Ring of Royal Grandeur Farming Exploit?

You want? You take!

You want? You take!

The DiabloWikiRing of Royal Grandeur (armory) has become the most sought after item in Diablo 3, as its legendary affix is basically mandatory for all end game gearing decisions, given the power of partial Item Set bonuses. The hard part is finding one, as it’s one of the five legendary items that can only be obtained from Act One Horadric Caches. This is good in a way, as it’s the sole remaining item/profit-based reason players have to do *anything* other than RiftRiftRift. (Given the game’s design direction in recent months, I’m frankly surprised the RoRG hasn’t been turned into a Greater Rift Guardian drop.)

Most players hunt RoRGs with brute force, by grinding hundreds of Act One bounties as quickly as possible, which usually means split-farming on Normal difficulty. That’ll work, eventually, but is there a better way? A user in our Diablo 3 community forum named Horadrimm says yes, there’s a trick to it, by following a method players are calling the “Junger Rules.” Quote:

I got 5 RORGS with very minimal effort and so can you!!

How it works: The game has a pity timer, meaning that if you don’t get a legendary within an hour or so it drops one for you automatically. The goal the aforementioned method of farming is to ensure that pity drop is in your horadric cache and not in the world.

What to do:

  • Do not kill any mobs except those required for objectives.
  • Do not kill goblins.
  • Do not open chests including resplendent chests.
  • Do not destroy breakables (pots, barrels, looting bodies etc).
  • Do not pop fortune shrines.
  • Do not kill mobs from required cursed chest and shrine event objectives until the timer has run out.
  • Avoiding a legendary drop in the world increases the chance the pity timer drops one in your cache.

    First off, the guy who invented this was apparently named Junger, so now it’s called the “Junger Rules.” Which is fine, but how the hell did they avoid the obvious pun and call it the “Junger Games?” So that’s what I’m calling it, since I’m all about obvious puns.

    As for the technique, the theory is that since the game has a “pity timer” that increases your chances of finding a legendary item the longer you go without finding one, you can exploit this by obtaining a Horadric Cache after not finding any Legendaries for some time. Hence not killing Goblins, not opening golden chests, avoiding random Elites, etc. This is a sacrifice since it’ll lower your total legendaries found, but boost your chances of finding that all-important RoRG.

    Does it work? Some players swear it does, others say it doesn’t. And thus we’re plunged back into the conspiracy theories that are inevitably spawned by item hunting in a game where we don’t know exactly how item drops work. I think the principle is sound, as the pity timer is real, but I’m not at all sure the stated rules are how it should be done.

    First of all, we don’t know when items in a Horadric Cache are determined. The Junger Gamers say the legendary pity timer works when you find the Cache, but that seems contrary to what we know about how Horadric Caches determine their item drops. Remember early in RoS, when players were storing Caches up in Normal and opening them on Torment 6? That was a real exploit, easily observed since it caused Imperial Gems to drop from Caches found in Normal. (Which made it seem that items in Caches were determined when the Cache was opened. NOT when it was found.)

    Blizzard confirmed that exploit by hotfixing it and adding an internal tag to unopened Caches that tracked what DiabloWikidifficulty level they were found on, and the level of the character that farmed them. (So if you find bags with a lvl 70 and open with a lvl 60, all the items will be lvl 70.) Bliz later expanded on that in Patch 2.0.5 when they boosted the chances for legendary items to drop from Caches found on Torment 2 and higher.

    Furthermore, Bliz recently confirmed that items from Caches roll their smart drop according to the class of the character that opens the cache. It doesn’t matter who farms the cache in terms of what items drop. That matches my experience and testing as well, as I once farmed a bunch of caches with my DH and my Barb, and then opened them with a WD and got almost all INT gear, plus several Witch Doctor-restricted items.

    Given those facts, it seems unlikely that caches would determine the quality of items when they are found, but not roll their stats until they are opened. AFAIK, the game rolls the type and stats for an item at the same time, and we know the stats are rolled to the class that opens the cache, not the one that finds it.

