Rimeheart Changes Revealed

Rimeheart Changes Revealed

news-rimeheart-9000Last week Blizzard asked for “focused feedback” on their changes to the legendary properties on DiabloWikiThe Furnace and DiabloWikiRimeheart, which were reworked as the last of the DiabloWikiCrushing Blow-style effects to be removed from Diablo 3.

Most fans felt The Furnace changes were okay, but that Rimeheart was underpowered. Blizzard agreed, and revealed the future plan for that sword. Rimeheart changes revealed:

Hello, everyone!

We’ve combed through all of this feedback, and created a summary to pass along. I have an update to share about Rimeheart, though, and I figured you’d all want to hear about it sooner rather than later.

Change Rimeheart’s proc to: “10% chance to instantly deal 7200-9600% weapon damage as Cold to Frozen enemies”

It turns out this feedback is mostly in line with what we were thinking, too. (Thanks, Druin!) In the next PTR update we’re going to buff the damage proc of Rimeheart to 10,000% weapon damage. There’s no longer a variable range on the damage proc value, so it’ll always be the full 10k. This change will be retroactive, too, so those of you already have a Rimeheart can test it out and let us know what you think.

Thanks for all of your input in this focused feedback thread. It’s been very helpful, and we’ll be sure to keep reading your posts. We’ll also be sure to mention any updates that we can, and we look forward to seeing how it all goes!

Calling this a “huge” buff over Blizzard’s initial change to the item is an understatement. From the PTR patch notes:

  • Has been redesigned
  • 10% chance to instantly deal 1800-2400% weapon damage as Cold to Frozen enemies
  • Formerly: 10% chance to shatter and instantly kill lesser enemies that are Frozen.
  • We’ve seen some substantial buffs to item and skill bonuses in the past, but has anything ever before been buffed by 8000% weapon damage? That’s some Goku shit, right there. It also shows just how huge the hit points of monsters in higher DiabloWikiGrifts are, if the initial “instantly shattered” was OP, while 10000% is fine. Fine. Just fine. Fine.

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    4 thoughts on “Rimeheart Changes Revealed

    1. Sometimes you gotta ask yourself "Is there anyone at the wheel?", they are clearly shooting in the dark trying to hit something with every change they make, even when they tuned a skills for balance it's at least 10% or more.

      Gotta say though, very happy they are still working to improve the game, most company just abandon their game after release.

    2. Gotta reinforce what Chimp opened with: the magnitude of these changes shows a total lack of foresight. It’s just shooting in the dark. We saw the same thing with Firebird’s and others. When someone is inflated literally 10x, or by 8000% weapon damage, you have to call shenanigans on the way they’re deciding where to put the numbers, both to start and post-adjustment.

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