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Since the DiabloWikiRMAH went live last week I’ve been looking for interesting coverage of it online. I figured we’d see a rash of articles from an economic perspective, or ones surveying the early market changes, etc. I’m still looking. Other than Azzure’s quick reaction post, there have been few useful mentions of it, and most of those seem to have been beamed in from 2002 with a shocked/puzzled, “Lookit those crazy kids paying money for things that aren’t real!” mindset.

These aren’t that bad, but they’re not exactly insightful, detailed delvings into the devious designs of deadly diadem dealers.

The News Statesman covered the early high price listings and lack of sales with a somewhat humorous and largely-fact free piece about the Devastating Price Crash in the Diablo III Hamburger Market.

The problem with the Horadric Hamburger is that although it’s classified as an extremely rare item by the game, it’s actually a bit rubbish. The game models stabbing someone with a hamburger relatively faithfully. That is to say, it doesn’t hurt very much. As a result, no player who is practiced enough to find the damn thing is actually going to use it. It’s a bit like a solid gold tennis-racket.

  • The Horadric Hamburger
  • So the natural reaction of all the players was to take this immensely rare, precious, thing which they didn’t actually want and use a new feature of the game which debuted last Friday: the real money auction house. There, they could sell their valuable trinket for cash money, and use it to buy real hamburgers which they can eat, rather than stab NPCs with.

    Unfortunately, it seems everyone else had the same idea. As PC Games Network reported, three hours after the auction house opened, the burgers were listed at an average price of £87.91, with 12 chancers going for the maximum price of £200. By Tuesday, it appeared that they had realised their folly. Although it’s impossible to tell how many sold, the average price had plummeted to just £7.50.

    Elsewhere, the website of a Sacramento, California TV station has an article about one of their employees allegedly making $250 in 9 days via the RMAH.

    The game is Diablo III. The idea is to kill monsters for stuff that allows you kill tougher monsters. Mike’s customers are people who want to skip ahead , and they are willing to pay – sometimes as much as the cost of the game itself – to do it.

    The black market for this equipment for years. But Diablo III creators have built the auction functionality right into the game. And, they take a cut.

    “I’ve made $250 in nine days,” Hilscher said.

    Remember, we are talking about real, U.S. Dollars.

    So, how’s the DiabloWikireal money trading going for you guys? Assuming your one big buy or sale didn’t vanish into Bobby’s bottomless lake of gold coins…

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    30 thoughts on “RMAH Media Coverage

    1. Sitting on around $150… Haven’t spent a dime on the RMAH, but don’t really want to spend any money either even though it would make more sense than trying to use gold at this point.

      I wouldn’t say I’m surprised by the RMAH, I don’t really have the motivation to improve my characters further though… probably due to the state of the game in part, and partly due to the fact that the market simply isn’t established and I don’t want to spend my free time sifting through a billion AH postings trying to find ones that aren’t ridiculously overpriced.

      The AH simply is too slow, and doesn’t classify equipment well enough. I shouldn’t have to mouse over 100% of the items I’m searching for to examine whether or not they’ve actually got crit dmg, only to find out they have a flawless square emerald in them, for example. I should be able to restrict my search by DPS, etc. etc. It just isn’t fun browsing the AH constantly, particularly when you can only sort by 3 modifiers.

      It’s really sapping my enjoyment of the game.

      • Just put in the stats you want and then sort by minimum buyout price. Then you don’t have to sort through the postings of 9,000,000 gold for a blue. If you put a max buyout of any amount (like 9999999), it will disregard any items without a buyout, so you don’t have to go through 10 pages first.

    2. I’ve made about $50-60 so far, that’s gone straight to my paypal. I’d rather spend money that extra cash on gas/groceries, than on something I can find in game myself. It’s quite nice to get a couple hours of work extra pay each week, for playing a video game.

    3. Since using the paypal option deducts a dollar, plus Blizz’s cut of like 4 cents for a minimum price sale…

      I’ve made about 46 cents I think. Raking in the big money.

    4. Earned enough to cover the cost of the game..twice, at about the rate I was expecting but not as effortlessly as I thought, seeing as most Europeans (me included) refuse to pay real money for virtual goods.