    The other issue is the legendary pity drop, which is also only imperfectly explained/understood. From what Blizzard has said in the past, after some amount of time without finding a legendary, a timer starts counting up that increases the chances of a leg dropping. Blizzard has that players should very seldom go over 2 hours without finding a legendary, so presumably the timer starts at 60-90m and by 120m the odds are approaching 100%.

    All that stated… how can we exploit use the pity drop timer to find more RoRGs? The way the Junger Gamers are doing it now seems viable, as they are playing in a way to minimize legendary finds while opening Act One Caches. Thus boosting the odds that they’ll find a legendary item from the Cache. But 1) they might find a leg by accident, 2) the pity timer gets reset every time they do, 3) and it seems more likely that what matters is when you open the cache, not when you get it from Tyrael.

    Testing, Because Science

    Happily, this should be easy to test. Save up a bunch of A1 Caches but don’t open them. Then one day when you’re around your computer but can’t actually play (because work, homework, bad lag, etc), just leave your character sitting in town for a couple of hours (you’d have to Alt+Tab back to move once in a while so you don’t get disconnected) and after a couple of hours, start opening up Horadric Caches. (Edit: This wouldn’t work, as commenters pointed out that Bliz said the pity timer doesn’t run while AFK. See the new {wiki]Legendary Pity Timer[/wiki] wiki article for blue quotes.)

    Another way to try this. Just play normally, and sometime when you get a long run of bad luck and haven’t seen a legendary for a couple of hours, pop back to town and open up caches until you get one.

    In either case, you should see a leg from a cache quickly, if the pity timer works to boost cache legendaries. (If it doesn’t, the whole Junger Games thing is without function.) The general consensus on “legs from caches” is around 1 per 10 caches, so anything considerably/consistently higher than that from trying to exploit the pity timer should be pretty visible. Of course the timer resets each time you find a leg, so testing this would take a while.

    Anyone tried it already? Got your own theories about when and how legendary items drop from caches? And has anyone farmed a bunch of caches on high Torment level and noticed increased leg drop rates from them? If offends me that split farming on Normal is the best way to find anything.


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    1. I'm fine with a technique like this to get a Rorg, but Blizzard doesn't like 'required' items. The only fix I can see is boosting legendaries to compete with sets.

      How about legendary sets, for example? I'm using the shard of hate and mykas ball of hate together– why doesn't that give some sort of bonus?

    2. The problem with D3 in regards to RORG is that you have three rings effectively the most needed: RORG, SOJ, and Unity.

      All the other cool rings really don't compete, Dead Man's and soon to be the Crusader pet one occasionally get ran, but again, its blizzard's lack of forsight to see that +elite damage and +elemental damage on a ring or a ring that gives -1 to set item requires and works on all sets is just to powerful to compete with. Unity is a trick to let you last longer and also gives +elite damage and normally rolls with maximum damage mods (+stat/cd/cc/ar).

      I honestly wished that'd remove SOJ and RORG from ladder as it would totally change character development and open the game up greatly.

    3. I’ve tried Junger for about 20 caches. Not a great sample size, and no RoRG, but someone else in the party did pop one.

      Also, I’m pretty sure Blizz have confirmed that the “pity timer” only counts down when you’re actually killing monsters. Standing in town won’t do it.

      • I meant to research that before I posted this, but didn't get around to it. Next morning spurred by comments, I dug up the blue quotes and yes, they said the pity timer doesn't run when AFK. Just how rigorously that's tracked is unknown — could you go afk standing in the zombies outside of Tristram (if you had enough regen to not die) and after two hours come back and get a leg from your first kill?

        At any rate, I made a new wiki article with the relevant blue quotes.

    4. A quick note:

      “(The problem is that we don’t know if the pity timer runs while you’re just standing in town, or only when you’re triggering “could have gotten a legendary but didn’t” events. AKA actually playing.)”

      We actually do know. Blizzard has said it only counts up time while you’re in combat.

    5. So tp on some map, gather pack of mobs and run around with them on your tail for like 1 hour – you are technically in combat so timer should work 😉

    6. This exploit might be viable, but not all of us have countless hours to test such things. And actually I don’t like to skip monsters, especially elite ones.
      I really need one of these rings,but I’ll continue to play in style I like.

