A couple of Blue posts about upcoming Rift Fixes and Retroactive Item Set Bonuses:

    I have noticed several times now that the keep map is troublesome, almost no elite/blues, and usually lots of small whites boggers/spiders and such, which give almost no xp.

    Hey Can we stop running into rifts with no mobs and the port doesnt work..
    Both these issues should be fixed in the next PTR patch. 🙂

    blizz plz teach me how to kill Iskatu in adventure mode.
    Seems like an oversight. Thanks! I’ll pass this on.

    Will new Set piece bonuses be retro active???
    Tyvalir: Just wanted to jump in here to confirm that the changes to the Embodiment of the Marauder and the Monkey King’s Garb sets in patch 2.1.2 will indeed be retroactive. We’ve seen a lot of feedback on these two sets, and we’ll continue to share your thoughts as they evolve with the dev team!

    No time table on these fixes, but with this a four-day weekend in the US, it seems unlikely we’ll get any PTR patch/fixes until Monday, at the soonest.

    Incidentally, is anyone else surprised that we haven’t gotten the Season 2 announcement yet? Blizzard has said they will give us at least 30 days notice before the end of the season, and a lot of players I’ve talked to expected Season 2 to begin in mid-late December, so people would have time to play and rush the new season when they had time off (including Blizzard employees) during late December/early January. Yet here we are on November 27th, without any word about S2? Are they aiming to start it January 1st, or some other time early in the year? After some Xmas/year end community buff?

    I guess that would be okay, but I’d rather have had the buff and holiday play time to start Season 2, rather than to end Season 1.

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