RMAH Commodities are Live

RMAH Commodities Live

As we expected after datamining this latest patch last week, the Commodities are now live in the RMAH. Now you can sell on  your gems, dyes, crafting materials, plans/designs. It’s going to be really interesting to see how the commodities settle in the market, and what about those Firey Brimstones?

So far the system seems to be live in the US but not in Europe which will no doubt go live in the very near future.

Checking over what little is there so far I see that Fiery Brimstone which caused much discussion last week in the Markets forum is going for $.37.  Dyes are at about $.25.  I’ve only been able to get this information from Flux as I don’t have access to the US RMAH (account is euro based) so please add some comments on what’s going for what if you can.

If you are looking for valuations and want to make sure you don’t pay over the odds then check our Valuation Forum.

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    23 thoughts on “RMAH Commodities are Live

    1. At this moment using Fiery Brimstone as a measure, 239 000 gold = $0.39 US. This has comical implications to those who thought that anything but scoring lucky rolls on items would yield a profit. This must work out to pennies per hour.

      • You’re wrong, it’s not. 500k is around 3-4 dollars right now, if you use that 500k to buy the right items to sell on the RMAH. I make about 30-40 bucks a day selling 3-5 dollar items. Most of the items I buy are under 500k gold.

        If you use fiery brimstone as your benchmark then you’re not going to make much profit from this game.

        • I just don’t think you understand how an economy works. Wait even just 24 hours and see how it changes to correct to the cheapest way one could procure 500 000 gold (buying 72 cents worth of brimstone and then selling them for 240 000g each). Either that or brimstone will drastically fall in price on the Gold AH which then has other implications.

    2. finally, i am going to put up those 500 blacksmitthing pages now! woot, 3 bucks here i come.

      curious how i am charged in retrospect from blizzard though.

    3. Diablo 3 just started in its long term playing value.

      Wait till they add the new Legendaries and PvP…

      It is going to be a hard time again to resist playing …:)

      How much is a Star gem going ???

      • Radiant Star Ruby is 30 bucks!!! A Star Ruby will set you back about $1.50…

        Of course Star is where the road ends unless you find/acquire the 3 plans which follow…. interesting look at the rarity of the plans

    4. Been acquiring/saving commodities such as essences/tomes and such for a long time, hoping blizzard would be smart enough to lower the .25 minimum unit price to .01 or .05. Essences and stuff literally don’t sell at .25 and I will be surprised if they ever do.

      I have 10 auctions up for various commodities and quantities, all at .25 and none have sold.

    5. I am sure prices will be coming down soon. People are selling things for insane amounts at the moment.

    6. I have noticed crazy amounts on the GAH for items. I used to find good deals but now the flippers grab everything up really quick. Somebody just looking for an upgrade that isnt filthy rich is SOL. I guess I will just have to tuff it out with less than optimal gear because I am not giving 5 million gold for a good ring. Then PVP will kick prices up even more.

    7. “Dyes are at about $.25” Herp derp, by that logic, chipped gems are also “at” about $.25. Hint: There’s a minimum price for commodities. No one’s buying at those prices. 🙄

    8. Yay! Hopefully they can implement selling gold soon (but don’t do it in WoW or you’ll get banned!) so they can completely ruin what little economy is left. Consider it polish.

    9. It’s simple: We kill the Ba-
      I mean we have to put all our commodities on the RMAH so that there aren’t enough on the GAH. It would be logic to do this and get money, but LOL! LOGIC!!

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