All Diablo 3 Games now on Sale including Necromancer Pack

Blizzard has now discounted the Rise of the Necromancer Pack and even Diablo 3 and ROS has been given a price drop.

The Necromancer Pack can be picked up now for £8.46 which is a 33% discount. Diablo 3, which I assume most of you already own, is down to £8.49 as is the Reaper of Souls expansion. As this is a sale, expect prices to go back up at some point so it’s worth grabbing any of these offers now. You have all of these already right?

Head to the store to pick up the discounts.

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  1. Shame that the Digital Deluxe Edition upgrade is still £17.00.

  2. i did buy them all the first day they where available , never had any regrets …
    Still loving it all

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