    7. Yeah, like the others said, the devs have said in the past you can't AFK the "pity" timer. Plus, the poster of this "exploit" originally makes the claim that it helps find a ring with "minimal effort," however it doesn't take into account if you get a legendary off a white mob, if it's during a bounty…that resets the timer.

      Honestly, if people want to starve themselves of legendaries farming for only one single item in the game, when their chances of getting one just playing normally aren't much different, let them go right ahead. It'll only make the game feel LESS satisfying for them if they don't get it. It's the same silly trickery people use for split bounties. The main reason they do it is for cache legendaries, but imagine the stuff they're probably leaving behind not following the group and doing bounties together on higher torments. I'd rather crank up difficulty, do less bounties total, and have better chances of getting items additional rings of royal grandeur can actually help me utilize, then JUST farm the stupid ring without the set pieces for it to matter.

      • I remember one thing I did in Sacred (1 & 2 to farm Survival Bonus which increased your stats & MF% based on the amount of time you'd been in combat since you last died) was to go AFK on a low difficulty with a ranged weapon in range of mobs that couldn't attack you (ie, the other side of a river from melee mobs).

        You could try something similar here, farm a load of caches in whatever manner you want, then take your character (ideally a tanky char like a Crusader with lots of block & the heal on block passive, or any char with lots of life per sec & no thorns) to normal & gather a mob or two & then just go AFK. As long as you're healing more than you're getting damaged (hence normal with life per sec, or heal on block or whatever) & you don't have thorns or a companion with you, you should remain in combat for as long as you want/need (getting kicked for inactivity notwithstanding).

      • B/c RROG is worth a hell of a lot more than any of those legendaries you're likely to find. What's worth more, a single RROG or a million Ivory Towers?

    8. Seems viable, but the timer won't work on an afk.

      Honestly I really wish they'd remove RoRG. Level 70 normal adventure mode public games are 100% split farming act 1 to the point you get votekicked if you don't split farm. Open a rift? Votekicked. Bounty somewhere else? Votekicked. Actually go with someone to do a bounty /together/ instead of split farm? Votekicked. And it's all because of this ONE item.

      Really takes a lot of the fun out of the game.

    9. IIRC, devs said explicitly that pity timer doesn't work on caches.

    10. I have 14 Rorg’s like I said in the thread , I open every chest , aoe everything , I do the exact opposite of what he says to do . Minimal effort because I run through on normal , yet I have 14 . So I can’t see this working , people have luck / don’t have luck .
      I don’t believe in this so called pity timer , doing rifts it barely has a chance ever to kick in , people in my clan are getting like 4/5/6 items per 10 minute rift , how can a pity timer even kick in . Then , the pity time doesn’t affect caches does it , lol .
      Want a RoRG stop running torment , yeah they drop , but you are adding more legendaries to the pool , normal all the way .

    11. More on timer:
      MVP MissCheetah explains that it's not guaranted leg every 2h. Much more time will be needed.
      Add to this info posted by grandmaster (if you use google, you can find other people confirming it) and your exploit is nothing more but a waste of time.

      Haha, I remember when one of our HC Europe clan memebers left, after other member (sorry, can't remember who, though I count on Highdry) yelled at him, when he sad that he can farm RoRGs from every cache 😀 (That's the only reason we came up to)

    12. If this thing actually works, I guess we'll soon have yet another "we can't have nice things" situation and Blizzard will nerf a lot that pity drop to fix the exploit, just as they have done with every single thing that has been exploited in an obscure way…

    13. If the pity timer doesn't work on gambling then why would it work on caches?

      Especially considering that caches roll on the character that opens them. Think about it. How are these things most likely represented on the server when they are in their unopened state?

      "Horadric Cache, Normal 70" or

      "Horadric Cache, rare sword, rare armor, marq ruby, marq topaz, 2 rift keys, health potion"

      It must be the former. Remember when Blizzard patched the game to add the "Normal 70" part (not shown to the players) so that opening Normal caches on Torment wouldn't give Imperial level gems? Well if the game was using the second proposed system where the items were rolled when the cache was created then that patch wouldn't have been necessary. Think about it.

