RMAH Commodities Coming Soon

The latest update by Blizzard announces that commodities will be coming to the RMAH “soon”. How soon is unknown but it looks like it must just be around the corner.

The following commodities will be available for trading in the real-money auction house:

  • Gems
  • Dyes
  • Crafting Materials
  • Blacksmithing Plans and Jeweler Designs
  • Pages of Training

The ability to trade gold as a commodity won’t be included in this initial update, but we hope to enable it in the near future. Keep an eye on this thread for further updates.

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    19 thoughts on “RMAH Commodities Coming Soon

    1. I don’t want gold to become available for real money ever. Gold prices for decent gear on the GAH are bad enough / too high already.

      • I like the polar opposite solution. ONLY have gold on the RMAH. That’s it you can buy gold and only gold. Eliminate having two auction houses splitting all the gear and make everyone compete with the same currency.

        • That would give people with $$$$ all the power, the same as if gold becomes available for real money.

          If Blizzard adds gold to the RMAH I have to question why Blizzard created 2 AH’s in the first place. Why go through the trouble, or make us choose which AH to list items, separating them, making it harder to search, when in the end anyone with $$$$ has access to everything? And those with gold-only are relegated to only having access to a subset of what is actually available.

          If Blizzard adds gold to the RMAH, they may as well, as you said, have one AH and only sell gold for real money.

          • I don’t think it would give people using $ more power then they already have.

            As it sits now the best items are only sold on the RMAH which makes sense. If you drop a perfect item and can get 100-200 real dollars for it why wouldn’t you try to sell it. So people that don’t want to use RMAH never even get a chance at buying those perfect items. If only gold were sold on RMAH then at least you would get a chance at buying those items.

            On a long enough time line all items are going to be devalued. This is because there is currently no method to remove great items from the game. Eventually only the best items will be posted on the AH because of the 10 post limit. Sellers are only going to post their 10 most profitable items. Unless blizzard changes that any item with sub optimal specs is going to be trashed, salvaged, or posted short for quick turn over. Eliminating one of the auction houses will speed up that process. Due to competition and the increased availability of near perfect items the price of those items will go down. As the community matures and more people are able to purchase those items there will be an influx of gold due to the ease of farming. This will further devalue gold causing inflation to battle with over supply of items. Combined with the increased ease of getting gold through play the RMAH will serve fewer people.

            This only works if GOLD is the only commodity and all items are sold for gold.

    2. Once you have all your equipment gemmed what is the point of gems. I have piles of gems I’ll never need. They need to find something to do with them.

    3. What is the point of dyes in RMAH? There are more colors that can’t be bought from vendors?

      • Aren’t some colors drops? I have not found any myself, but I thought some colors were going to be drops.

        • All dyes can be found on vendors, but certain dyes only show up in certain difficulties. abyssal, golden, and… purity I think only show up in inferno. So giving access to them for people not yet in inferno is why you can sell them.

          • Actually, GAH is a way to find all dyes in the same place. I was a little lazy and bought some to get the achievement. And no, I’m not a better person because of that… :mrgreen:

      • Expansion-fodder. They’ll likely drop dyes that have additional effects, like sparkles or smoke etc.

    4. Watch this:

      Diablo 3 (and its expansions) will probably be longer played than Diablo 2 (and certainly longer than D1).

      And the reason is the combo of Gold AH / RMAH / gear chase.

      and the choices to use them or not.

      (that last sentence is really its secret in the long run).

    5. How about fixing the email verification that sets up the mobile authenticator, I still haven’t got access!

    6. Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts as we enter hyperinflation.

    7. Selling commodities can’t come fast enough!
      I’ve saved all my essences/tears/brimstones since I first set foot into Inferno just to sell them for $$$

    8. The real reason for Blizzard not to activate Gold in RMAH is the fear that people will sell all gold and just leave the game. Now they have to wait and meanwhile Blizzard tries to find ways to create more content/promises. 8)

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