    5. I’ve made around 54€ so far but got pretty good amulet for sale and expecting atleast 25€ of it. Only item i bought was a ring for 1,75€

      Nice way for a poor student to earn some extra for weekends 😉

    6. I sold something on the RMAH for $1.35. After Blizzard’s cut, I made $0.35.

      Fuck You Blizzard.

      • Easy Solution. Don’t sell for $1.35

        Here are a few price levels you can post at depending on how much you’d like to earn off a sales.

        The first column is the desired profit.
        Second column is what to post if you’re just cashing out to your Battle.net balance.
        Third column is what to post if you’re cashing out to PayPal

        Profit ~ B.net ~ PayPal
        $1.00 ~ $2.00 ~ $2.18
        $2.00 ~ $3.00 ~ $3.36
        $3.00 ~ $4.00 ~ $4.53
        $4.00 ~ $5.00 ~ $5.71
        $5.00 ~ $6.00 ~ $6.89

      • Actually, most of the cut is for paypal. They break it down for you. $1 for Paypal, $0.04 for Blizzard, and $0.35 for you.

    7. I haven’t spent even a penny of my own money yet. That’s a personal challenge that I’ve set for myself.

      I have however taken the opportunity to attempt to sell items that I’ve crafted in-game. So far since the RMAH went live I’ve managed to make 36 sales, of which 31 were cashed out to PayPal. Almost all were for an after-transaction profit of $2 to $5, with one notable exception of a sale over the weekend that garnered me $66 after transaction fees. All in all I’ve added about $165 to my PayPal account.

      Yet there is still a lot to the RMAH that I don’t fully grasp. I’d have to admit that I’m still learning about which stats players find most attractive, and there is sadly a definitive lack of information online at the moment regarding how players value judge their items and what different types of players currently look for in gear.

      I suppose though that ultimately the best way to know what other players want for their characters would be to simply play through the game as thoroughly and vigorously as possible, on each of the classes.

    8. I’ve made $98 out of a single item, and $0.50 from another one. I only put things on the RMAH when my AH is full and I don’t want to wait.

        • Doesn’t necessarily have to be trolling. For those that got to Inferno quick and geared up cheaply, they now have a ridiculously easy time farming.

          My fresh PayPal account just ticked over $700 this week and I have about 130 hours played total (i.e. avg 3 hours a day or so). If someone had been playing a LOT since release there’s no reason at all why they could not have a couple of thousand dollars by now.

    9. $250 is nothing. There are people out there, trading 24/7, instead of playing the game. Have seen a friend lately with 500.000.000 Gold and over 1500 EUR on PayPal.

    10. I’ve barely used the RMAH but I’ve paid off my collector’s edition already. I’m really surprised by the prices people are willing to pay ($10-$20) for mediocre items, but I sure ain’t complaining!

    11. This game is pathetic, rofl. I keep coming back hoping that it’ll live up to the franchise name, but I can see that just isn’t going to happen.

    12. judging from this post, the pendulum has swung from “any kind of RMT sales is wrong!” to “RMT buyers are suckers but I’m making moneys selling to them.”

      Either no one who has bought anything is reading this, or no one is willing to admit that they’re buying, or some/many/most/all of you guys who say you’re selling are stretching the truth.

    13. I’ve spent a whopping $0 and sold a bunch of nothing for $0. I’m sure it is great, but a part of me is thinking the DIII RMAH is just a big beta for Blizz’s upcomming new MMO.

    14. I managed to sell a rare amulet so far before patch 1.0.3 for $49.95. So I made off with a little over $41.

      Patches are still coming gradually as you, just like when D2 first got released. It isn’t perfect but where can you find other ARPG games that allow you to play and make some money along the way? I used to buy Team Fortress 2 keys and Valve kept every penny…not anymore. Beat that, Gabe!

    15. I made like $8.50. I tried selling off all my best Barb gear because I basically stopped playing. But his equipment isn’t selling even for just a few dollars. I was hoping to earn back my CE money, but it’s not looking possible now.

    16. Sold the first legendary I found, a decent roll on a Leoric’s Crown (found in the Jar of Souls on NM as I was searching for… Leoric’s Crown… must have been a different one). Sold it on the RMAH for $2.49. Got $1.49 into my Blizz account because I didn’t have PayPal linked yet. Nothing else I’ve had has sold or been worthy of selling.

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