      So item type and quality is definitely determined when the cache is opened. If you want to be superstitious you can try opening caches during a dry spell but I bet it doesn't matter. The cache packing function has no reason to check the pity timer, your MF, or anything else except your current class and the game the cache was farmed in.

      • And no, they didn't patch the game to use the second method because the rares in a bounty cache are smart-rolled item types. Meaning orbs on Wizards. (As Flux pointed out.)

        But, Junger Rules are probably effective. Because anyone doing it right is farming A1 with discipline. As opposed to public games where people just lazily kill things because, hey if I don't get to that 5th bounty, someone else will. When you ignore chests, kill exactly 100 monsters when the bounty asks for 100, and let cursed events timeout, you're moving fast and efficiently.

    14. I have 1 question. Do plans and forgotten souls consider as legendary drops?
      If someone knows, I’ll appreciate an answer.

    15. I haven't found one for my crusader yet, after ~120 caches. I gave up since it's not really BIS anyways – SoJ+Unity is preferable for crusader (at least solo) with 6piece Akkhan.

      So now I'm farming for a second Unity, still nada after fully completing dozens of rifts and gambling thousands of shards. 🙁

    16. To clear up any confusion, bag contents are determined on drop, not when you open them. The pity timer only counts down while you're in combat.

      In my opinion, the pity timer doesn't "kick in" after you haven't gotten a leg in a while but rather resets itself after you get a legendary, then slowly tapers up MF or leg chance until you get another leg.

      The whole idea of the Junger rules is to minimize the chance of getting a leg in the world so it's instead generated in your bag. Hope this clears things up.

    17. The Junger rules have been around the WD forums since the first time he made the post detailing the runs and the rules of them. Many of us were part of these groups, No chests, No killing unique/elite packs that weren’t part of bounty. No floor tiles, no barrels nothing. This was always done on Normal(prior to T2, still normal preferred) If you do this with a group, it personally requires each person in the group to have the discipline NOT to open chests like resplendent or do anything that could possibly drop a legendary for YOU when you aren’t there, like goblins.

      Anyhow, I got 16 royal rings in one day doing runs this way with Junger himself. Was it easy, was it an exploit? Hell no, This took nearly 3-4 hours of nonstop game remake after remake and breaks every 30-45 minutes for a drink and whatnot.

      I have since done this solo, Still on normal even after the ‘scaling bonus’ on T2+ which I think is worse because as another posted said. You are adding more legendary drops to the pool. I did 11 A1 bounty runs on my DH and was saving the caches banking them. After about 45 minutes I opened them to make room, the 3rd cache had my ring waiting in it. I also got a leoric necklace. But yes a legendary(eye of etlich) did drop while I did these runs from bounty mob but 1 leg did not seem to offset the balance.

      Believe in what you will, I don’t care for other legendaries. As the OP states RRoG is the most sought after item in the game basically it makes or breaks a characters build. I will continue using the Junger rules because I do not care if a Stolen ring, Aquila Cuirass, Goldskin, Goldwrap, Blackthorn boots whatever COULD have dropped its all trash to me whereas the royal ring of grandeur is NOT. Choose what options you think are best for yourself, and go for it.

    18. Man, 16 RRoG rolls would pretty much guarantee the chance of getting one with good stats (main stat/crit/crit dmg/soon to be slot).

      If what Jupe says is true, I'd say it's worth it to get a good roll. All my RRoG are pathetic as rings go.

    19. Yeah It took about 10 royal rings for int until i was able to get a solid CC CHD ring, my jade WD wears a rerolled 6% CC 48% CHD 488int 1900LoH(rolled the IAS off for jade) But lucky enough for my pet build I took another 7% rolled ring with roughly 40% CHD and rerolled crit on it all was well. My DH got lucky and managed a 480dex+ 43% CHD 7% ias with a reroll to 6% CC first damn ring. I pretty much was able to gear out all 70s using the rings I found that day with Jungers game.

      Anyway come 2.1 im interested to see what will be sacrificed off rings and amulets, 6% CC 50% CHD or more, for the use of jewels etc.

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