be broken down for crafting materials (the best items can as well, but they would be too expensive for it).
            – Crafting materials will be spent for making items.
            – Gold will be spent on various stuff and probably always needed.
            – Runes might become such a resource as well. It sounds like Blizzard is considering to make them lock into a certain spell as soon as used, in which case people would always need new ‘unattuned’ runes every time they wanted to respec.

    11. I think that the RMAH is trying to compete with Jsp more so than web sites selling items.

    12. It just amazes me that some still think the RMAH is viable now just because Blizzard will be getting their share of money from gold sellers, dupers, hackers and exploiters. Its ok to do all of this now as long as you all pay me a fee. Life is good now!

      • Correction. Players will get their share of money from sellers. Blizz will get the share that eBay was getting to put an auction.

    13. I’m assuming each account comes with 2 shared stashes right?  Perhaps this has been asked b4.  But, I’ve got to believe that my HC toons will have a shared stash.  And my non-HC toons will have a shared stash, but never shall those 2 works intertwine, right??

      I’ve got to believe this is the case, otherwise my non-HC toons will be able to feed my HC toons gear, especially ones that may have been acquired on the RMAH. 


    14. Keyvian you are part of the issue that people have with the game.  And as a seller you are definitely part of the problem and would not have any interest in those of us who wish to play the game as a game.  So you basically nullify your argument from the start

      • I think that currently not the case. The way i see the new system is a way in D3 to allow everyone to have access to the same things that only peoples who were paying had access in D2. Like it have been prove last week you don’t have to personnaly put a dime in it and still builging an e-balance. Just think of it like a second currency, let name it token if you prefer that over $.
        Maybe they have to do like Microsoft have done in Xbox Live and put a Blizzard points things.

    15. It has been shown that in a perfect world you might not have to put money into your e balance but in reality that will not be the case.   RMT or Microtransactions are bad for gaming they ruin the experience and are as one of the other posters put it money grabs.   In reality for you to never put money in the system means you will have to play the system by constantly posting items high then buying items low.    But the stuff that makes it suck is when you get real money involved it changes everything.  
      Play cards with your buddies for tokens and no big deal everyone has a good time then play cards for real money and see how everything gets more serious and changes dramatically.   Any time you inject real money into a game it becomes a serious matter and is no longer a GAME. If you cannot see that having a RMT AH will drastically change the landscape of D3 you should take another look at how economics effect life. 
         I also find it funny that blizzard does a complete 180 on a stance and is like well if we can’t beat em.  
      That is a load of horse you know what the people making d3 are not the people who made d2 and they are greedy and nothing less.  The only people that see the RMT AH as a good thing is Activision since they are money grubbers.
      Also don’t try that argument of infrastructure you tried earlier since gaming companies even as small as Runic sold a million copies of Torchlight so blizzard will make LOADS more since they will be selling the game for $60 and they sold 2.4million copies of Burning Crusade for WOW in 24hrs which so if they did the same for D3 it would be $144,000,000.    Blizzard/activision will easily make a quarter of a billion dollars, if not much much more, from just the sale of D3 that’s billion with a B.

      • I would +1 you a quarter of a billion times if I could. Actually I probably wouldn’t… since that would be cheating.

        This is what gives my +1 meaning. I can only +1 once, which makes it fair within the social context of this site.

      • Poker is still a great game.  I can totally understand how it wouldn’t be for someone who doesn’t like to gamble. Now, poker with my lawyer friends isn’t fun because they can toss around money like crazy.  On the other hand, with out the money, it’s not fun for me.
        Money in a game can be fun.  I’m certainly not advocating the currency AH, but I do like poker.

        • Well you sort of proved my point that money changes the nature of the game.  Since without money Poker is no fun for you.  And in D3 with Money D3 will not be fun for many people.
          Just to add I love poker and play it regularly but my point was more on how money changes the dynamics of things.

          • Sort of proved.  Aka didn’t.  Poker is only fun with money-true.  Too crazy and it’s not fun for me.
            If this relates at all to the AH…  If people are buying crap, it won’t be any different from D2.  It won’t ruin the game UNLESS everyone and their mother buys junk.  D2 was still fun for me and all sorts of people bought stuff.  It could break the game but probably won’t.  I’m not going to buy anything and I’m sure a lot of people won’t either.

      • You have a point there and i have nothing else to say on that. My prvious point was that everywhere now you have micro transaction. Xbox Live, Playstation Network, shitload of MMOs. The fact is game industry is going that way and in most case it suck.

    16. Could the next poll be about whether anyone has been doing this ‘anyway’? We’re being accused of it, so we might as well try to see what the actual percentages are.

      Seriously getting sick of Rob Pardo… Wasn’t he the one who tried to gloss over the sheer amount of support for LAN play from BlizzCon attendees (being the fans who are willing to fork out hundreds of dollars for a glimpse of the game, yet alone the full version) by saying something along the lines of “Well I guess those couple of people will be disappointed”.

      If half of their audience being unhappy, or worse, isn’t a problem, what actually has to happen for Blizzard to recognise a problem? Sixty percent? Eighty percent? Hundred? I don’t see how adding a completely isolated offline single player could affect online play to any great extent.

    17. Ye, posting an interview Rob Pardo did where he talks about RMAH! What were you thinking??  Ignore it, keep it off the news page man, suppress the argument.

      Feed us fluffy bunny news only.

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