RMAH Patch Changes

News of changes to the function of the Beta testing version of the DiabloWikiReal Money Auction House in a patch today.

We will be performing a small server update today at approximately 10:00 a.m. PST to implement the following changes to the currency-based auction house:

  • Players will now receive three free listings per week (rather than six per hour).
  • Items will now be listed for 48 hours instead of 12 hours. Stackable items will continue to be listed for 48 hours.

We anticipate that downtime as a result of this update will be minimal, lasting for about 30 minutes. To learn more about the currency-based auction house, be sure to check out the FAQ:


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  1. Three listings per week? I hope that number is very much for testing purposes because that is lame… the final product better have more than that… like at least 5 per week…

    • Do you really expected more than that?
      I predicted many times that Blizzard would give players ridiculous low amounts of free auctions, and that’s the reason why I’m still refusing to buy and play D3 in the future.

      IMO the right thing to do would be making all item listing free and then limit the amount of offers that players could make every week/month to avoid idiotic offers appearing in the AH only because its free to list them. That way every player could freely offer their items, avoiding unfair competition with those that can pay for unlimited amount of auctions (aka item stores). Blizzard then could deduct a fee for each item sold and not from each item listed. They would loose money with the free item listing but in the other side they would also gain money because a larger amount of items are being offered and sold.

      I HATE games where people can buy power with money, but since I love Diablo I could tolerate playing it if the RMAH worked like in my sugestion.

      • I totally agree with you.  Buying win is something I detest.  Its my belief that anyone that says its not buying win, is either deluding themselves, or purposefully pushing the blizzard propaganda.  Even if you don’t PvP…EVER… that doesn’t mean there isn’t an element of competition.  The argument that you can’t win diablo doesn’t really fly either, the primary objective of diablo games has been the loot…If you can remove that with a credit card…Well, if that’s not buying win, then I don’t know what is.

        Anyway, synchrotron, I don’t know if you are a hardcore player or not, but I will be and for anyone that hasn’t tried it I would have to recommend it.  I was hooked almost immediately and I have never looked back.  Just a thought for your future Diabloing.

        • Never really enjoyed hardcore. Mostly because my country has shitty ISPs and I can’t really rely in a constant connection to play. Also I’m always busy doing all kinds of stuff and in many occasions I have to quickly leave the computer to do something important. In PvE I can just quit the the game before I leave the computer, but that’s not an option in a PvP match.

  2. They should test something more realistic, like 1-3 per day, as opposed to 6/hour or 3/week

  3. Guess what! You can have more listings per week, you just have to pay. If they give you so many free listings that most people don’t even need to restrict themselves if they want to avoid fees, it would be pointless…

    • Except that they also charge a portion each time you buy something.

      In fact, it would be advantageous to them to allow free posting, and then translate that posting cost into a flat consumer paid fee.  In business removing barriers to entry stimulates the supplier side.  Allowing a more free supply side will make it easier to sell the more common items on the RMAH.  This in turn lets blizzard cash in on  a larger portion of the economy, which makes them more money.

      Additionally 3 free auctions a week is really low.  1 a day would be fine, heck even 1 every business day would be better, but 3 a week is just discouraging to potential suppliers.

      I would also advise not too look into the bobbyeyes.jpg  they have negative effects on people.

  4. My guess is it will all get adjusted to fit the market’s needs. Not enough supply? Make more free listings available, since from Blizz’s perspective, x% transaction fees > 0% from missing listings. Not enough demand? Reduce free listings, since from Blizz’s perspective, y% listing fees > 0% from listings that don’t sell.
    Will the market reach equilibrium over time? I don’t know. Blizz will probably have their market analysts watching larger trends to adjust accordingly. Just like they do with WoW pricing. Subscribership dropping? Slash the prices — hell offer 7 days free!

  5. Diminishing free postings is a good thing. Right now, I think it allows for too much. See all the junk in there!?

    • So, from a Blizzard perspective, the more junk the better.  That’s potential revenue for them.  If they push people to only list the ‘quality’ items, they are limiting a large portion of potential revenue.  

      A decent filter system could make the junk less of an issue to us players that don’t want to see it.

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