Risk of Alt RMAH Accounts Being Banned?

With the RMAH now in full swing, there was an interesting post from a player who had purchased a second account to gain extra slots for the sole purpose of utilising the RMAH. According to the player, the account was banned by Blizzard stating  ” this account has recently been involved in actions deemed inappropriate for Diablo III by the In-Game Support staff of Blizzard Entertainment”.

The player in question had not played a character on the account just created a level 1. We don’t know the full story, but oddly enough according to his post, neither does he because Blizzard state in the support response that “we are unable to discuss the outcomes of our investigations due to privacy concerns”.

If Blizzard are contacting an individual to tell them their account has been banned, they are contacting them through the email the account was registered under so why there are privacy concerns seems a bit of a mystery.  It could also be a case of the individual being suspected of off-the-wall bidding in an attempt to get more money from his own auctions.

Has anyone else taken this route and purchased another account for the sole purpose of using the RMAH on that second account? If so, it may be advisable to at least level up a character on that account just in case.

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    17 thoughts on “Risk of Alt RMAH Accounts Being Banned?

        • Strange indeed, considering the Battle.net interface allows and seems to encourage multiple account management: [WoW1], etc.

          I also remembering seeing a blue somewhere (sorry, can’t remember where) which stated there’s nothing wrong with owning multiple Battle.net accounts.


        • No maybe not in the TOS, all I know is that my b.net account won’t let me buy anymore than 1 copy of d3

      • Wouldn’t have to be botting – shill bidding is enough. It’s considered a species of fraud in many countries.

        Blizzard would have plenty of reasons to object, no matter whether it was done automatically or manually, deliberately or accidentally.

        • IMO that’s bullshit because nothing prevents two friends to abuse the system with two different accounts, so why should I be the only one punished because I’m doing the same thing, but alone?

          It’s the same case of D2, you could be banned for running 2 games in the same computer (even if you didn’t use loaders), so a group of friends players can easily mule items and rush themselves while a lonely player can’t…

    1. That’s weird, one would think Blizzard would welcome people buying multiple accounts. They certainly ‘made’ a big part of the really competitive SC2 players buy multiple accounts(sometimes upwards of 4) and didn’t mind the extra with the potential + 2 expansions for each ,although they did cave in and will introduce global play with hots.

    2. Or they could be using one account to bump bids on other accounts’ auctions. That’s a reason why auction sites limit accounts per address/SSN/ip/whatever.

      Of course you could always count on a friend, but still…

      • Good point.

        The fact that there’s no “actual bids received” column on the AH interface is a huge problem. You typically have to scroll through page after page of items that will simply expire because they’re priced too high.

        It would also quickly reveal any of these type of scams.

    3. you can have more than one account.

      i have a recent alt with a lvl 1 and no play time that i haven’t had a problem with (yet) and an alt with a played char that i have been using since day 1 that i have used to move bobbybucks to paypal with no problems.

      my guess is in this situation there is more to the story but time will tell.

    4. The privacy concerns quote is just cut and paste boilerplate nonsense they include in all correspondence. I’ve actually read that same warning in an email where they asked me for additional information on a support ticket. He should ask for some clarification. Either that or he isn’t telling the whole story.

    5. I have a second account for AH slots (HC Gold though, no RMAH) as well as a leveling placeholder character (Who’s already made it to level 59 just being a placeholder)

    6. Or everything was very glitchy and the log is screwed. Dude might be telling the truth – why contact u about it?

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