A fan argues that Rift Guardians are a waste of time in terms of their potential rewards vs. time to kill. With math!

    Elite pack:
    HP: 160-170mil on Torment 1
    Danger: High (Depends on affixes and number of minions)
    Loot: 1-2 Rares + Death Bread with chance for a legendary and maybe gems
    Kill time: 10-15 sec with 700k unbuff DPS on my Barb

    Rift Guardian
    HP: 1.2bil on Torment 1
    Danger: Low to Mid
    Loot: 3 rares + bunch of mats and gems with unknown chance of legendary
    Kill time: 2-3 min

    Why should I bother to waste my time to kill a Guardian, when all it drops is 3 rares and bunch of crafting materials you can obtain by killing white mobs, elite packs and open chests? I can kill 5-6 elite packs, which pose a lot more danger to me and have higher chances to get a legendary item from them in the same amount of time that it takes me to kill the Guardian.

    Possible solutions:

    1. Reduce their HP altogether
    2. Increase legendary drop rates on them from 0.000001% to at least 0.5%, so it’s actually worth doing them.
    3. Do both and allow Orek to give shards as rewards again.

    Grimiku: Thanks for taking the time to put together this feedback on Rift Guardians, silentkiller. I’ve seen several threads on Rift rewards, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for more. I can see where the concern is coming from after having completed a few Rifts, but I’d like to complete more of them to get a better understanding.

    I hope to see more players share detailed summaries of their experiences with Rifts. Having several collaborating threads with good anecdotal evidence goes a long way to highlighting why players feel the way they do. Please keep posting your feedback, and we’ll be sure to pass it along. Thanks, everyone!

    First of all, I love that he called the semi-useless spam yellow material “death bread.” That’s almost a joke along the lines of “manna from heaven” since Death Breaths appear everywhere in Reaper of Souls, in sufficient quantity to feed any multitude.

    On the Rift Guardian issue, the OP is correct in that they are insufficiently rewarding, especially in terms of legendary items. But then again, you can apply that same phrase to every single thing in Reaper of Souls since the F&F Beta ended, if you want to be picky. (And I know some of you do.) The comparison isn’t quite as cut and dried as presented, though. For one thing, you get to (have to?) clear out a bunch of a Nephalem Rift in order to spawn that Guardian in the first place, and Rifts are 1) usually more boss-dense than the normal game areas, and 2) are random and unpredictable in content and density, which makes them, 3) more fun.

    So yes, if you rank all in-game activities purely on a time vs. profit scale, you’re better off running and re-running the same two or three areas that let you rack up the most Bounties and Elites in the shortest time. (Assuming you’re not working for an item farming site, and with everything DiabloWikiBoA in RoS I don’t see why anyone would be.) But you’re “playing” a video game. In theory this is for fun and diversion from those real life responsibilities that your parents/boss/girlfriend are always nagging you about. Shouldn’t the point be to enjoy it for something other than a .01% higher chance of loot acquisition?

    That philosoraptor-esque plea issued… yes, of course the Rift Guardians need to drop better stuff with a much higher % chance of popping a legendary. They should be special bosses with special rewards. How about giving them a chance to drop any of the very rare and very inconvenient legendary crafting materials also, to make them specially-rewarding? Honestly, what’s with the leg drop rate going ever down? The whole point of ending trading by making everything BINDING was so the drop rate could be increased. But players find FAR more legs per hour playing vanilla than RoS now. This isn’t rocket surgery, Blue dev types. Don’t make Azzure right, damnit.

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