Gametrailers has added a short non-interview with Rob Pardo. It’s just him talking; the questions are not included until the very end when the interviewer asks about Project Titan… and gets nothing.

    Pardo talks about the DiabloWikibanner system for Battle.net, better party system for B.net, the shared DiabloWikistash, the DiabloWikiAuction House, and the RMT aspect — about which Pardo says, “I think is gonna be really really fun for players, since they’re already doing it anyway.” Um… okay. (Imagine if that logic had worked our parents when we were children caught with our hands in the cookie jar?)

    He also talks about how they want the Auction House to be player-driven, without any set prices or other controls, though he stresses that the developers will be watching very closely to stop hacking or cheating.

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